27 September, 2007

10-Year-Old May Face Hate-Crime Charge in UK

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In today’s England, children can face thought-crime charges. Britain’s hate-crime laws came mostly from Jews, just like the hate-crime laws in other Western countries [1][2]:


[1] England’s first hate-crime law, “The Race Relations Act of 1965,” came from a Jew posing as an Englishman, “Sir” Frank Soskice. Another important Jewish official involved with Britain’s race laws is Anthony Lester. About Soskice and his bill: [Here]. More about British hate-crime laws: [Here], [Here], [Here] and [Here] (note: this “searchlight” website is apparently not connected to “Searchlight” magazine). About Lester’s heritage: [Here]. More about Lester: [Here]

[2] about American hate-crime laws: [Here]

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  7. 18 Responses to “10-Year-Old May Face Hate-Crime Charge in UK”

    1. Steve Says:

      Damn the evidence just piles up, even the person behind England’s 1st hate-crime law was Jewish.

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      Notice how the Daily Mail will let you comment about David Beckham or the show big brother, but they don’t have a comments area for this issue.

      Also; it’s too bad whites are fighting whites;not that Slovakians belong in the UK, but there are more alien outgroups to fight it out with like negroes and asians.

    3. Olde Dutch Says:

      In the United States Roman Catholic leader Ted Kennedy has done more than his share to advance the hate crime agenda.

      Possibly, Kennedy is out to protect the perverted clergy of the Roman Catholic Church in the US, which is mostly of Irish background & leadership.

      The Kennedy-Hatch Amendment which passed today is nothing like the original legislation that many readers of VNN saw a few months ago, and I would suggest they visit Thomas and read the bad news.

    4. Hengest Says:

      Here in Soviet Britania, gangs of ferral youth terrorize entire neighbourhoods and the po-lice do NOTHING, but should one of them offend a protected minority, then there is ACTION.
      It is just an everyday occurance here.

    5. Wolf Says:

      You have to wonder if the people in the UK have the faintest clue about what “race” means.

      Here’s as story about Scottish anti-English racism.


      If it ain’t Scottish it’s crap!

    6. sgruber Says:

      It’s war. Jews are killing us in our own countries, using aliens – any old aliens who happen to be around, whether Slovaks or niggers – as muscle. NATION-WRECKERS, the jews are!


      There is a solution.

    7. Cormac Says:

      “Lord Anthony Lester” ?! My God these fucking kikes are the filth of the earth !

      Lords and ladies of the sheeple…ruling over the peasants until they are rightly punished with extreme prejudice !

      How dare these Asiatic hordes assume the European titles of peerage , these mongrel filth need to be exterminated immediately !!!

    8. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      I believe now all it takes is an uninvestigated accusation of racist comments to justify the murder of whites, and make the white into the villain on top of it. The jews know this while the stupid whites believe that a minority would never lie or make things up to injure or destroy a white person. It is only whites who are evil, as they have been told one billion times.

      The Jews, in their desire to destroy us are bringing a holocaust upon themselves which will eliminate them completely. In fact, the jewish race themselves is like a fat little jewish kid on the playground, who, for his own enjoyment, snickers while he turns everyone against each other through lies and trickery, until everyone puts the pieces together and beats the little fucker’s ass.

    9. Mark Says:

      Apparently there are no limitations for hate crime charges in Britain. In America, or at least some states, it cannot be applied to minors. Such is the case with the Jena Six, who obviously committed a hate crime by singling out a white guy based on his race, even saying something like “Let’s get that white MF’er!” Even so, the media could talk about it, but they don’t. The young black criminals are the real victims in this case, so they want people to believe.

      Interesting that in Britain “inciting racial hatred” covers non-racial discrimination as well. It’s absurd. The woman isn’t of a different race nor was race the motive here, only being of foreign ethnic origin.

    10. jimbo Says:

      ha ha ha!…..Brits: this is yr ‘reward’ for fighting on the wrong side in WWII….ten yr old white kids charged with ‘hate crimes’….next stop….the GULAG!…..enjoy!!

    11. Junghans Says:

      Thanks, Winston Churchill, you blundered Britain into its current racial disaster! And that obese, sodden swindler is considered a “national hero”??

    12. Chris Says:

      This is interesting, because it shows a new twist in the logic of the multicult. Whites are always perpetrators but never victims of racism as far as non-Whites are concerned, BUT… Whites are allowed to be victims of racism if and only if the perpetrator is of another White ethnicity. Thanks for throwing us a bone there, multicult overlords.

    13. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Most of the ‘Slovaks’ in the jewK are not racial slavs but are in fact gypsies. No ‘newspaper’ will report that.

    14. Hengest Says:

      ZOG is now persecuting our children for thought crimes.

    15. Mark Says:

      White boys being charged with “hate crimes”, while white girls are being pimped by Asian and non-white gangs. Police more concerned with not appearing racist than preventing these tragic crimes. In America a gang of blacks attempt to murder an innocent young white guy, and the blacks are defended and celebrated as civil rights heroes while people donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to their defense. Sick world.


    16. Mickey Says:

      Is there a batch of articles on this somewhere?

    17. Limey Says:

      Jimbo said :

      “ha ha ha!…..Brits: this is yr ‘reward’ for fighting on the wrong side in WWII….ten yr old white kids charged with ‘hate crimes’….next stop….the GULAG!…..enjoy!!”

      I am English – as were my ancestors since the stone age. I have to agree with Jimbo, and keep repeating a similar truth to myself and anyone else who will listen, every day. We have the England we made and deserve.

    18. jirka Says:

      THIS WOMEN WAS A GYPSY !!!!NOT A SLAVIC SLOVAKIAN …just a stinky gypsy ..with SVK passport