18 December, 2007

“Outside the Jewish Mainstream: Robert Weissberg and Philip Weiss”

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

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  7. 22 Responses to ““Outside the Jewish Mainstream: Robert Weissberg and Philip Weiss””

    1. Stronza Says:

      Re the thoughts of Weissberg & Weiss. Am I paranoid, or what: I still tend to see all that self-exposure and “honesty” as just more manipulation.

    2. Billy Says:

      Both Robert Weissberg and Philip Weiss are morally and religiously committed to the doctrine of tikkun olam, a Jewish religious belief that the “world must be healed to benefit Jews.” This is a kind of Judeo-centrism and Judeo-supremacy.

      They cannot avoid this deeply-held impulse and, through nudging, smearing, and propaganda of one sort or another, they will seek to displace more and more of the European American civilization to complete the installation of a Jewish environment in North America.

      And, remember, you cannot resist this kind of Judeo-supremacy until you learn to resist Judeo-centrism which precious few of us have done.

    3. Billy Says:

      It occurs to me that readers may not know what Judeo-centrism means. One example is to accept Jews’ label for us as our own. A good example is MacDonald’s embrace of the old Jewish-enforced and Jewish-promoted slur “WASP” as our actual name.

      Notice neither Weiss nor Weissberg graciously accept “WEJ” as an apt label for their people, yet all it stands for is white European Jews. Nor would they stand for “yid” or “hebe.”

      We however smile graciously when they name us “goyim,” “gentile,” “shiksa,” “anti-Semite,” and “shabbas goy.” When we accept those labels we are the very essence of Judeo-centrist.

    4. Olde Dutch Says:

      It should be noted that the jew Weiss mentions big jew money given to the Democrats—but—he neglects to mention big jew corporate money going to the Republicans.

      A good case can be made that over half of the money going to both political parties is from the jews.

      A good example would be a Republican mega law firm with a gentile name & gentile spokespersons that has as itz main clients and silent partners jews. There’s more than one that fills that bill. LOL.

      That’s why I encourage all of you to send Alex a few dollars—we need some competing gentile media. Linder is a talented goy and with a few dollars he can do much to get things back to at least an even keel.

      Politics costs money, and the key to politics is media.

      Get well…

    5. Marwinsing Says:

      Jews will always oscillate between both sides, frantically trying to curry favour. That’s their nature.

    6. Stronza Says:

      You answered my question, Marwinsing.

    7. Darren Says:

      White Nationalism should reject Jews at all costs. These jews don’t have a problem joining under the banner of ‘white nationalism’ but they do not integrate into white culture.

      WN is not for reactionaries who merely hate niggers and want to quote crime statistics. WN is a revival of Aryan values and the Aryan soul; things that Jews cannot ever grasp or comprehend.

      The moment Jews get involved in anything, they “jew it out” for their own benefit and our detriment.

    8. Mark Says:

      Jews are very adept at dual morality, while some may profess white nationalist or racist ideas and open debate, they still are Jewish first and foremost. Nothing wrong with that of course, self-preservation is the most basic instinct. However, we must be aware of this when we have friendships and alliances with them.

      While having more loud and obnoxious Jews on the racist right would be a counterattack against the loud and obnoxious Jews on the left, what we really need are passionate and dedicated whites to have some of that survival instinct themselves.


    9. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      Good cop vs. bad cop routine = “good” kykes vs. bad kykes.


    10. New America Says:

      A more precise formulation might be, “Outside the Jewish Mainstream, in Words;Well Within the Jewish Mainstream, in Deeds.”

      We could deal more completely with a profoundly important principle discovered by Chuck Pearson:

      “The Jew does not take one side of an issue; the Jew takes ALL sides of an issue, to insure that whatever ACTION finally results, it is, above all, ‘Good for Jews.'”

      We spend OUR time – which is the one element for which there is no replacement, and no substitute – responding the the Initiatives of the demonic Jews, while they (1) look at hate as a source of energy, and validation of their superiority, and (2) keep looking for more ways to reduce to us to being what they say we are – merely animals, merely Humans (bound to the soil), while they are Mankind – THE Chosen People of ‘God.’

      It works very well.

      We let it.

      This is a key point Linder made. His strategic analysis – “It is OUR Power, Energy, and Creativity that they are using against us!” – is complemented perfectly by Terrible Tommy Metzger’s Analysis as defined in Metzger’s Soliloquy of 2 april 07:

      “We let this happen to us. The parasite only does what it does, because that’s its nature; it only thrives in the presence of death, and decay.”

      Metzger deserves all of the props we have for this Insight.

      Judaism – the EXACT opposite of Christianity – only succeeds where the Christians have failed to push Christianity forward, while enhancing the strength of its core foundation.

      Asiatic consciousness – mere materialism, triumphant – only succeeds when we adopt Asiatic values, at the expense of Western values.

      Judaism sees all issues solely in terms of an ongoing RACIAL WAR between them, and Humanity 9 those animals who, like cattle and sheep, are bound to the soil.

      Jews start from a position of Positive Racism – they see ALL issues in terms of RACE – First, Foremost, Forever.

      We refuse to see Race even as the macrocosm of Family, much less, Family, as the microcosm of Race, AND Race as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      We are like blind men in the boxing ring, cheering on our blindness as a Goddamn VIRTUE.

      Of course, it is no such thing.

      Rather, the promotion of that which is dysgenin, and dystopian, results not from any inherent moral superiority – quite the contrary – but from a Feminine Cowardice, putting “getting along well with others” ahead of “doing what is RIGHT, for your Family, and your RACE.”

      We shall reap such a whirlwind from that…

      More and more, Harold Covington looks like a practical prophet, and his Northwest Trilogy – especially “A Distant Thunder” – seem damn near Scriptural in their depth of analysis, and insight.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    11. Vaultner Says:

      So once again they see the writing on the wall. They know their days are numbered & wish to throw in on the righteous White National side. “He (Weissberg) also predicted that more Jews would become white nationalists, but only if white nationalism is free of anti-Semitism.” The Third Reich had many Jews in their ranks & look how that turned out.
      Jews are nothing but self-preserving cowards who’ll will align with all sides to insure their own future.

    12. Heather Blue Says:

      Kicking the Jews out is the only way for us to survive. What they say, what they believe, how they feel, what they want, anything and everything about the Jews must mean NOTHING to the White Race. Jews are completely outside our sphere – where they belong.

    13. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      Found this site yesterday, seems to be pro-White and pro- jew:


    14. Marwinsing Says:

      Walk into South Africa’s ‘favourite’ joopermarket ugh supermarket — appropriately named prick ugh Pick ‘n Pay — owned by billionaire Zionist Jew Ackerman (& Co) and who do you hear swooning the goyim to buy their shit?

      Ol’ Blue Eyes!

    15. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Besides getting our freedom/money/country/race back from the jews I expect and hope to see a settling of scores for the countless murders of millions of White men, women and children over the last 2 millennium. Those innocent dead deserve to be avenged even if it takes a hundred years to do it. We should be working towards those ends day and night.

      What’s the point of being a man if you let your enemies get away with these horrendous crimes? These jews screw us and laugh in our faces. I know what the great Romans like Titus and Hadrian would do. We were better off 2000 years ago than we are today!

      The jews must pay for their crimes, every last one of them.


    16. Dqqqd Says:

      jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      18 December, 2007 at 8:20 pm

      Found this site yesterday, seems to be pro-White and pro- jew:


      >>That is probably a jewish site. At the bottom the creator of the site talks a bunch of shit on David Duke. He wants to pretend that jews haven’t ever done anything wrong. Those f*cking jews are responsible for all the wars.

    17. Celtic Warrior Says:

      About 2 years ago there was an exellent article in the ‘Aryan Alternative’ detailing the 600 million White men, women and children murdered by kike inc. during the course of the 20th century.

      We need to focus on that. Even the sheeple will take note.

    18. VLC Says:

      “Found this site yesterday, seems to be pro-White and pro- jew:”

      I think he’s a former AmRen editor who left Jared Taylor because Taylor said he doesn’t care about the holocaust. There must be 10 pages about JT’s insensitivity to jews. Scimitar at Occidental Dissent has demolished the editor of that website numerous times:


      (be patient the website is being renovated)

    19. GB Says:

      I consider my signed copy of The Culture of Critique to be among my most valuable possessions.

      Praise for Kevin MacDonald, what a hero. I can’t imagine the abuse and attacks he must endure.

    20. sgruber Says:

      Libertarianism, Conservatism, Presbyterianism, Methodism, Scientology, Bolshevism, Menshekivism, Fascism, Marxism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Christianisty, Odinism, Communism, Capitalism, Leftism, Rightism, Black Nationalism, White Nationalism, Racism, Antiracism, Upism, Downism, Sidewayism…

      The jew loves to hide behind abstractions that appear to mean something to him, but don’t. It’s what I call “the distraction of abstractions.” It is a very effective strategy against abstraction-addled Whites.

      Here’s how it works. Jew “A” issues a newsletter shitting on “Blueism.” Jew “B” issues a newsletter shitting on “anti-Blueism.” The two jews put on a big act of being enemies. The show attracts a crowd of gullible Whites, who take it seriously, take sides, and start fighting. Meanwhile, the two jews can be found privately lunching together in a friendly way, chewing their deli food and hollering with laughter about the stupid goyim they tricked (to borrow an unforgettable figure from Chuck Pearson).

      For example, we were all told very solemnly that “Capitalism” and “Communism” are opposites – Capitalists and Communists are mortal enemies, like Satan and God. But, was “Capitalism” truly the alternative to “Communism”? Jews led both, to our terrible detriment as a people: “Communism” genocided millions of Whites, and “Capitalism” (or “the American Way” or “democracy”) genocided millions of Whites (in a fratricidal conflict known as World War II). In addition, jew “Capitalists” actually funded the “Communist” revolution in Russia. Examples like this could be multiplied many times.

      What fools we are! We’re only 8% of the world’s population and shrinking rapidly. Yet, we keep on debating, arguing, hair-splitting about “isms” – ideologies – that jews invented (or co-opted).

      While the jew funds all these sides, and chuckles.

      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    21. Stronza Says:

      But, dear gruber, we seem to have a lot of diffficulty convincing those countless others who should be concerned, also. So, we organize and make another “cause” out of our frustrations, but guess who figured it out first and is heading us off at the pass? “They” seem to know us better than we know ourselves.

    22. sgruber Says:

      Stronza, we have “no jews, just right.” That much you CAN believe in – and preach. Itz coming.

      Btw, click on name above. I link to different sites occasionally.

      Happy Solstice!