23 October, 2007

DREAM Act Vote Set for Wednesday, Oct. 24

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Another immigrant amnesty bill is nearing a vote in the U.S. Senate: S. 2205, also known as the DREAM Act. Those of you who still vote: you might want to call your senators and ask them to vote “no” on cloture for that bill [1]. More about S. 2205: [Here].

[1] U.S. Senate contact information: [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “DREAM Act Vote Set for Wednesday, Oct. 24”

    1. sgruber Says:

      We have told them time and time again not to vote for this thing. The American people are overwhelmingly against it.

      But they’ll do it anyway. They’re jew, or jew-bought.

      Like all criminals, they continue to misbehave because there are no consequences for misbehavior.

      They can do ANYTHING to us, and they will suffer no consequences. They will continue to lead perfectly comfortable lives.

      “Let them eat cake,” is their attitude.

      Maybe they need to be awakened to reality. Maybe there need to be consequences for their bad behavior. Maybe they should not be allowed to get away with it once again.

      Call them now (see link in post for number). And don’t be polite, this time.

      The Mexican slits your granddaughter’s throat, but Sen. Important feels no pain as he lies in his comfy bed in his grand mansion.

    2. Booger Says:

      Of course they don’t give a flying-f*ck about what “we the people” want.They have their “masters” agenda to promote and they will do it by hook or by crook,which most of them are.To anyone who still thinks “we” have a particpatory democratic gov’t,I say uncork your head out of your ass A.S.A.P.!What we have is a JEW-run Oligarchy,a tightly controlled JEW press,a sell-out Congress, a traiter-in-chief in the white house,and millions upon millions of ignorant MORONS whos only concern is-“Do you think our team will win the game?”AMERICA-Future 3RD WORLD SHITHOLE-Brought to you courtesy of ZOG-USA.