7 August, 2007

The Birdman and Islam

Posted by Socrates in globalization, Islam, Socrates, Zionism at 12:32 pm | Permanent Link

Now is a good time to consider this question: is Islam naturally a threat to the West? Or is it only a threat due to Zionism, globalism and weak immigration laws in the White countries?


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  7. 2 Responses to “The Birdman and Islam”

    1. blue balls polo player Says:

      Islam is a threat simply because Prince Charles the swisher Sweet big eared Dumbo the elelphant foozebag wants to be the Great Grand POOBAH Turbaned MAGIC Carpet Rider and Leader. He would make a better MONKEY for the organ grinder…..hell, he’s never made a jelly sandwich for himself…..Imbreeding does strange things, eh ?

    2. VLC Says:

      Islam isn’t a threat to us as long as those who believe in Islam don’t live in our countries. And whether or not arabs are muslims, bhuddist or whatever they’re not white and that’s why they’re a threat to us when they’re among us not because they believe in the Coran

      Bryant should stop typing and start thinking a little more