14 August, 2007

TV: Ramping Up the Sex

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A new television series will feature male full-frontal nudity [1]. Another new show, called “Swingtown,” features wife-swapping. Of that show, a TV executive named Tassler said that they’re going to “push the envelope” with that series [2][3][4]:

[1] [Article]

[2] Tassler quotes: [Here]

[3] according to this article, Tassler was raised Jewish: [Here]

[4] more about the entertainment industry: [Here]

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  7. One Response to “TV: Ramping Up the Sex”

    1. Petrarch Says:

      This type of show gives the jew a chance to loudly promote itself as fighting for the 1st Amendment while silently profiting from porn and at the same time the jew will silently destroying the 1st Amendment as jew loudly promotes itself as fighting for civil rights.

      Everything the promotes hurts Whites and empowers the jew.

      And you bet the jew produders/writes/creaters have already planed an episode which will “challenge White America subconscious racism” in which a blond hair blue eyes White woman moans and groans as she is sexually pleasured in way only a black rocket scientist can. It’s all just become to predictable.