20 September, 2007

New Movie About Russian Mafia

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“Eastern Promises” is a new film about Russian mobsters in London. Does this movie portray any of the characters in it as Jewish? [1][2]:


[1] the Russian mob mentioned as being mostly Jewish: [Here]

[2] about the movie’s director, Cronenberg: [Here]

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  7. 7 Responses to “New Movie About Russian Mafia”

    1. Graham Wellington Says:

      Here’s a story on “Russian” mobster Ludwig “Tarzan” Fainberg:


    2. JewsAreSick Says:

      Cronenberg makes violent homoerotic borderline pornography. I never understood why the mainstream media hyped his stuff. Then I woke up and saw the jew and it became obvious.

      Cronenberg is much sicker than people who’ve only seen The Fly and History of Violence think. Crash eroticizes self mutilation. His student film Crimes of the Future is even worse. It’s about a plague killing all post-puberty women. All the men are gay and the plot involves molesting an underage girl to save the human race.

    3. zoomcopter Says:

      I saw the movie, this afternoon. The hero has a large crucifix tatooed on his chest. The godfather-type character has blue eyes and nowhere did I see any jewish indications. A very graphic and realistic movie, I liked it. The ending was a little disappointing, though, as it left some loose ends. I’d give it 3 stars.

    4. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      I used to like Cronenberg’s “Videodrome.” Has anyone seen that?

    5. nigcopter Says:

      Isn’t there a “Russian Mob” that’s separate from the jew’s mob, not as big or world-wide? The jews can’t even help but brag about their mob here and there. I’ve read that a lot of the muscle and middle bosses are not jews but these guys can only move up so far in the jew’s mob.

    6. elbwgreez Says:

      Just like the Italian mob mixes with jews, so does the Russian mob. It’s not either/or – it’s a bunch of outcasts operating on the fringes of society. This makes it only natural that the outcasts of the world, the jews, are wrapped up in it.

    7. Richard Feverel Says:

      It’s an interesting film. One Ukranian i know suggested that the Russians were depicted as too dark .