4 August, 2007

The New Congressional Anti-Semitism Task Force: Why Is It Needed?

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This new effort by Jewish congressman Tom Lantos is interesting, since he already led the movement to create the U.S. State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism back in 2004 [1]. Why is there a need for both a Congressional task force and a State Department office to monitor “anti-Semitism”? Is it so widespread that two governmental monitoring entities are needed? In fact, isn’t “anti-Semitism” at a very low level, historically speaking? Furthermore, is there a government office or task force which monitors, say, anti-Christian or anti-White behavior? [2]:


[1] about Lantos’ 2004 bill to create an anti-Semitism-monitoring office within the U.S. State Department: [Here]

[2] the U.S. State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism: [Here]

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  7. 7 Responses to “The New Congressional Anti-Semitism Task Force: Why Is It Needed?”

    1. Albert Shittstein Says:

      jew = asshole

    2. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Hit-and-run-Lantos strikes again. http://www.commondreams.org/views/050500-104.htm
      It’s their government, they can pretty much do what they want with it. All we can do is refuse to vote for any bastards that go along with this. If it comes to a vote in the House, my prediction is it passes 422-1, with Ron Paul being the solitary no vote and a few congressman missing the vote because they’re off somewhere gang-fellating an AIPAC lobbyist.

    3. John Says:

      Isnt Lantos the kike who supports the creation of Muslim states in Europe?

    4. ebonics big lips Says:

      Yep, ole Earl Warren, the chief JUstice snake, sicked the niggers on us.. Of course that’s what the frekken freemason do… yep, 33deg.. go to wikipedia and check out the: list of freemasons…… nigger/ whites. mullatos and foozebags…

    5. ebonics big lips Says:

      rod page is the director of the department of edumacation… Quite black…suppose the textbooks are screened for reality or supportive of gorilla gods ?

    6. David M Says:

      I just watched a video (on another blog) where the Black and Mexican gangs trying to kill each other in Compton, California. GREAT!!

      It is far past time for this bleeding-heart liberal government to get the hell out of the picture, and let the general population (WHITE people that are sick and tired of being shit on) sort this thing out. The cops are too chicken shit to go in and do anything anyway. And THEY are the ones that have sat on their asses and let this kind of shit escalate into what it is today.

      If the Nigger and Beaner gangs want to kill each other, give them free ammo. With the ones that are still standing after the melee, give them 72 hours to get the hell OUT of OUR country. If they defy the “get out” order, SHOOT ‘EM! And the Niggers will definately defy the order… they defy EVERYTHING!! Niggers live by one credo… LIE and DEFY. It’s always, “I ain’t do nuthin'”

      America, as we once knew it, has turned into just another Third World shithole, thanks to this bleeding-heart government we continue to elect into office. And it is well beyond time to clean it up.

      Do you, as a White American, enjoy seeing a 19 year old Nigger driving around town all day (because he has nothing to do, like WORK) in a brand new Cadillac Escalade, when all you can afford is a Ford Tempo? And you had to PAY for your Ford, while the Nigger got his through “reparations” from our gutless, limp-wristed government. And they ARE (!!!!!!!) recieving so-called “reparations”, though the government would NEVER tell us.

      This is not America anymore folks… it is AfriMexiStan… a country full of half-witted, ignorant, non-English-speaking shit bags, that WE, the White working class, are forced to support. This shit must STOP… NOW!!! They continue to bring diseases into this country that WE, the WHITE RACE, had under control since about 1955. Now the Niggers and Mexicans (not to leave out the stinking ARABS) are bringing these ailments back into OUR country.

      The most ignorant bastards are the ones that are about to elect an ISLAMIC-AFRICAN, RACIST stack of SHIT into the f—ing PRESIDENCY! That is when America, as we once knew it, will have finally fallen to the enemy… this Bleeding-Heart Liberal Government, and all their little blind lemming followers! If we sit back and let that happen, we as a race are finished! If we don’t stand our ground, NOW, we will have no reason to bitch about it later. There won’t be a “LATER” for the White Race. The Niggers and the Mexicans, AND the Arabs will have taken our country from us… thanks to BLEEDING-HEART LIBERALISM!!!

      Have a nice day in AfriMexiStan folks. I’ll be leaving for Belgium soon. WHITE PEOPLE live there.

    7. David M Says:

      Why am I having trouble logging in to the site? If I’m not using the right password or user name, then send me one I can use.