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15 August, 2017

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I heard someone mention this general point, and it seems, of course, logical: it doesn’t matter if the alleged car driver, James A. Fields, Jr., is innocent of murder-by-vehicle or not. Because the Politically Correct Establishment, with Big Jew closely watching its every move, must send a loud message. That message is: “we don’t allow […]

14 August, 2017

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Meow! Good video. Did various officials conspire to violate the civil rights of Whites in Charlottesville and in the state of Virginia? Who will be the first to file a lawsuit over the Charlottesville rally? [Video]. (The video has since been removed by YouTube. Hopefully the video will reappear somewhere else).

13 August, 2017

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I agree: the hatred that the Marxists and leftists have for White Western culture caused the violence in Virginia [1], and such hatred should not be tolerated. [Article]. . [1] the Marxists/leftists did not have to attend the rally, since it was not their rally anyway: it was an Alt-Right rally. The leftists only attended […]

12 August, 2017

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At one point in the (long) video, antifas and negroes surround a lone White guy, who is hopelessly outnumbered — just like all Whites will be in 25 years. There’s a lesson there. [Video]. [Article]. [VNN Forum thread].

29 April, 2017

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White nationalists vs. antifa: [Here].

27 August, 2011

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The National Socialist Movement will hold a rally to protest the recent black flash mobs. Details [Here].

27 April, 2008

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It’s too early to tell who will be speaking at this rally besides Paul, but it could be a good opportunity for speakers to address certain issues, such as: Israel and American foreign policy; the true nature of America’s money system; the media and who dominates it, and so forth: [Website].

13 August, 2007

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Video of Alex’s speech at the Kalamazoo rally on August 4th, 2007 (note: you may need to download a video program to view this; if you have a dial-up internet connection, the video may take a while to download): [Here]

11 August, 2007

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[Article]. More: [Here]

5 August, 2007

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[Rally speech audio archive – hear every speech.]   Backstory: Rise of gang violence in Kalamazoo, Michigan, including dozens of black-on-White attacks and usual cop-pol-media coverup, leads radio host Hal Turner to call a rally on August 4, 2007.   Following are 19 images from the rally. They are all under 200kb.