20 December, 2007

Free Trade Is “a Bright Shining Lie”

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This is from 2003, but it could’ve been written yesterday. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell which has damaged America more: Jews, or “conservative” businessmen who only care about money. As the writer Ivor Benson noted, aside from the profits, global capitalism differs little from Marxism. Both are international and revolutionary. Both transform and dilute cultures and values [1]:


[1] Benson on supercapitalism (see footnote #3): [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “Free Trade Is “a Bright Shining Lie””

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      I’ve got some really scary current stats on the effects of globalism on American manufacturing. Actually, worse than VNN’s stats.

      Welcome to the global servitude economy. I feel really sorry for you younger folks, You will spend your life either working for, or supporting non-White foreign pagans.

      Thirty, fourty years ago you would only see these Asians, Africans and Latinos around universities & hospitals. Now they are everywhere—including what is left of industry. Bottom feeders.

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The White man is being told that it is his ‘duty’ to work his balls off to provide the taxes to breed-up an ever increasing multitude of niggers and half breeds.