18 December, 2007

“US Must Reevaluate Its Relationship With Israel”

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Since the 1970s, America has had a “special” relationship with Israel, largely due to the Sinai II agreement, which was negotiated by Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger [1]:


[1] about the 1975 Sinai II agreement: [Here]

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    1. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’m glad VNN posted this column by Scott Ritter. Essentially, Scott has finally had the blinders ripped from his eyes regarding Israel’s reckless and chauvinistic behavior. I don’t know why he thinks jewish skullduggery and doublecross is a recent phenomena when it’s been their MO since the founding of that criminal state.

    2. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Damn good stuff from Ritter. Yeah, I also hate it when a White man invariably prefaces his legitimate criticism of God’s Li’l Shitpots with that “Hey – I’ve been a friend of Israel from the beginning!” anti-jewmatism innoculation, but what’re you gonna do.

    3. Arminius Says:

      Ritter must be a fool, and a very big one, if he has still not recognized who is in the driver’s seat of the USA, with no intention to vacate it, certainly not at Mr. Ritter’s behest.
      I am sure, Ritter would have never got his job as a disarmament controller in Iraq, if the Jews (who he still considers his friends, unbelievable!) had not thought of him as a convenient shabbes goy. It is most revealing, he went “many times” to Israel for “discussions” with Mossad and government heads. Probably he was pushed around there more than he liked, ordered to do improper things and in consequence he took a somewhat antagonistic view of the Chosen. Of course, a Kike never understands or forgives such disobedience, “you are either with us or against us”. And Ritter was virtually retired.
      If Ritter continues writing like he did in the article above, even with his pussyfooting apparent there, he will soon draw the wrath of ADL, AIPAC and Israel’s government on his head.
      Others in involuntary collision with Israel have found that out sooner or later, and often too late. Remember Dag Hammarskjold, Carl von Horn, Waldheim, …etc.?

    4. clan bigot Says:

      ole kissinger was very very close to the royalty in England !!