21 November, 2007

Ex-Rhodesian Leader Ian Smith Dies

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When Rhodesia was run by White people, it was prosperous. Indeed, its rich farmlands made it the “breadbasket” of Africa. Now it’s called Zimbabwe, Blacks run it, and it’s a catastrophe. Notice the mention of Hoogstraten (a.k.a. van Hoogstraten) in the footnote [1][2]:


[1] more about Zimbabwe: [Here]

[2] more about Rhodesia, Zimbabwe and Hoogstraten: [Here]

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  7. 12 Responses to “Ex-Rhodesian Leader Ian Smith Dies”

    1. americafirst Says:


      RIP Ian Smith

    2. Marwinsing Says:


    3. jimbo Says:

      Smith has been criticised over the years for “selling out” to the Marxist mud-man “Mu(d)gabe” but he only did so when he was “stabbed in the back” by the one country on the face of the Earth that supported the regime: Sth Africa; ironically, that ‘cave in’ by the Sth African pollies for some respite from the relentless ZOG-marxist harangues in the ZOG MSM bought only a short-term gain of a few years; in less than a generation, white Sth Africans were being brutally butchered in the same manner that white Rhodesians were!

      the ‘moral’: never, NEVER, NEVER! ‘compromise’ with ZOG; the only ‘terms’ shall be those brutally imposed on the Third Reich: TOTAL, UN-CONDITIONAL SURRENDER! of ALL ZOG forces!

      (vale Ian Smith….a white man who did his best!)

    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      If present demographic trends continue, 25 years from now the United States and Canada will ‘enjoy’ the wonderful ‘benefits’ of Black-Mud majority rule. Europe will not be far behind.

      Let’s not fool ourselves, that jew inspired scenario will come to pass unless we as individual White Nationalist get the truth about race and history across to the sheeple.

    5. -JC Says:

      The 1977 photo shows Smith’s breeding and his attention to detail in dress– note particularly his shirt collar. He was intelligent, courageous, and handsome. He was despised for the natural leadership his apparent nobility inspired.

    6. Arminius Says:

      Let’s not be deceived by Smith’s lauded role as political leader of Rhodesia.
      If he had looked hard at the strategic situation, which as an officer he ought to have been trained to do, weighed the odds for the future, he would have realized that Rhodesia as it was could not be held under white rule for any length of time.
      A statesman, what he wasn’t, could not harbor any illusions, that the tiny minority of widely dispersed white settlers pitted against a six million mass of black rabble- multiplying faster than ever (thanks to Rhodesia’s white farmers’ food supply)-and looking for bosses to lead them into the promised land, eventually invited a racial catastrophe. Smith’s achievements were typical politician’s makeshift, like UDI, begging for help from South Africa, negotiating with ZOG agents etc.
      One does not need to favour the much touted racial mayority to conclude, that, if Premier Smith did not have the strength to expell the niggers, he should have lead his race out of the country altogether, which would, of course, saved much white blood and caused the total collapse of “Zimbabwe’s” economy immediately. Whether South Africa was a refuge is questionable, history has proved that. But even that could have been different, if the South Africans had been a bit wiser, especially abandoned their favored use of cheap black labour. It’s always the capitalist ZOG system that sooner or later causes the downfall.
      It may seem hard, but nobody here will deny, that Israel shows the way: there has to be only one race, one nation in a country, and rightly it gives a damn to anybody claiming otherwise. If that is good for jews, it was good for Rhodesia- and us too.

    7. AmericaFIrst Says:

      Any one who has any guff to post Ian Smith is ignorant or something worse.

      In 1980/81, London enemy aliens threatened to use moth balled WW 2 Lancaster bomber, “Most Likely were used over Dresden” to bomb Salisbury. Fuel was cut off by England, U.S., and S.A. U.S. college shit holes were protesting against Rhodesian White rule and the U.S./World wild/wide media was kicking the Rhodesia while they were down hard.

      F all trolls and Nut Lords

    8. AmericaFIrst Says:

      Rhodesia was not only literally threatend with Lancaster bombers to flown from Kenya, by White English men, but at the time S.A. cut off Alll helicopter parts and you name it. supplies.

      The Chicom/N.Koreans had trained the Mudgoobe crowd of savages, but the force behind the over throwing of Rhodesia was Ju York and Lundune kikes and their media.

    9. AmericaFIrst Says:

      IMO here is an ex Rhodesian who as far I know left VNNF as have many other White men.

      The White Race: Going Gently Into That Good Night

      “Many years ago, before we declared UDI, Ron Reid-Daly invited me to the Sergeants’ Mess at Cranborne. It was a difficult time for me as I weighed up our options in the face of British intransigence and I had to consider the positions of personnel in both the civilian and military leadership, some of whom were divided in their loyalties. In the course of a few beers in the company of those good men I knew we could take on the world. I left with my spirits high. I was not wrong. The conventional wisdom was we would capitulate within weeks but we shocked the world. There is no record in recent history of a country so small defying such adversity with means so meagre. From the beginning of hostilities to the end the panache and fighting spirit of the Rhodesians was epitomized by the officers and men of the RLI who fought throughout with courage, fortitude and reckless disregard for their own welfare.
      History will also show that the battle for Rhodesia was not a war against a “liberation army” but against terrorists who threatened a bastion of Christian civilization in a lonely African outpost. Because our erstwhile allies in the West believed the communist propaganda that this was a racial conflict, they were happy to sanction the onslaught and watch us fight alone.
      Today the terror scourge is a problem that transfixes the same powers that have looked on with forlorn indifference as Robert Mugabe has ravaged our country. They now are forced to confront the same evil in a different guise and they are heavily exercised by the challenge. For some of the answers to the problems that lie ahead they need only look at the history of the RLI. There they will find many of the solutions they seek but they will also discover to their chagrin that they have an extraordinarily difficult act to follow.
      May God bless the men who served with this excellent regiment that filled Rhodesians with pride, and keep safe those who died in the defence of our

      Ian Douglas Smith
      Cape Town
      February 2007

      6KILLER 10-15-07 12:22


      Margaret Thatcher: a traitor like Jimmy Carter

      Originally posted by HighPlainsDrifter @ VNNF.



      Originally Posted by 6KILLER (Post 21138)
      The data collected and collated by Rhodesian military intelligence confirmed that ZANLA’s morale, in particular, was shattered by the defection of the tribesmen to Muzorewa and by the devastating onslaught by the Fire Forces since February. To exploit this, what Muzorewa needed was international recognition, but the British Conservatives went back on their promises to him. Not wishing to defy the British Commonwealth, the United Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement, Margaret Thatcher’s Government persuaded Muzorewa to accept the settlement negotiated at Lancaster House which brought Robert Mugabe to power, ending the grim toll of war, to which the helicopter had contributed so much.


      This last paragraph shows that Thatcher and the “Conservatives” were in reality pro-communist traitors. Likewise Somoza wrote a book, “Nicaragua Betrayed”, revealing the details of how Carter took the Sandinista side and did more than any other person to communize Nicaragua.

    10. AmericaFIrst Says:


      This is the thread for the above posting

    11. -jc Says:

      This ought to stimulate some thought and comment: http://english.pravda.ru/news/world/15-11-2007/101024-intrusion_nuclear-0

      Armed men infiltrated a nuclear reactor facility near Pretoria, South Africa…

      By 1991, South Africa dismantled its nuclear weapons program, making it the first and

      only nation to build and then voluntarily dismantle nuclear weapons…

      An increasing number of African nations are turning to nuclear energy as an alternative…

    12. -jc Says:

      IAEA: Iran generally truthful about nuclear history

      Britain, U.S. still push for new sanctions, saying Tehran must ‘come clean on all issues’
      Last Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2007 | 2:37 PM ET
      The Associated Press
      A report from the UN nuclear watchdog agency on Thursday found Iran to be generally truthful about key aspects of its nuclear history, but it warned that its knowledge of Tehran’s present atomic work was shrinking.
      However, the White House said it would continue to push for a third round of UN sanctions against Iran, despite the findings by the International Atomic Energy Agency.
      The agency report, released to its 35 board members, also confirmed that Tehran continued to defy the UN Security Council by ignoring its repeated demands to freeze uranium enrichment, a potential pathway to nuclear arms.
      White House press secretary Dana Perino said the report indicated that Iran has not suspended its enrichment-related activities and continues to defy the international community.
      “We believe that selective co-operation is not good enough,” she said. “Iran continues to walk away from a deal that has been offered to them. We said they can have a civil nuclear program if they’ll just suspend their current activities.”
      But the IAEA report shows that new sanctions against Tehran would be “illegal action,” top Iranian negotiator Saeed Jalili said.
      He said Iran has answered all the questions by the IAEA and made “good progress” in co-operating with it.
      In light of the IAEA report, “many accusations are now baseless,” Jalili said, referring to U.S. claims Tehran is pursuing nuclear weapons. “Those powers who base their accusations on this I hope will reconsider what they say.”
      If new UN sanctions are approved, “you should be asking what is the logic in this,” Jalili told reporters in Tehran.
      But Britain’s Foreign Office said shortly after the report was issued that it would pursue further sanctions from the Security Council and the European Union.
      “If Iran wants to restore trust in its program, it must come clean on all outstanding issues without delay,” the statement said. It also said Tehran must restore broader and stronger inspection rights to IAEA teams and mothball its enrichment activities to avoid further penalties.
      Much of the 10-page report, made available to the Associated Press, focused on the history of Iran’s black-market procurements and its past development of enrichment technology — and the agency appeared to be giving Tehran a pass on that issue, repeatedly saying it concludes that “Iran’s statements are consistent with … information available to the agency.”
      A senior UN official said that language did not mean the IAEA’s investigation into past enrichment activities was “closed,” even though a work plan between the agency and Tehran set November as the deadline for clearing up the issue.
      Last week, Iran said it stepped up uranium enrichment activities by fully running 3,000 centrifuges at its nuclear plant in the central city of Natanz. It would take some 54,000 centrifuges to fuel a reactor.
      Two rounds of UN sanctions have failed to persuade Iran to halt the uranium enrichment, a technology that can be used to produce nuclear fuel to generate electricity or fissile material for a warhead.