1 November, 2007

New Book About Jews and Race

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A new book by Jon Entine: [Article].

Note: the late Dr. William L. Pierce referred to the Jews as a “hybrid” race (the result of inbreeding). More about Jews and their racial or genetic features: [Here], [Here] and [Here]

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  7. 4 Responses to “New Book About Jews and Race”

    1. Revilo Says:

      For what it’s worth IQ and the Wealth of Nations claims the average IQ in Israel is 94, lower than Portugal’s.

    2. Abe Says:

      Anyone who knows Jews and their Goy faggots know that the only way they can address an issue these days is to bring in the Nazi connection.
      The issue itself is a mere sideline, a chameleon designed to get one outraged then simply slip in the eternal ‘Nazi’ denigration…that of National Socialism and worse still Hitler.
      The odd thing is these are simply not enough these days…folks have woken up to the lie. In fact most sheeple are so well tuned to the sham that the Kikes and their Goys are working overtime to get them back in the PC pen, and their latest move is to throw in alongside Hitler and his movement a few REAL made in Kikeland despots like Stalin so they have all the bases covered.

      Simply put, Hitler would not have tolerated such scum and their laws.
      He threw those ass thieves in jail and kicked their sheeny promoters out. He strung up peadophiles, homosexuals and the sick fucks who promoted their deviance!
      So how does this issue relate to Hitler? Well there’s a tenuous link to an Austrian. Don’t matter that despite looking like an Aryan, this Hymied Goy is nothing but a treacherous made in Hymiwood sack of shit! Nevertheless, he makes the connection proper.
      In fact Arnie would be dangling from a meat hook in the Germany of old for promoting such Jewey behavior as this.

      This faggoty article is not worth commenting on and I’m surprised VNN even posted it.
      I’ll assume Socrates posting it feeling the redeeming value was to draw the above or similar commentary from it’s readers.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      A group of people who waste their time endlessly hair-splitting passages from the Talmud can’t be classed as ‘intellectuals’. Sickos yes, but not clever.

      We have no need to be in awe of the kike’s allegedly high intelligence.

    4. sgruber Says:

      Celtic Warrior is right.

      We need a re-think of everything. Including the definition of “intellectual.”

      Observe that “intellectual” is widely taken to mean “bullshit” or “bullshit artist” – rightly so, given the way it’s defined and to whom it’s applied.

      So who defined it as endless hair-splitting/ers of trivial unrealities? Why? Why that way?

      We swallow jew defintions with the air we breathe. As Alex Linder said, any thought you haven’t reached first-hand is probably some jew’s thought (i.e. lie).

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.