8 September, 2007

Court Judgment Against Iran in 1983 Bombing

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Why doesn’t Israel have to pay any compensation for that event? That 1983 bombing was a direct result of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982. In other words, those U.S. Marines wouldn’t have been in Beirut if it hadn’t been for Israel’s actions (trivia: most aggression in the Middle East has been committed by Israel) [1]. By the way, what’s a “homicide bombing”? [2]:


[1] about violence in the Middle East: [Here]

[2] concerning the term “homicide bombing”: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “Court Judgment Against Iran in 1983 Bombing”

    1. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      “Family members said they hoped Friday’s ruling would pressure foreign governments not to sponsor terrorism. Lynn Smith Derbyshire, whose brother, Vincent Smith, was killed in the attack, said countries won’t stop until “it begins to actually cost them money to kill Americans.”

      Group hugs everybody, we lost our sons in the jews war, but at least we got compensated for it. Make the Iranians pay for it and not the jews – that makes sense!!!. Good timing too. Looks like the same modus operandi the chews used on Iraq too right before we invaded. Gotta make sure we hate ‘em first before we kill ‘em. That always helps.

      Did you ever notice how everything boils down to money in the jewed down Kwa? Mo money, mo money, mo money. Want justice? Don’t do anything on a individual basis, let the courts handle it for. They’ll give you money in place of justice and honor and any initiative or personal vengeance you might take – maybe if the jew lawyers don’t get it first.

      It’s sickening the way the christers go along with this philosophy. Many of my x-tian friends are just as materialistic as the jews.

      I’ll bet Hezbollah didn’t have to be bribed with money to fight the accursed jews. When men of principle and honor meet the jews money men, the money men go down hard as we have seen in Lebanon.

      Looking forward to the end times…. End times for the jews that is

    2. CuriousGeorge Says:

      Will the families of the Branch Davidians be collecting a few billion from the United States?

    3. Arminius Says:

      When will a judge make a similar ruling for compensation against Israel in the case of the USS Liberty?
      BTW, have families of British servivemen murdered by the Stern Gang been paid a penny?