21 November, 2007

NATO Action Coming to Kosovo?

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In 1999, NATO airplanes bombed the Serbs for 78 days. Wasn’t that enough? Will there be more globalism directed against the Serbs in order to bring them into line with the New World Order, a.k.a. the Jew World Order? [1][2]:


[1] Dr. William Pierce on the war against the Serbs: [Here] and [Here]

[2] more about Kosovo/Serbia: [Here]

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  7. 11 Responses to “NATO Action Coming to Kosovo?”

    1. John Says:

      Looks like the Jews are trying to ignite a new conflict in Europe. This time I hope that Putin steps in with military support for the Serbs.

    2. jimbo Says:

      the days of ZOG military ‘adventurism’ re: the imposing of “the will of ZOG” on un-willing white people is rapidly drawing to a close; Iraq and, possibly, Iran will be the grave-yards for such hubris!

      Wesley “jew-boy” Clarke was some-what “pre-mature” when he crowed: ” ‘ethnic states’ can never again be permitted in Europe!” as was the ZOG Brit’ judge @ the Hague who pontificated over Milosevic: “you’ve had your time and it’s over!“…..let’s “re-phrase” those ’empty boasts’: “a jew-controlled Europe instigating fratricidal wars amongst Aryans shall NEVER AGAIN be permitted!” and: “the Age of the kike is over! the ‘Time of the Aryan’ is here!


    3. -JC Says:

      Spinning reality

      One of the “most helpful reviews” of the VHS version of Shot Through the Heart (1998) at Amazon.com included this statement:

      “I found it quite interesting that the Muslims portrayed are indistinguishable from the Serbs. They look and act just like ordinary white Slavs. This is quite the contrast to the bearded and veiled fundamentalists that we are used to seeing.”

      Used DVD available here: http://www.amazon.com/Shot-Through-Heart-Linus-Roache/dp/B000A2XAPU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1195735494&sr=1-1

      Not only do public (”government”) schools spin history, including current history, the vast majority of us think to get understanding from the so called mass media of news and entertainment.

      For a trip down a real rabbit hole, take a look at admitted Marxist commie Robert Bolt and the breathtaking list of movies of his screenplays that “educated” several generations.

      Not only does such “history” purport to tell you the facts but it programs you with how how to feel about it. Sample a “study guide” for drama students that is available in the latest digital e-book format: http://www.amazon.com/Robert-Bolts-Man-All-Seasons/dp/B00006G395/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1195734144&sr=1-3

      You can download the Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson race mixing tragedy, The Bounty, from here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Bounty/dp/B000VL5P3A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=digital-video&qid=1195734144&sr=1-2

      Years ago, I wondered where book store employees come-from. They all seemed popped-out of the same mold. And they were not all that different from the sort that populated pre-Starbucks coffee shops near college campuses, where one could always pick-up the latest commie newspapers, etc. Well, drama departments spawn the same creatures.bbbbbbbbbb

    4. Olde Dutch Says:

      I very seriously doubt the Serbs will fight. It’s not in their national character to get into a fight they know they can’t win. The Serbs don’t have the Anglo-Germanic attitude that says, we might lose, but, you will know you have been in a fight!

      If the Serbs were to take an Anglo-Germanic attitude, Nato & their jews would get a bloody nose, and a punch in the mouth they would never forget. But, my guess is Slav fatalism will prevail.


      Click for audio & listen



    7. John Says:

      ” Olde Dutch Says:

      I very seriously doubt the Serbs will fight. It’s not in their national character to get into a fight they know they can’t win. The Serbs don’t have the Anglo-Germanic attitude that says, we might lose, but, you will know you have been in a fight!

      If the Serbs were to take an Anglo-Germanic attitude, Nato & their jews would get a bloody nose, and a punch in the mouth they would never forget. But, my guess is Slav fatalism will prevail.”

      Well they got into a fight that ‘they knew they couldn’t win’ back in 1999 so thats not a problem.

      They ‘wont fight’ because their traitor government is arresting and putting in prison those Serbs who want to fight. From what I have gathered the pro ZOG ‘Serb’ government has gutted the nations military, massive downgrading, destroying all equipment, laying off and arresting generals who have combat experience. What the Serbs need to do before taking on NATO again is to overthrow their pro western government and this will involve bloodshed.

    8. Carpenter Says:

      An independent Kosovo – how about an independent Palestine?

      So when the Albanians, at least 90 percent of which are illegal immigrants from Albania (which was the reason for the Kosovo war; there were no plans to expel the legal citizens, only the illegals), are expected to declare independence unconstitutionally, the ZOG army won’t be beating them down like the South was beaten. No, instead they will be there to prevent the Serb regions from rejoining Serbia!

      ZOG’s true brutal face is shown first in the small and remote countries, before it comes to the larger ones.

      Serb culture is full of corruption, hatred of those who have more of anything, and a habit of lying to tell you what you want to hear no matter what the situation. Foreign Serbs who visit Serbia are quickly fed up. And the same is true about the Albanians. The Balkans is also full of forced prostitution, Ukrainian girls who have been tricked with the hope of secretary jobs, and are then raped and used as slaves in brothels. Not to mention the massive flow of drugs from the Balkans to Western Europe.

      But, that is no problem unless you go there or allow them to mix with you. It is clear that the ZOG establishment doesn’t care neither about Albanians nor about Serbs, or the captured Ukrainian women. It is all about mixing all peoples until only Jews are left.

    9. zoomcopter Says:

      JC, I bought the movie Shot through the Heart, from Amazon for 4 dollars, since you recommended it, but I found very little info about John Bolt, from the links you provided. Who is he and why do you recommend books about him? Thanks

    10. -jc Says:


      Thanks for asking. My mistake: Before posting anything I could find on Bolt (and was surprised I couldn’t find more) I kept looking online for a resume and film list by Bolt and mistakenly remembered his name. It is ROBERT Bolt. Scroogle “robert bolt” and marxist. Now, remember what people think they know about Russia, Arabia, etc., after having watched Bolt’s screenplays.

      [Paul Scofield, who played Thomas Moore in A Man for All Seasons, more recently starred in The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank.]

      Date of Birth:
      15 August 1924, Sale, Cheshire, England, UK more
      Date of Death:
      20 February 1995, Petersfield, Hampshire, England, UK. more
      Mini Biography:
      Son of a small shopkeeper, he attended Manchester Grammar School. He later… more
      Appointed a CBE in 1972. more
      Won 2 Oscars. Another 9 wins & 3 nominations more
      Jump to filmography as: Writer, Director, Actor, Thanks, Self, Archive Footage

      * 1990s
      * 1980s
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      1. Without Warning: The James Brady Story (1991) (TV) (teleplay)

      2. A Man for All Seasons (1988) (TV) (also play)
      3. The Mission (1986)
      4. The Bounty (1984) (screenplay)

      5. Lost and Found: The Story of Cook’s Anchor (1979) (TV)
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      … aka Peccato d’amore (Italy)
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      Archive Footage:

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    11. zoomcopter Says:

      JC, Thanks for the update, I will look into Robert Bolt and Marxism. It is always interesting to learn how opinions are molded by the movie industry.