3 October, 2007

Political Correctness in England

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It’s becoming severe, and few people are opposing it [1]:


[1] about the history of Political Correctness: [Here]

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    1. sgruber Says:

      The Daily Mail comments section for this article has some good comments, but is a farce. When you try to post a comment, you are asked to type a given combo of letters and numbers to ensure your comment isn’t spam. Fair enough. But, it asks you to do this over and over and over…and over. After correctly typing 25 various combos, I gave up. In short, the Mail won’t let you comment. What a shocker, eh?

      FWIW, here is the comment I intended to post:

      “Buggering bungholes in public – that’s a beautiful expression of love that no one must object to, lest he be punished by law.

      “This story tells us all that the government finally is entirely in the hands of the homos.

      “We are going down the drain of insanity. Time to ‘do something’ to them, to the politicians, and to the ‘change agent’ Cultural Marxists (jews) who make such vile evil possible.”

      Now I wonder why that comment didn’t go through? :-)

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    2. abe foxman Says:

      Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving cuntry!
      The only way for the English to redeem themselves in this observer’s eyes are to exterminate the Kike vermin who brought this on them, reeducate or eliminate these sexual deviates and repatriate all non whites back to where they came from.
      Yeah, I’m dreaming! It’d never happen!
      They like taking it up the ass too much and they’ve become addicted to the Kike dildo.

    3. needs a break Says:

      The British will never eliminate the Jew. The Jew is British. You know Jack Straw, ya? He actually took his name from an old English folk hero. Look it up.

      Nothing will change but for the worse; there is no solution.

    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      It is almost laughable! Political correctness and all that follows is completely alien to the Aryan spirit, so let’s not get too despondent.

      If we are powerless to do much, at least we can laugh at the jew and the fag. Both groups HATE derision directed at them.

      AIDS is THE solution!

    5. Booger Says:

      Humbuggery in the bushes=forced acceptance of sin and perversion.Thanx to the fucking Jews for another confirming episode of P.C. run amok.In our old neighborhood we’d have beat these fags to a pulp.someday the good ‘ol days will come back with a vengence!

    6. saltriver Says:

      Mr Hitler had the perfect way to deal with these demented pieces of s—.

    7. Nach rechts Says:

      I would say that this is unbelievable, but it is not unbelievable.

      The homos totally rule Britain, as they think they rule the US.

      Let me ask again: When begins the killing?

    8. sgruber Says:

      White person: “The situation is intolerable! Is there possibly any solution??”

      Alex Linder: “Death to the jews.”

      jew: “There is no solution.”

    9. abe foxman Says:

      The problem is Jews but English attitudes just exacerbate the situation. Their arrogant belief in their own superior civility will not allow them to see the deviate Jew swimming under their noses.
      They feel that dildo up the ass but their overdeveloped sense of civility won’t let them acknowledge it. Of course the deviate Jew gets off on this…like a fucking child molester who get’s his highs not from the act but from the knowledge he’s getting away with it.
      When an Englishman finally wakes up to the fact he’s been fucked, its too late. He becomes a jewed zombie…a do-gooding liberal feeding off his fellow man…and the ultimate sellout to his racial brother no matter what class he belongs to.

    10. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      Can one be awake and a zombie at the same time?

    11. whitewarrior Says:

      i think nick griffin is a phoney a closet kike lover.his daddy griffin senior is a big wig in the kike infested conservative party and what gets me with the bnp is that they never mention the talmud.im sick of these mutha fuckin traitors.