28 July, 2007

The Truth is Coming Out About Israel

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A country of innocent victims? Or a country of supremacist thugs? [1]:


[1] wars which Israel started: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “The Truth is Coming Out About Israel”

    1. Petrarch Says:

      If the jew has the power to instruct people to believe that the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people did not and is not happening, why is it so hard to believe that the jew has the power to fabricate the “holocaust” story? It is reasonable to think that it is much harder to make people not believe what the can see today then it is to make people believe something they did not see 60 years ago.

      As we all know, in some parts Western world, there is only one historical event that is mandated by law that must be believed, and that is the “holocaust” story. Who wants to bet the second historical event that will be mandated by law in the Western countries will be that the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians did not occur?

    2. Marxist America Says:

      They always try to brainwash by omission dont they? We know the original jew war was in 1861-65 when a Marxist tyrant organized the largest army to date of 2 million whites in order to attack about 100,000 whites at best after goading them to fire on Ft Sumter in Charleston harbor all to liberate the African slaves into a European civilization. The jew tool neocon Lincoln ended up killing off 20% of the white population of the south who were adamant about a white only nation and never would have made the black race equals as citizens as the sympathetic bleeding heart GOP north and west who felt pity for the poor negros and were willing to die and kill whites to save them from slavery. Lincoln and his army took four years but wiped the south off the face of the nation killing about 100,000 civilians and burning everything they didnt steal. Over 1 million whites died in a combined nation of 35 million all the rescue the African slaves from slavery and turn them loose into white society for the first time in world history. Lincoln was responsible for America as the original Marxist communist state. This was a magnificant accomplishment for the jew.
      Ultimately this led to the 2nd jew war in Russia where the neocons and jews took over and the 2nd USSR Marxist state was created who fought side by side with the USA Marxists in both world jew wars.
      We know today the neocon GOP commies are still firmly in control with Bush and his jews and Lincolns negros have devastated the white race.

    3. isreal Says:

      THINK-ISRAEL——->great website… shorenstein and their freemason lemmings get around !!