16 September, 2007

Bush Nominates Attorney General

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Bush picks a Jewish judge for Attorney General: [Here]

Mukasey is apparently an Orthodox Jew: (scroll down to post #2): [Here].

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  7. 6 Responses to “Bush Nominates Attorney General”

    1. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Well, that’s why they call it ZOG. White Nationalists will need to exercise caution. With jews running DHS and Justice who knows how many Chester Doles type trumped-up prosecutions will be headed our way. Keep it strictly legal, unless you’re willing do time for a bunch of White lemmings who, in their eagerness to please their jew masters, will run over each other to get on a jury to convict your ass.

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      Well, export more deportations/prosecutions of octogenarians for “crimes against der Juden.”

    3. blackshirt Says:

      Yawn…. Is anyone really surprised? What do you expect, and why bother getting worked up about this? Everyone with a brain already knows Jews run our government, that is why it needs to be destroyed.

    4. N. V. Says:

      It’z OK by me.

      Glossary: OK means Orthodox Kyke

    5. VLC Says:

      from the JTA.org website:

      For A.G. post, Bush taps Orthodox Jew best known for work on terrorism issues

      Those who know Michael Mukasey say President Bush’s pick to be the next attorney general is a political conservative and an Orthodox Jew who kept his politics and religion out of the courtroom.

      he’s a jew and a religious one but we’re supposed to think that it doesn’t matter. Don’t forget we’re-all-individuals

    6. Greta Says:

      Such ignorant comments. Must’ve been screwed by Jews as children, or just treated like shit by their parents.