16 November, 2007

Mexico Will Try to Change American Opinions

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It should be illegal for any foreign country to attempt to alter America’s political climate. Note: it’s illegal for Americans to meddle in Mexico’s politics [1]:


[1] about the Mexican law prohibiting Americans from meddling in Mexican politics: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “Mexico Will Try to Change American Opinions”

    1. Arminius Says:

      Yes, “It should be illegal for any foreign country to attempt to alter America’s political climate.”
      But…how about meddling by the US government into the affairs of other countries? Is that legal and permitted? There are few states in the world the US resp. White House- no matter who ran it- has not bullied, threatened, sanctioned, bought, toppled their governments or tried to do so, occupied, robbed or tries to rob, installed puppet regimes, subverted it with its secret agencies or fomented wars, including civil wars, to its own benefit.
      Note: for its own benefit, not for the American nation per se. That’s a big big difference. The American nation had only the right- nay, the obligation, to deliver and sacrify the soldiers, manufacture the weapons, endorse everything its leaders do and above all to pay for all by the trillions that a US government thinks fit to spend elsewhere.
      ON the other hand, this same government is totally unable to reject meddling into US-internal affairs, allows itself to be subverted by foreign people and interests, is submissive to orders from a shitty little state on another continent, does nothing against mass immigration of scum from a neighbour state which is hellbent to wreck the American nation, on which, sad fact, the same US government ultimately depends.
      What is the intellectual worth of such government?
      That all its policy is rotten to the core, everybody feels or knows. Is it now on its demise, because its leaders do not have eyes to see further than their own nose, who are in turn lead by others with rotten brains from behind?
      Quosque tandem?

    2. We Need A Few Good White Men Says:


      Speaking of mexiniggers its good to learn that California still has a few good whites and are not all pussys who loves fags nigs spics and jews.

    3. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      “The government estimates that there are 11 million Mexicans in the United States, about 6 million of them illegally. It calculates that they sent back to Mexico more than $23 billion in remittances to help support their families last year”.

      “Remittances from the United States are a major source of income for our country, at present the second largest after oil exports,” said Maria Rosa Márquez Cabrera, the secretary of rural development.

      Fucking Mexicans are the second largest source of income in Mexico?!! They claim 23 billion a year in remittances but you can at least double that because they only claim 11 million mexicans in the US.

      That’s a hilarious picture of Calderon giving his “mal de ojo” or evil eye. Oylay! Shame on you!!


      “This spic presidente Calderon is learning jew talk: “increasing harassment” & “persecution of Mexicans”. What the Mexican word for shitzpah?