5 January, 2008

White Art: Norman Rockwell

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One of the best artists of the 20th century, Rockwell’s reputation went downhill as the Jews took control of most of the art world. His work was criticized as being corny sentiment which featured an America that never really existed. (Predictably, Rockwell received praise from his critics when some of his later works addressed racial issues) [1][2]:

Rockwell art and info: [Here].

[1] Jewish domination of the art world: [Here]

[2] a racially-themed work by Rockwell: [Here]

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  7. 10 Responses to “White Art: Norman Rockwell”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Rockwell was an illustrator, not an artist.

      He was a commercial illustrator, which meant he did pictures which would earn him money. He did not paint from the heart. He was, in effect, a hired gun.

      That’s why he did the integration picture–it paid, and got him kudos. He would have gone further in that direction, had he been able.

    2. sgruber Says:

      What I wouldn’t give for a Norman Rockwell painting of the Channon Christian-Christopher Newsom rape-torture-murders. That’s cold reality and would have been a masterpiece. Envisioning a tryptch: first the Thanksgiving painting, next the “integration” paining, then the masterpiece I mentioned. Would title the result “America Down The Shitter” but then I never was any good at titles.

      Thank goodness for him Norman didn’t live long enough to do it.

      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    3. Socrates Says:

      Antagonistes Says: “Rockwell was an illustrator, not an artist.

      He was a commercial illustrator, which meant he did pictures which would earn him money. He did not paint from the heart. He was, in effect, a hired gun.”

      An illustrator? Yes, he was. But he created “art” from scratch, which would also make him an artist, it seems.

      As for Rockwell being a “hired gun,” I hear you, but I think that would be true only if the magazines dictated cover content, which apparently they didn’t. Rockwell decided what to create, i.e., he’d submit an “idea sketch” to the art editor of a magazine, and if the editor ok’d it, it became a magazine cover. So the idea came from Rockwell.

    4. ein Says:

      Jews infest the “art” world. But this does not imply any liking for it, nor any special esthetic sense at all. For them, it’s just BUSINESS. It’s all about money. And art is very BIG money.

      Real art has mostly vanished in the past century, concurrent with the Jewish take-over, and they’ve debased what’s left into simply a money-making racket. They turn everything into a business. Wherever you find a business that’s capable of taking in big bucks: whether art, furs, jewels, movies, investment banking, fashion, there you will find an intense concentration of Jews. They don’t bother with the small stuff. And note too that these are all frivolous “industries” that skim off the wealth of gentile society and produce nothing of any real value in return. You can’t eat diamonds.

      An art dealer is merely another kind of stock broker: a place for the rich to invest their excess funds. In this case, I should say the rich and gullible. Who’s to say what’s art? Crude African masks, hideous splotches of paint splattered on canvass, objects marinated in a bottle of urine — anything can pass for “art” (and sell) if some Jew-designated expert says it is. It’s the tale of the Emperor’s Clothes in real life! The Emperor’s clothes are being peddled by cunning shysters to sappy rich people who have more money than brains and who don’t know what to do with it all. So, on the advice of Jewish dealers they invest in “art”. And there’s the key word. Invest. Art today has nothing to do with esthetics; it’s about “investment”. Art is an investment, just like stocks and bonds. But art is for people who are even richer. And probably dumber. A fool and his money are soon parted.

    5. sgruber Says:

      If you can find it rent Orson Welles’s last movie “F for Fake,” a merry bashing of fakers, centered around a jewish art forger. If we’re going to have the usual discussion about the crookedness of the art world (yawn – done it), might as well seek entertaining angles on it, eh?

    6. Lux Says:

      Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With”. Aptly titled, albeit with Freudian irony.

    7. fur_loathing Says:

      I have a book of Norman Rockwell paintings that is loaded with racially oriented works, he sold out in the worst way.
      He was one of my greatest influences as an illustrator, myself, and I’m just very saddened by his later work.

    8. Stronza Says:

      Right. But have a close look at the painting entitled “April Fool Girl with Shopkeeper”.


    9. Alek James Hiddel Says:

      Late in life Rockwell married some old bag who was a flaming lefty.It was right after that that he started cranking out the paintings with lefty theams.

    10. Marwinsing Says:

      “For the Love of God”, artist: Damien Hirst; diamond-encrusted and platinum skull; sale price, $100 million.