12 September, 2007

“Conception Day”

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We don’t have such a day in America. But we do have lots of abortion clinics. By the way, here’s something to ponder about abortion: of all the White babies aborted since 1973’s bogus Roe v. Wade court ruling, how many of them would have grown up to be great leaders? Or great scientists, explorers or composers? Was the next Beethoven aborted back in 1988? Trivia: the father of the American abortion movement was a Jewish doctor, and the movement is disproportionately Jewish today [1].


[1] Dr. Lawrence Lader mentioned as the father of the abortion movement: [Here]. More about Lader and others (scroll about half-way down the page): [Here] and [Here]

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    1. Heather Blue Says:

      I look on abortion as child sacrifice to the Jewish god. Calling infanticide a woman’s a right is a lie to trick the weak minded and make murder of the most helpless of human beings appear to be all right.

      Abortion is a Jewish religious rite.

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      One should remember that blacks have a disproportionate rate of abortion in comparison to whites.

      From NRO online we read.

      “The most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control indicate that while 56 percent of all women who obtained legal abortions were white, the abortion rate (the number of abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44 per year) for black women was 2.9 times that of white women. For every thousand black women, 32 have abortions, as compared with 11 for every thousand white women. Likewise with numbers of abortions per 1,000 births: The abortions/births ratio for white women was 184 abortions per 1,000 live births; for black women, it was 543 abortions per 1,000 births. This means that abortion ratios for black women were 2.8 times greater than those for white women. ”

      Also we should remember that abortion of the severly retarded and deformed is desireable if you want eugenic breeding. And we can only hope that white women knocked up by black bucks do get aborted.

      The solution is to do our best to get white women not to abort.

    3. jimbo Says:

      there was some xtian fellow a few yrs back who showed more ‘intestinal fortitude’ than the average White Nationalist; he ‘took up arms’ and dispatched a couple of those baby-butchers to their ideal locale: HELL!

      in oz, most white women are either ‘coerced’ or ‘conned’ into having abortions; they are pressured by ZOG quacks and/or vrs medicos or fed a heap of bull-shite that their baby is some-how ‘deformed’….most times, that is a god-DAMN lie……as has been discovered when they seek ‘second opinions’!

      rn’t ‘baby butchers’ REAL TERRORISTS?….operating right under our snouts?…..apropos some ‘cooked-up’/’airy-fairy’/’pie in the sky’ non-entity llke al Q’aeda(or: is that ‘al-MOSSADA’?) or Osama bin Laden(does he even exist?)

    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The kikes are cutting off our potential great men and women, our future leaders that we need if only in reserve.

      Every aborted White child makes room for a nig or a mud.

    5. Stronza Says:

      For the inside dope on Lader, you might want to read Dr. Nathanson’s “The Hand of God”. Never mind that he is an asshole liberal – he takes a few very hard pokes at his own kind, if you get my drift. Including their oily, phony, slimy come-on to gentile women in order to get into their pants. A come-on which, he notes, chozen women are aware of.

      Long Live Atomic Dog.

    6. Kaalkop Says:

      Pointing out that abortion is worse than the supposed Holocaust is a good way to make the pro-life crowd jew-wise.

    7. PK Says:

      You called Lader a Jewish doctor. What proof do you have of this?

    8. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Just been reading in this month’s issue of TBR about the well documented ritual murders of a Christian missionary and his lay helper committed in Damascus about 1840. The subsequent investigation by the Arab community and the Ottoman authorities lead straight to a group of Talmudic jews…..no surprise there!

      The fact that jews are heavily involved in the murder of Gentile infants, ie abortion, should come as no surprise to WN.

      Incidentally, it would not be suprising if the recent mysterious ‘disappearance’ in southern Portugal of the McCann child has a similar explanation. The Portugese police need an investigator with some ‘judenkenner’.

      What an explosion of White rage there would be!

    9. Stronza Says:

      To PK, who asked about Lader’s ethnicity. I recall reading in Nathanson’s book The Hand of God that Lader knocked himself out trying to hide his ethnic origins, but he indeed is Jewish.