21 August, 2007

“Hail Caesar”

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What, equalocracy doesn’t work well with neoconservative tactics? If that’s the case, then it’s funny because it was the Jews who championed democracy as the best form of government for all of the White countries. America’s founders rejected equalocracy and created a republic instead. Indeed, our founders never used the word “democracy” to describe America. Democracy means negroes voting. It means women and mexicans in Congress. Why would any White man want that? [1]:


[1] a democracy vs. a republic: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to ““Hail Caesar””

    1. Carpenter Says:

      The Founding Fathers didn’t mention democracy because in THEIR time it meant a system of elections without a constitution. Since then the definition of the word has changed. In OUR time it means a system with elections, period – with or without a constitution, although there is no democracy without a constitution.

      But, some WNs like to take the fact that the FF “rejected democracy” and score with it – sort of taking this as proof that the FF stand on our anti-democratic side. They didn’t. They wanted elections, we don’t. It is a lie by omission to say that they “rejected democracy” but not mention that they still wanted elections.

      I am no fan of democracy – constitution or no, it doesn’t matter. But the FF argument is not the right one to use.

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      What is the ultimate aim of “democracy”? A global slave state where nigz and mudz get to out vote White people. America being turned into a breeding ground for the turd world is a prelude to that jew-invisioned state.

    3. Eric-Gunthr...Oberhauser Says:

      The word democracy comes from “DEMONOCRACY” means a government of demons.