28 September, 2007

Nixon and the Jews, Again

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The infamous Nixon-Graham conversation appeared in 2002 [1]. Now, more Nixon comments about Jews have surfaced. Of note is how Nixon – despite his feelings about Jews – “saved” Israel during the 1973 Middle East war with a U.S. airlift of material aid to the Jewish state [2][3]:


[1] the Nixon-Graham comments: [Here]

[2] that U.S. airlift was called Operation Nickel Grass, a massive effort (22,000 tons of supplies were delivered) that likely saved Israel during the 1973 war

[3] about the 1973 war: [Here]

  • 8 Responses to “Nixon and the Jews, Again”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      The goofy looking little jew AG candidate Mukasey spent $28 Million dollars of taxpayers money on “protection” over seven years. What’s that jew word:

      All jews are a$$holes.

    2. Wolf Says:

      “The government is full of Jews.
      Most Jews are disloyal.
      Generally speaking, you can’t trust the bastards.
      They turn on you.
      Am I wrong or right?”

      Richard M. Nixon – The President of The Unites States (1969 – 1974)

      I think you’re right sir.

    3. R. Olds Says:

      Nickel Grass- Yes they hate Tricky Dick but he did save their beach front villas. What is generally not told is the number of American pilots that had to step in and play ball to save the crown kosher colony and I’m not referring to the list of “28” USAF jews transferring to the IAF to help out. One USN squadron was tasked with helping protect Tel Aviv but had been prevented from protecting the USS Liberty six years earlier. Isn’t life wonderful? The myth of the IDF supermen still runs rampant.

      Now is Noah a Jew? The reason he is focusing on Nixon and will be at an increasing rate up to the 2008 presidential race is part of a general plan get sheeple negative on any republicunts running for the office. He won’t be writing the article on who isn’t jew running for president on the demicunt side. Obama –mother Irish jew. Edwards – mother’s side of the family jew (in fact his jewish grandfather entertainer use to be interviewed by Johnny Carson on TV as late as the 80’s. In private, he would brag about how this lawyer grandson was going to be president. Hilary’s family is jewish but ran for cover bigtime for the son in law’s political ambitions and her own. Okay, so looking at that and the overall Federal Government would lead one to the conclusion that the jew is over represented and something should be done about that.

    4. Former Network Show Worker Says:

      I am surprised someone here knows about Edwards’ relative stating back in the 80’s that he would be president some day. That is exactly right except that it was Edwards’ uncle – I know, because I was there. Unless it was ANOTHER of Edwards’ family members. I usually don’t tell people about this because they don’t believe it. I worked for the network for years back then and that remark on Edwards is exactly correct. You must know some of the same people I do because those remarks were not made in public.

    5. Glenn Miller Says:

      It’s insightful knowing how difficult it was in the early 70’s for even the US president to find out who was, and who wasn’t, a jew. Just think of the advantages we have today, thanks to the internet, which unmasks the kikes.

      Nixon, leader of the most powerful nation on earth, and Graham, the most powerful protestant leader on earth, both agreed that “unless the jewish stranglehold on the media is broken, American is going down the drain.”

      But yet, both admitted to each other that both were too yellow to speak of the fact publicly, much less inform the American people, congress, or the military, or do anything about it.

    6. JewfinderGeneral Says:

      What’s the name of Edwards jewish grandfather who was on Carson?

    7. R. Olds Says:

      You with Vincent Price connection need to look at someone using the name Robinson. That’s why I give little credibility to Noah’s stating that they used names to know who was who. It’s so long along ago I don’t remember his first name. Most of these odd balls I met thru my wife.

      By the time Nixon and Graham realized that the problem was the media they were too late. It had already been bought up years earlier just like the universities had been taken over. Today we face their world wide attack on the web to control it and it looks like they just won in Europe.

    8. JewfinderGeneral Says:

      I can’t find anything on Edwards’ family beyond his parents names on Wikipedia –

      Edwards was born on June 10, 1953 to Wallace Reid Edwards and Catharine Juanita “Bobbie” Wade in Seneca, South Carolina.

      A first name would be useful.