16 December, 2007

Bar Brawls Cost White Man Nearly 5 Years in Prison

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Back in 1970, he probably would have been charged locally with assault, and probably would have been fined or possibly jailed for a few weeks. But in 2007, he receives nearly 5 years in prison on a federal “civil rights” charge. (By the way, America’s “civil rights” laws came from a Jew, i.e., congressman Emanuel Celler’s Civil Rights Act of 1957 and Civil Rights Act of 1964. Most “hate crime” laws have also come from Jews) [1][2][3][4]:

[Article]. More: [Here].

[1] about Celler’s “civil rights” laws: [Here]

[2] about “hate crime” laws: [Here] and [Here]

[3] “hate crime” laws are rooted in a 1918 Soviet law: [Here]

[4] more about the bar incident(s): [Here]

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  7. 4 Responses to “Bar Brawls Cost White Man Nearly 5 Years in Prison”

    1. 2050 Says:

      make sure you don’t call a nigger a nigger, or a mexican a mexican, if you get in a fight with them.

    2. Ernst Blofeld Says:

      Well, of course the man was screwed terribly. If we didn’t think the system was rotten and out to fuck us would we be White Nationalists? So, if you have any kind of prominent public profile in this movement you ought to have brains enough not to give your enemy the very rope to hang you with.
      Should you stand trial have the sense to get a good attorney. Not one like Matt Hale had, who didn’t raise an objection to a mostly mud and gay jury. Yeah, like they were going to be sympathetic and impartial deciding his fate!

    3. Coup d'Etat Says:

      2050 Says:

      17 December, 2007 at 12:14 am

      make sure you don’t call a nigger a nigger, or a mexican a mexican, if you get in a fight with them.

      You get in fight with any of them and want to use the word, make sure no one else is around, the mud is alone, and then kill the bastard making it look like self-defense. This is the smart way to get rid of the muds without going to jail.

      Everyone needs to realize that the jews have and are constructing ways to get rid of Whites. There are no hate laws against muds for calling Whites racist names, and will use this as a means for Whites to be abused and killed. The Hate Crime laws the jews have presented, which are illegal and were passed illegally, are now in every city for cops to enforce and imprison Whites. I have said it once before and I will say it again — If we don’t kill off the jews, the jews are going to kill us off with their abuse of the laws. We have to dismantle them and their supremacy once and for all.

    4. Sure I like dogs. But. Says:

      Two suburban teenagers killed a dog and they got ten years each for it. Ten years for killing a dog. Both of them were cleancut white. It was on the news yesterday. I’m not saying that it’s ok to kill a dog. But cleaning up trash along the side of the road for two months worth of weekends seems on the edge of excessive to me. You don’t think dogs die in the ghetto do you? I doubt if anybody gets ten years for a dog dying there. Somehow I see the radicalization of animal rights as yet another way to get a serious criminal record and therefore be denied any means to a firearm.