22 December, 2007

“Everything That a Jew Has in This World Has Been Obtained by Fraud”

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That quote from the VNN Forum makes a good point [1]. The Jews are people who live their whole lives by deception. The Jews lied to Napoleon about their true nature at the Great Sanhedrin in 1807, which resulted in him unleashing them upon an unsuspecting and innocent Europe, i.e., the infamous “freeing of the Jews” [2]. And look at their “religion”: it isn’t one. Judaism is nothing but a sick creed, full of obsessive nonsense and hatred toward mankind. And consider their numerous “good cop”/”bad cop” routines, e.g., they work both sides of the political spectrum, with some Jews being leftist leaders and some being rightist leaders, but all maneuvering to help the Jewish people in some way. (A slight variation of that is how some Jews are communists while others are capitalists who “oppose” communism). Ask a Jew if he belongs to a race, and he’ll lie and say that Jews belong only to a religion, even though the famous rabbi Stephen Wise admitted that his people are indeed a race [3]. And let’s not forget dishonest and usurious Jewish – now “Western” – banking. Does the gentile know that Jewish banking causes inflation by default, and that that inflation acts as a “hidden tax” on his income? Then there’s Israel: a racial state for the Jews, financed by gentiles, built on stolen land and pretending to be a “democracy.” To be a Jew is to have everything in your life be based upon deceit. Indeed, Schopenhauer called the Jews “the great masters of the lie.”

[1] VNN Forum: [Here]

[2] Dr. William Pierce briefly mentions the “freeing of the Jews” (scroll down to near the bottom): [Here]

[3] rabbi Wise on Jews being a race (scroll about 1/3 down the page): [Here]

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  7. 6 Responses to ““Everything That a Jew Has in This World Has Been Obtained by Fraud””

    1. honkey tonk man Says:

      Merry Christmas JEWS!
      …Merry christmas self-hating white elites!
      … You have murdered “White America” and soon whites will pay you back.
      ….The Nazi’s where just a warm-up (JEWBOY and white elites), the next holocaust will be real! ….remember that!
      ….Hitler will be back!…..The white race will be back!



    2. Whitepride Says:

      Death to the Jews! Heil Hitler!

    3. New America Says:

      HERE is the Beginning of the Solution:

      Harold Covington has done it again.

      WHILE YOU CAN, go to http://downwithjugears.blogspot.com/

      In a few short paragraphs, he has defined the central issue of WHY White Nationalism has failed (it’s us), and what will make it succeed.

      This probably deserves an entire post by itself.

      This is from Covington’s new book. The place is in what will become the Northwest Republic. The characters are, well, just like us, with one difference.

      They have nothing, and nothing to lose, except the one, best thing they have, their Positive Identities as members of the White RACE.

      Again, I add, Covington has removed all of our excuses.

      “I look back at all the crap our people have put up with over the past century and I am still astonished that we never picked up a gun before,” said Washburn plaintively. “Why the hell has the white man never fought?”

      “Oh, God,” said Morehouse with a sigh. “Some of us have spent our entire lifetimes studying that one simple question, Charlie, and I have to say we’re no closer to an answer than we were at the beginning.

      “There are a few standard, canned answers, of course. Up until the past couple of decades, most white people simply had it too good. Life was just too damned sweet, and all the bullshit caused by liberal democracy and political correctness didn’t seem to be really life-threatening, just more and more annoying as time wore on. When men are merely annoyed, they write letters to the editor, or phone a radio talk show, or bitch and gripe drunkenly in bars about how the world is going to hell. They don’t pick up a rifle or start making bombs in their basement. And of course, up until about twenty years ago, if things got too bad where you were living, then you could just up stakes and move to the suburbs, or some other state that was a little whiter. We got hundreds of thousands of organic migrants here to the Northwest that way.”

      “Oh, yeah, I think we’ve got half the population of California living in Clatsop County,” said Washburn. “Most of those same people pull the straight Democratic ticket lever in the polling booth, and they’d cut off their own goolies rather than admit that they came here looking for a whiter and safer environment.”

      “Mmm hmm,” said Morehouse with a chuckle. “Liberals are always the first to flee from the messes they make. Usually, they’re the only ones who can afford to do so. Anyway, liberalism and political correctness have gone beyond the merely annoying phase for a long time now. Things have been getting colder and crueler for white people ever since the economy went south under Bush Two and never recovered, when Social Security and Medicare went under, and when the neocons finally had to bring back the draft.

      “You can’t conquer the world without a huge army; all their high-tech toys and smart bombs and computerized weapons of mass death simply wouldn’t serve. If we were going to keep that fossil fuel pumping, the Middle East had to be actually occupied, and so now every American family with a male child knows that when their boys turn 18 there is a good chance they’re going to be dragged away to the desert and butchered. Everyone knows at least one young man who came back from Iraq or Saudi wounded or crippled, minus an arm or a leg, or blind, or insane. And of course the drawbacks of our wonderful democracy have become quite apparent to those of us who find ourselves living in the northernmost province of Mexico. They can’t sweep all the problems under the rug anymore. They’re too visible and obvious, and no one has any money left to run to the suburbs.”

      “But that still hasn’t produced anything other than an army of white people hollering on talk radio and then trooping in to the polls on election day to vote Republican,” complained Ekstrom. “We vote in some white guy in a blow-dried hair do, with a bright smile and a thousand-dollar suit, then as soon as he hits Washington he betrays us, and all we get is more Mexicans, more crime, more taxes and fewer jobs, and all our savings gone on medical bills because nobody has any insurance anymore, and more dead kids coming back in coffins that no one is allowed to photograph. Surely we’re not that stupid? This isn’t an overnight development. This has been going on for 50 years. What the hell was wrong with us back in the 60s and 70s? Or even earlier? Why didn’t we fight?”

      “Perhaps the more pertinent question, Len, would be why are we fighting now?” asked Morehouse. “As for our failure to resist this genocide by force of arms before, it’s of course tempting to put it down to cowardice plain and simple, and there has always been a lot of that in what passed for a white resistance movement, to be sure. Way too much of it. Not to mention the fact that most of our self-appointed leaders were little more than con-men who didn’t have the chops to make it as televangelists.

      “But it’s more complicated than that. White American males are still capable of being physically brave, sure they are. They prove it every day on the battlefield. Every week you can see some story on the tube about a white cop who faces down a pack of gang-bangers or a white fireman who pulls kids out of a burning building, and then you get these extreme sports kooks who jump out of airplanes with snowboards and try to surf down Mount Everest, or snorkel butt naked in a school of sharks, that kind of nonsense.”

      “God knows I saw enough Aryan heroism every day in Iraq,” said Hatfield. “White men will still be as brave as lions, granted, but only for the Jews or for their money, Red. When it comes to standing up and fighting for ourselves, against the Jews and the government that’s tyrannizing us, all of a sudden we wuss out.”

      “Mmmmm, here’s where it gets complex, Zack,” said Red contemplatively, dragging out a filthy old pipe from his pocket and beginning to stuff it with tobacco. “The white man can still show physical courage, yes. Lots of it. That courage gene is definitely still there in our makeup. But what we can’t seem to do is to be brave on our own, for our own interests, without the Jewish seal of approval.

      in reply:
      That last sentence deserves to be given more prominence.

      Let’s try this:
      But what we can’t seem to do is to be brave on our own, for our own interests, without the Jewish seal of approval.

      Keep that in mind, as you go throughout the day.

      Covington only gets better, and, alone among WN2/M analysis, doesn’t just grab the bull by the horns.


      Covington grabs the bull by the BALLS, and reminds the bull of who’s REALLY in charge, once he loses his fear, has nothing, and nothing to lose.

      Covington continued:

      “We have developed a poisonous symbiosis with the System. It needs us and we need it, psychologically. White males are addicted to social approval nowadays. We need it like an addict needs his crack pipe. We’ve got to have that supportive peer group around us yelling attaboy. We can be brave in a structured environment, so long as it is an officially approved form of courage, and so long as afterwards we can belly up to the bar and talk drunken shit with the boys and get slapped on the back, and then go home to the little woman and the comfortable middle class lifestyle from which we have ventured out, however briefly.

      in reply:
      This is the best summary of what is just damn WRONG with us, and WHY, that you will ever read.

      “…a poisonous symbiosis with the System,” but remember, the demonic Goddamn JEWS are NOT the symbionts.

      They are the parasites, who rule the symbionts until they have been drained of all energy, all life, and all value.

      So, just as a refresher:

      System = symbiont.

      Jew = parasite, and predator.

      White RACE = Creators, producers, and passive prey.

      Glad we got that straightened out.

      Covington continued:
      “The white man can face danger, but he can’t face loneliness,” Morehouse went on, lighting his pipe with a match from a paper book. “He can’t handle being away from the comforting herd. He can’t handle being out in front anymore. He’s lost there. The pioneer spirit is all but dead; you would have to have lived through those bleak times in the early 2000s like I did, before those first hundred people Came Home and built the Party, to understand how rare the true pioneer, the trail-blazer, the man or woman who can GO FIRST, has become among us.

      in reply:
      Hasn’t the entire focus of the public school system been on the development of the Hive, of the Followers who are lost without a Group to define them, and guide them?

      TRY taking a cell phone from one of your younger relatives.

      Their reaction will be like an addict having their source removed from them…

      Covington continued:

      “You might say the Jew has succeeded in domesticating the Aryan. We can be brave and good dogs so long as we hear the reassuring sound of our master’s voice and get the occasional doggie treat from his hands, but we can’t be lone wolves anymore. We can venture into the forest and do battle for our masters, but we can’t live in the dark wood and make it our home and kingdom anymore, hunting on our own and keeping our entire kill for ourselves. We must always return to the master’s warm fire and his doggie treats, and of course his collar and his leash. We didn’t fight, Charlie, up until now, because for a century or so we have no longer been wolves, but dogs. The Jew domesticated us. But now we must hear the call of the wild again. We have to find that spirit of the wolf once more within us, and bite the hand that feeds us. And I suppose I’d better abandon that simile before I stretch it into a pretzel. But you get what I’m saying?”

      in reply:
      If you can read that last paragraph without thinking to yourself, “GOD! Have I been played for such a FOOL!”, then you are not Awake.


      The last paragraph defines EXACTLY what is wrong, and why, and what can be done about it – what MUST be done about it.

      It is probably the best statement of what is wrong, at a fundamental level, you will ever read.

      So read it again.


      Thank you.

      Covington continued:

      “Yeah, I do,” said Zack with a sigh. “And that poisonous symbiosis between the American white male and the System is still very much with us, an ingrained part of us. How many guys are going to be able to break out of it? Those are going to be pretty rare birds.”

      “Well, maybe not so rare,” said Red with a smile and a swirl of smoke. “Once that first hundred stepped forward, it wasn’t so hard for others to do so, because more and more, when they came here they found a crowd to hide in. It was getting that first hundred to go first that was the real bitch. There are more now, a lot more. We’ve got six of them here tonight. Four in here and two very fine young people out in the car.”

      in reply:
      “If it is to be, it us up to me.”

      Students of the comments of Terrible Tommy Metzger can relate to the metaphor of the wolves, today, and we will relate to it, sooner of later, one way, or another, or we shall have failed our Racial Duty, the challenges and opportunities bestowed on us by our ancestors who fought horrific challenges, and made them into our opportunities.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. James Hawthorne Says:

      The Aryan nation states and itz. indigenous (White) peoples have been earmarked for elimination through this jewish egalitarian and multi cult gobalist nightmere whose shadow lengthens daily.

      As jew Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild in 1838 stated, “Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”.

      This nightmere of mixed race morons in nation states that formerly looked to Wagner, Plato, Socrates and Homer to name but four great individuals of our unique racial lineage, will through this jewish egalitarian mind-meld which awaits our future generations, look to P. Diddy, Oprah, Shaggy, and Big Pooh as icons and drones for the jewish financial hegemony which looms.

      We must awake the Aryan race to this lengthening shadow and the jew behind the curtain.

    5. New America Says:

      I replied to this thread with a cite from, and comments regarding, Covington’s new book.

      Is that lost somewhere, or didn’t it make the cut?

      I also mentioned in that reply that it might be worthwhile to start a new thread with it.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    6. sgruber Says:

      Thanks New America for that. Interesting stuff.