8 September, 2007

“Too Brutal for the Boys”

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Is it really? Should guys stay home and bake something instead? Betty Friedan’s legacy is everywhere: in the schools, the movies, the media, the workplace, your wife’s favorite magazine. Feminism is like sunlight: it can’t be avoided [1][2]:


[1] about feminism: [Here]

[2] about Friedan: [Here]

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    1. New America Says:

      If you want to be clear-eyed and brutually, ruthlessly, intellectually honest in your analysis of Marxist-Feminism, you would begin by asking yourself why the first organized intellectual assault on what he called the patriarchy was written by Engels, Marx’s corporate sponsor and fellow demonic Jews.

      The late Peter Drucker argued the high point of Western social development – the fulfillment of all of the dreams of the Nineteenth Century social thought – was the America middle class, and the freedom of that new social form, the full-time mother and housewife, to BE a full-time mother and housewife.

      I see Marxist-Feminism in a somewhat different light.

      Fifties America, the relentless target of Jews throughout the world, saw the creation of the uniquely Western – uniquely American – social group, the middle class, which was engaged in creating a better world with a unique economic system, and disproving all of the Jewish thought about the nature of Mankind.

      Can’t have THAT, can we?

      So, the Jews moved toward cheaper labor with the “civil rights movement,” aimed at the blue-collar unions, on the one hand, AND Marxist-Feminism, aimed at the pink-collar workers, who aspired to possibly be white-collar workers, on the other.

      And what is the end of this, what is the organized policy – the Institutionalized practices – that works to destroy the economic power of the middle class, AND the nuclear family, at the same time?

      Mandated “Equality (of OUTCOMES), and Affirmative Action, all in the name of “Civil Rights.”

      Ah, for a National Socialist economic system…

      The demonic Jews, with their control of the Propasphere, and the education/indoctrination system, realized a key was to destroy the Patriarchy, and replace it with the organizational model at the heart of Judaism, Matriarchy.

      There has never been a successful Matriarchy in the history of the world, and every attempt at Matriarchy has led to, at best, a steady-state political and economic system.

      Incidentally, replacing the Form of Christianity with the substance of Gaia Worship helps to accomplish this, as well.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Varina Says:

      I think I posted this once before a while back, but thought I’d post it again.

      Whenever Betty Friedan would appear on the TV news, my father would sigh, shake his head, and say, “Why men leave home.” She really was one ugly woman.

      By the way, as a woman, I’d give up my right to vote if it would bring back some sanity and save the White race.

    3. nobody Says:

      “Women’s Rights” has been the real death knell of Western Civilization. Yeah, there’s Jewish Finance (the Federal Reserve, etc.), Black Robbery, Rape and Murder, the Mexican Invasion, the Asians, but Whites would be strong enough to take care of these matters without the “Stretch Pants Brigades” (I stole this from another VNN poster) representing an even greater fifth column than the Sodomites.

      Angry Harry’s website (www.angryharry.com) and http://www.heretical.com are good places to start, even with the former pretending to be unaware of the Jewish Question.

      The Girls Gone Wild series (created by a Jew?) and the prominence of “thong” underwear among normal girls (not just depraved strippers and prostitutes), “hot” as these things may be, are as good cultural signs as any of the need to reign the “Wimminz” in.

      Even a Jewess has written good stuff on the New Feminism: http://www.ariellevy.net. Of course, she’s a fan of the Old Feminism.

      Just listen to any female college student open her mouth.

    4. lawrence dennis Says:

      Informative post about “Bettye Goldstein” here:


    5. jimbo Says:

      what a pity this repulsive fckn slag Friedan died before i could exact revenge!…….clearly one of the 1960s/1970s ‘counter-cultural’ movers & shakers!

      i need a list of those ‘counter-cultural’ vermin that r still living so that they can be ‘dispatched’ w/out any further ado!

      (maybe i’ll dig this Friedan freak’s rotten carcass up & give it ‘a third eye’…apprxmtly 0.45″ diameter!)….after which, in celebration, i just might strain a six-pack of Heineken through me kidneys on to the appropriate plot!…..any-one know where they might have tossed that heap of garbage?