24 July, 2007

New Haven: a New Haven?

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Ship them back to Mexico? Nope. Give them ID cards. If you illegally relocated down to Mexico, do you think Mexican authorities would allow you to get all sorts of benefits usually reserved for citizens only? Or would they throw you in jail? (Mexico usually jails and then deports illegal immigrants, but by law it can hold any illegal immigrant in jail for up to two years):


More about mayor DeStefano and Junta For Progressive Action: [Here]

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  7. 13 Responses to “New Haven: a New Haven?”

    1. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Sorry to be off topic here, but I want to throw out some fact-based talking points regarding that home invasion/murder at that doctor’s house up in CT. yesterday, and I’m not a member of the forum so I have to do it here. That terrible crime is what we in the White community call an “isolated incident.” Why? Because those types of crimes are very rare in White areas and if that community stays mostly White it could be decades before something like that happens again. On the other hand, crimes like that are called “everyday occurrences” in non-White communities, because, of course, they happen all the time. It goes back to that “it’s not the crimes, it’s the crime rates” thing again. Now, an example of an “isolated incident” in a non-White community would be, say, a beer truck breaking down and not being stripped clean in under an hour. OK, that would be an EXTREMELY isolated incident, but you get what I mean. Thanks for letting me go OT here, and don’t let the jew’s media get away with beating Whitey over the head with this. Just keep pounding the definition of isolated incident into their freaking heads, in their comments sections and on their forums. Remember, WE are the good guys.

    2. anothercommenter Says:

      ID cards not just for New Haven, either. Let’s see if Bloomy will show his true colors on this one.


      “Bill for New York City ID Card to Be Introduced by Councilman”

    3. CT Wolf Says:

      That’s not all DeStefano is doing to destroy New Haven. A couple of years ago, they decided to bus the worse of the larval niggers “student” population to a school in one of the better parts of the city. Since then, there had been many, many home invasions, rapes, robberies and even arson. Just a few weeks ago the niggers tried to burn down their own school. Of course the mayor and his nigger school superintendant blame it all on the school being overcrowded. It’s not that the school is overcrowded, it’s that the school is overcrowded with niggers. Here we have an almost 100% nigger school in a almost 100% White neighborhood.
      This is New Haven’s local, online “newspaper.” Warning! wait at least one hour after eating before reading, it’s really THAT bad. http://www.newhavenindependent.org/

    4. ezcuinkleProduccions Says:

      Well, I’m totally against with you my friend, No HUMAN BEING IS iligal exept your own Army in Irak and your family in America this land belong to every body except animal like you.

      i will be so happy to confront you thanks.
      Que viva la America Unida. Because America is a Continent no just a pice of Land that been stoled from my sisters and brothers of Mexico,


    5. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Thanks ezcuinkleProduccions! I was deeply concerned about you reconquista types being able to preserve and maintain the first world sections of my country that our treasonous government is handing over to you, but after reading your post my fears have vanished. You are obviously intelligent enough to not only run a sophisticated nation, but to actually make it better.

    6. NortonRyder Says:

      ezcuinkleProduccions ;

      Wow! Mexcrement who can’t spell or string together a coherent sentence in English. Who’da thunk it.

      Just point your nose south and walk until they all talk like you.


    7. Chinga La Raza Mierda!!! Says:

      HAH! youre the only animal here as far as i know.Your mud ancestors were aztec pieces of shit that ate the hearts of their neighbors and terrorized southern mexico before civilization arrived at Veracruz. Yes when the Spanish hit veracruz your ANIMAL ancestors were overawed. European-Americans are animals? My god if we are animals,then you are a walking,talking piece of shit. Chinga La Raza Mierda,Que va Al Infierno! Thank you very much!

    8. greywolf Says:

      To the victor goes the spoils of war.

    9. bullwhip Says:

      a great article about “pseudo nigger lovers in a bible wrap” is: taki’s top drawer- confederates and catholics unite…. Maybe this will explain why I’m a WHITE PAGAN…… no dogma except the color of my white skin !!!

    10. Bomb Mexico Now! Says:

      …No HUMAN BEING IS iligal exept your own Army in Irak…

      The White Race doesn’t have an army, Pancho.

      ZOG has an army and that’s who’s occupying Iraq (this is the same ZOG that wants to flood our country with mexcrement like yourself, of course).

      Stupid spick.

    11. goodamn, enough is enough! Says:

      Sudanese gangs in Cairo love rap and spontaneous murder:

      These are the same Sudanese, by the way, who live in Maine and harass college girls on their way to school. An ex-girlfriend of mine was assaulted – for no reason – by a group of Sudanese females for daring to walk on the same sidewalk in their direction.

      Negroes like this are the absolute lowest of the low: blacker and dumber than our negroes, without any trace of the marginal civility we managed to breed into of the latter before they were set loose upon us, yet taking to the worst of American negro anti-culture: doubly uncivilized and vicious.

      Egypt is fucking insane to let these creatures into its capital. OUR people are insane for letting them into our cities at the behest of Jews. EVERYONE IS INSANE who does not account it a moral failing of the first order to have seen one of these things and not put it in a cage, or killed it forthwith.

    12. Righter Says:

      These fucking mestizos have the mental capacity of retarded goats, and are about as useful.

    13. Don de Dago Says:

      These do-gooders will get a shock when poor little Pedro from Latinoland pulls a “beeg” knife on them. Of course then it might be too late.