26 October, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – October 26th 2007

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Join me you co-host Bud White , we’re going to have an awesome show tonight. Mark in Cali will be co-hosting, it’s going to be total jew bashing, straight, no chaser. We’ll be reporting on the capture of the Lakewood jew bashing nog, Jews threatened on a plane for stinky kosher food, a Long island jew indicted in securities fraud throws a $10 million bar mitzvah, a florida kike teacher get’s death threats, California Rabbi’s help fight blaze, Goggle earth helps the Palestinians target Israel plus a whole lot more.

Music starts 6:30 pm est
Talk starts 7:30 pm est

show chat here

  • 6 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – October 26th 2007”

    1. r Says:

      I gotta tell ya, that Skype logo looks real fruity.

    2. grant tiesner (German kitty) Says:

      why cant i listen live

    3. Bill Henderson Says:

      Recently I offered to create a website for Mr. Armstrong

      Not having been able to find a valid email address to use, I made the offer in the “Reply” section of the October 21 broadcast

      So far I have not had a response

      I did however contact Mr. Hal Turner who said that he would host the site at his normal rates which are very reasonable

      Please, if anyone knows to what address I should send emails on the matter, could you please forward my offer to whomever is in charge of the project and have them contact me.

    4. Proko Says:

      A link would be much appreciated

    5. Bill Henderson Says:

      [email protected]

    6. pony Says:

      Bud White produces a great show everytime.