5 August, 2007

Kalamazoo Rally Photos (August 4, 2007)

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[Rally speech audio archive – hear every speech.]


Backstory: Rise of gang violence in Kalamazoo, Michigan, including dozens of black-on-White attacks and usual cop-pol-media coverup, leads radio host Hal Turner to call a rally on August 4, 2007.


Following are 19 images from the rally. They are all under 200kb.


We met, by mutual (cop/protester) agreement at exit 104 off I-94. From there we drove to a distant road-maintenance facility. From there we were scanned and bused to the protest site, which was the parking lot of the police headquarters.


Boarding buses for 30-mile trip to rally site.



Hal Turner, rally host, opened the proceedings with an eloquent diatribe against forces of Political Correctness preventing the cops from doing their job – i.e. cleaning up the nigger scum responsible for mounting numbers of attacks on humans.



Paul Gellar, who hosts the “Think Tank” radio show on the Turner Network, asked why leftists and professional blacks don’t care about the oppressed, namely the homeless Whites victimized by feral coloreds.



James Wickstrom gave a Christian Identity reading of the situation. (From this shot you can see the layout of the rally. Kind of a baseball field. In the diamond are the rally holders. On the shortstop side are media/pros and hostiles. On the second base side are antis. Out behind the fence are the bulk of antis, general public, freefloaters of various stripe.)



Side view of Wickstrom.

(Also speaking were Randy Gray and Ken Gregg and myself, but I didn’t get pictures of these.)


Cops confer at the road-maintanence facility prior to bus boarding.


The ever present helicopter at White rally.


Besides the many cops stationed in and around the parking lot, many others are up on top of the public safety building.



Note the formal declaration of ‘neutral zone,’ in this case ‘police zone,’ entry to which is forbidden at the pain of misdemeanor charges.


Believe these girls are antis.


Some nigs.


Sign reads: “Jews Support Diversity.” Right behind a nigger grabbing its balls. Classic. The jew put the sign down after this shot, perhaps realizing he was making our case.


Niggies again. Making ball-checks every ten to fifteen seconds. There is nothing like a nigger. It is trash on the shuffle; garbage on the grope.


What’s worse than a nigger? A wigger. He has a choice. The wiggers in red shirts were classics of the form. One appeared to have lobotomized himself with dope or drink. The other was as about as hapless as in implumous biped can be and still maintain verticality.


Grinning Guido wigger. He’s not with stupid. He is stoopid.


Mixed antis, possibly including some general public in for a listen.



Think these were friendlies.


Going home got stuck on interstate for an hour because of this car’s crash.


While waiting for situation to clear, this nig and his feedbag-titted Nigerian friend walked up the road. While he niggerlipped the self phone, she made a rich alluvial deposit down below the guardrail. Call it a maize crime.


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  7. 10 Responses to “Kalamazoo Rally Photos (August 4, 2007)”

    1. sfg Says:

      Well, I’ve had my say about the rally itself on the Forum. But these photos and captions are hilarious.

      God–do nigs ever keep their hands away from their crotch? I swear I don’t think I’ve ever seen one walking alongside the road that wasn’t diddling himself as he walked.

      They really make me want to puke.

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’m not trying to we a wise ass, but it looks like only 20 or so turned out to support the rally. Not enough to attract CNN, FOX and some of the biggies. This event didn’t seem to generate the coverage the Knoxville rally did. I wonder what went wrong.

    3. Ruthless Toothless Says:

      Looks like some fun there. Glad to see you are doing something. You are the vanguard!

    4. Slobodan Says:

      Looks like a nice rally…except…do you know what “sausagefest” means?

    5. alex Says:

      There were women there. There were antis and there was coverage. But this was the most ridiculous setup yet. We were bused in from 30 miles out, and had to get right back on the bus after the show – no mingling. Ridiculous. The whole thing is more of a cop training session than anything. However, the sound system was first rate, and Hal’s speech was excellent. IF there were a large neutral public allowed to hear us, they would have been won over. We need to evolve beyond allowing cops to seal us off from the people we need to reach.

    6. updapunx Says:

      The only thing that your rally showed was that when a bunch of Guidos come out to Kalamazoo to preach their ignorant message they will be met by an even stonger voice to shut the fuck up. If you haven’t noticed, the very few articles and news stories written about your very forgettable rally were about the protesters who came out in much larger numbers, then you. Congratulations on looking like pussys.

    7. GB Says:

      I’ve posted Alex’s section of the speech here: http://statelinestar.com/ttind/linder-kalamazoo.mp3

    8. Hoosier Says:

      updapunx Says:
      6 August, 2007 at 3:34 pm

      The only thing that your rally showed was that when a bunch of Guidos come out to Kalamazoo to preach their ignorant message they will be met by an even stonger voice to shut the fuck up.

      A “stonger” voice to shut up? You communist anti-racists looked like anorexic 10th graders with a bad case of soap-o-phobia.
      BTW, what’s up with never taking a bath? Do you like, get off on the smell of your own BO? Do you do so much crack, that you just don’t give a shit anymore? Do I care? No, not really.

      And what’s so “ignorant” about protesting black on white crime? Why do you love black criminals so? Is it a sexual thing? Why are you so ignorant and full of hatred?

      Did you get an ass whooping from a “honkey” and now there’s hell to pay? Did you have a poor potty training experience? How’s come so many of you are homosexual? What going on with you, and why are you all so weird looking? Do any of you ever have a job?

      The niggers amongst you even looked better than the “whites” amongst the pro-black-on-white-crime crowd. As far as the numbers, I don’t know, but I DO know that the sissies always lie about the numbers, and everything else.

    9. greywolf Says:


    10. DMS Says:

      Why do nigs (and the wiggers who love them) choose a style of clothing that makes them look like overgrown two-year-olds?