25 October, 2007

More Chutzpah: Jews Meddling in Gaza

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Hamas already won the 2006 Palestinian elections. That should settle the “who legally controls Gaza?” question. But Israel won’t recognize any place run by Hamas as legitimate, despite the election results. So this current conflict stems directly from Israel rejecting democratic outcomes that it doesn’t agree with [1][2][3]:


[1] wars which were started by Israel: [Here]

[2] more about Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak (scroll about 1/4 down the page): [Here]

[3] the 2006 Palestinian elections: [Here]

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  7. One Response to “More Chutzpah: Jews Meddling in Gaza”

    1. sgruber Says:

      jews do the same here. The people (White people) don’t want illegal immigrants, or a majority in a certain area don’t want grass outlawed there, or they don’t want abortion or racial quotas – but always, a kike federal judge strikes down whatever state referenda White people come up with.

      That’s why it’s JOG/ZOG. And that’s why applying the principle of “the outer/inner two rows” to it is an interesting idea for debate.