11 August, 2007

White Art

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Caravaggio: [Here]

Bouguereau: [Here]

David: [Here]

Rembrandt (note his early works especially): [Here]

Compare the above art with Jewish art such as this:

Rothko: [Here]

Chagall: [Here]

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  7. 9 Responses to “White Art”

    1. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “British” kike Simon Schama has a show on PBS where he poses as an art history expert: a couple of weeks back, he devoted an entire hour to co-tapir Rothko’s shit-art, laughably trying to make him out to be a “modern master”, equal to the genuine White articles of old.

      No sale, pickle snoot.

    2. Steve Says:

      Discussion of modern art:

    3. anonymous Says:

      i think you should rename your slogan to “no jews, just news” because it is catchier

    4. 2050 Says:

      if we lose all that beauty will vanish forever


      dread 2050

    5. lawrence dennis Says:

      It seems apparent that the Jew’s degradation of art reflects his disingenuousness. He believes the world revolves around himself and, being ipso facto, it follows that any thing that he creates is necessarily a standard to which all other things of that sort must negatively compare. His perspective is not that man is the measure of all things, but that Jews, and only Jews, are the ones to measure all things. This perspective is made abundantly clear in his Talmud, in his material philosophy, in his media creations, and, ultimately, in his rewriting of history to reverse the truth and make himself the hero.

      See also this VNNF thread:

    6. Zoroastro Says:

      Jews are generally second rate artists and part of their hatred of White ability/achievements stems, at least subconsciously, from that deeply seated Envy. One observes their second rate ‘talent’ not only in visual arts, but very much in literature (maybe Kafka is an exception to the rule), in architecture, in music (even though in the past some Russian Jews excelled as pianista and violinst, e.g. rubinstein…), not to mention Film (the tapir blighers pretty much destroyed this form in Amerikwa; just like what they did with the ‘popular’ music, or ‘pro’ sports -any of the comically idiotic niggerball varients on the theme…).

    7. Olde Dutch Says:

      One of my favorite “White” artists Birger Sandzen:

    8. Watson Says:

      I just read a book by Tom Wolfe called “The Painted Word.” It’s a detailed condemnation of modern art, and surprise – all the promoters and virtually all the artists he names are Jewish. It’s a quick, entertaining, and informative read. Highly recommended.

    9. ART FART Says:

      Modern art should be called modern fart, IMHO.