14 July, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – July 13th 2007

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Welcome to flight 237 TJB airlines.  Join me Bud White and my co-pilot Lord Sidious aka Rob Halford for a 4 hour plus flight of non stop jew bashing. Rob will be providing an in depth report on Khazars and we’ll also be discussing more eruv stories, jewish slaughter houses, Nixon Anti semetic comments on tape, Dick Warman, rabbi child molesters and of course more jew lawsuit stories.

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  7. 5 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – July 13th 2007”

    1. zion Says:

      mt. zion….WTF ? I called up “Mt.zion churches” and they are all TNB’s….AYONE that supports this all inclusive baptist and other CHRISTIAN or other religious cult are NUTS… These parasites are into everything !!

    2. New America Says:

      Two quick comments:

      One, Thirteenth Tribe is available for download at Solar General.

      Two, Sidious might want to redo his lecture AS a lecture, free of the weakness of live SKYPE transmission.

      This is a critically useful lecture, and thanks to Sidious for taking the effort to put it together for us.

      Thanks to Bud White for running a very good show, AND for remembering so many VNNers are on dail-up, so uploading at 24 is SO considerate!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE

    3. cliff Says:

      Great show!

    4. Bud White Says:

      re: New america.
      Glad you liked the show, but I can’t take credit for the upload. Dietrich and the poster from the board Gibson, have been doing a tremendous job with the uploads. This broadcast was uppped in a matter of hours after the show ending, thanks to these two.

    5. Dietrich Says:

      That’s Gibson and Ubersaxon from ftlarchives.blogspot.com (now working w/ us at VNN).

      Thanks guys!