30 October, 2007

New Information About the Infamous 1964 Civil-Rights Case

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Let’s put aside ethical questions about the police using a mobster to solve that case. Let’s focus instead on the crime itself. There are two ways to look at it. One way is the usual, politically-correct way, i.e., three innocent civil-rights workers went down to the South in 1964, simply to help oppressed Blacks gain political and social rights, and evil Klansmen murdered them. The other, politically-incorrect way to look at it is like this: two left-wing Jews (Goodman and Schwerner) and one Black went down to the South in an attempt to politically and racially transform that entire region. After all, the remaking of America couldn’t proceed very quickly as long as the South was full of rednecks and Jim Crow laws. So the civil-rights workers were engaging in the act of deliberately and permanently transforming an entire region and culture, largely for Jewish benefit, since Jews built the civil-rights movement. The Klan then responded to the actions of the civil-rights workers [1][2]:


[1] about Jews and the NAACP (scroll about half-way down the page): [Here]

[2] about Jews and the civil-rights movement: [Here]

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    1. Wade Thalweg Says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if the FBI was using Masad heavies today against us. You know they are using them in Iraq.

    2. sgruber Says:

      The Jim Crow laws were not oppression; they were an expression – the expression of the will of the people, and of their wisdom. The wisdom lay in knowing that niggers are trouble, like murder is trouble, and stealing is trouble, and abusing drugs is trouble, and letting dogs walk around leaseless is trouble. Those things are against the law, and so, so was associating with coons.

      But more than that: I’d be interested to know (from a non-biased source, not a parrot) whether Jim Crow laws prohibited free association or protected it. That is, if a niggimal and a person wanted to be friends and sit at the same restaurant table, was this prohibited (if so, it would be okay, of course) – OR did these laws merely stand ready to be invoked only if a niggimal was pushing itself where it was unwanted?

      A lot of Communist Party propaganda enshrouds the whole issue of “Jim Crow,” the old South, etc. Even the name “Jim Crow” is Communist propaganda. (No law was ever titled “Jim Crow.”)

    3. Heather Blue Says:

      Odd, this article should be posted today. It was such a beautiful day, as brilliant as a gem. I lolled around in it. But even as I basked in the golden day I was thinking “what are the Jews doing today?” They don’t rest. Their hatred of the White Race never leaves their minds. All their focus is on us – to destroy the west. They are obsessed with it. No day goes to waste just appreciating the fine weather and/or the magnificence of nature. Every day is a day dedicated to their calling. No issue is too big or too small for the Jews to not create misery for others. They are a pestilence.

      How very strange it must be to belong to a species that exist only to kill, to oppose all genius and greatness, to create misery and suffering, and to bring about poverty and destruction. How very strange it must be to be a Jew.

    4. r Says:

      You’re a good writer sometimes, Heather.

    5. Salvador Says:

      What’s wrong with vnnforum.com?

      I haven’t been able to access it in two days?

    6. Salvador Says:

      Is there a technical problem? Or something else?

    7. E3 Says:

      Yes, what is going on with vnnforum ? The page opens for an instant and then it shows the blank page with the unable to find server DNS error. reloading the page results in the same split second display and then error.

    8. 311k Says:

      Niggers…cant live with em…cant live with em