10 December, 2007

A Big Ron Paul Fundraising Event

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It will be on December 16th, 2007: [Here].

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    6. 2 Responses to “A Big Ron Paul Fundraising Event”

      1. N.B. Forrest Says:

        Paul should shitcan the Repulingcunts: the party hacks will NEVER nominate him. What the hell’s he gonna do – meekly submit to the verdict of the flag-wavin’ turds, then vanish back into relative obscurity? Nah. If he goes independent, he’ll have a real chance of grabbing the brass ring: after nearly 5 years of the Lying Chimp’s Iraq camel fuck, the bulk of the sheeple are ready to accept his policy of minding our own goddam bidness overseas.

      2. Olde Dutch Says:

        We should be having a big fund raiser for VNN on the front page of the VNN website. Dr. Paul’s a nice guy, we even have some old mutual friends, but, he has just a little more chance than Nancy Pelosi of winning the Republicoon primary. After that he is history, unless he is picked up as a vp candidate, which maybe his goal anyway.

        I would like to see Linder expand VNN into a real news network; with print & electronic presence on a national scale.

        No jew between me and you. LOL

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