12 October, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – October 12th 2007

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The TJB buffet w/ Bud White and Heather Blue 7:30 est

Join me your co-host Bud White and our special first time guest and cohost the VNN poster Heather Blue. Joining us later on in the program will be Mark in Cali aka Mishko Novosel.
We’ll be covering all things TJB including

* A Lakewood baseball bat beating of a rabbi,

* Jewish kids abusing alcohol on “simchat torah”,

* A “valuable” torah stolen in MN

* Jews who signed anti-semetic petition for Google to have names show up on hate sites,

* Georgia woman has her bail doubled in temple disruption charges

* . . . plus more TJB.

Tunes start at 6:30 est
Talk starts at 7:30 est

  • 15 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – October 12th 2007”

    1. Sam Says:

      And the link to the show is where?

    2. Sam Says:

      I got it!

    3. Lomas Says:

      Where is the link to the show?

      Next time put it in an OBVIOUS PLACE in the post mentioning the show.

      How annoying.

    4. cillian Says:

      If you click on the vnn jukebox button on the top right, and there is a show on, you will hear it.

    5. Summer Says:

      How do we download the show now that it is over? There is no link anywhere on the site for the show. Mind putting one up for us who live on a different time zone as you do, please.

    6. Summer Says:

      in a different time zone*

      Ugh morning time and the bad spelling.

    7. Proko Says:

      Link! Link! Link! Link!….

    8. Summer Says:

      Yes you are laughing way too much. And yes you seem extremely out of it. Enough of the religious talk.


      Although, I commend you for trying.

      15 minutes into this and I already want to shoot myself.

    9. Summer Says:

      You would be amazed how many blacks know the difference between white people and jews. I was told a story about some niggeress who was at the train station in New York and some kike got in her way and the niggeress had called her a *kike.* I think on the east coast the nigs are aware. Everywhere else they might not know the difference.

    10. Heather Blue Says:

      Glad you liked it, Summer.

    11. Heather Blue Says:

      After a moment of thinking about your post, I apologize, Summer. You are right. Your criticism is constructive and I appreciate it.

    12. Summer Says:

      No, Heather I did like it. My apologies if it came off rude. I completely forgot it was your first time, so I know how giggly people get. You did good. There were a few things I wish people would stop talking about for hours and hours. But that is in every show. Can’t change that. You did good. I only found it annoying when I was trying to listen to the first article you wrote and you kept laughing. You tend to start forgetting what the person is saying when they laugh after every sentence.

      Other than that I salute you ha! :)

      Nice to hear a woman on these shows for once. Maybe it’ll drown out the “Oh that hollywood woman is hot and all these females on tv are sexy and gorgeous” blah blah. All the stupid typical male bs ‘someone’ tends to talk about constantly. While all those sexy women are flipping jews.

    13. Heather Blue Says:

      Thanks, Summer. Your honesty is appreciated.

      It was certainly a learning experience. My companions, Bud White and Mark in Cali, were very kind and supportive. I don’t know when I will be on radio again, but next time I hope to do well enough that Bud and Mark and listeners like you will enjoy it.

      Your comments will be welcomed.

    14. bwahaha Says:

      15 minutes into this and I already want to shoot myself.

      If only.

    15. grant tiesner Says:

      i would like to thank all you especially Heather> her basic views are true to everyting this nation is about.. Thank you for inviting her on i was delighted to hear her. I also want to say that giving to our leaders, i.e. David Duke, is the most influential and real “baby step” that we are accomplishing. Also her views of religion is right on. It is our heritage that we are Christians (“Christians” put thant in your MSN Word Thesaurus) and as it maintains us we must maintain it.