24 February, 2008

Nader Enters Presidential Race

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Consumer advocate Ralph Nader – who is Lebanese – will run for president as a third-party candidate: [Article].

“Nader vs. the ADL”: [Here].

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  7. 11 Responses to “Nader Enters Presidential Race”

    1. Wolf Says:

      Who should I vote for?

      Ron Paul Ralph Nader

      Libertatian Free Trader YES NO
      Hyper Individualist YES NO
      Hyper Capitalist YES NO
      Racuialist NO NO
      Strong Isreali Crititc NO YES


    2. Luek Says:

      Whoopie what choices!

      1. A leftover radical from the 1960’s who has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

      2. A mullatoe anchor baby whose main campaign theme is “change” but never says what “change” is. Will probably turn the US into Zimbabwe 2 if elected.

      3. A bisexual female who thinks she is the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln and is “entitled” to be President.

      4. An old man who spend almost 6 years confined in a box by some nasty orientals and thinks Mexico is a part of the US.

    3. Mark Richards Says:

      You should vote for Ron Paul.

      1) Ron Paul is right wing. On every issue we care about except for race and Jews, he is the clear choice.

      2) Ron Paul is a current Congressman. If he vocally agreed with us, he would not be a Congressman. He would be a nobody. For all we know, he may well agree but is too astute to let it be known.

      3) Ron Paul would eliminate Israel’s special status in the US government. That alone would be a major step in yanking the yoke from our necks.

      3) It took 60 years at least for our racial enemies to achieve the dominance they have today. They were never so foolish as to support only the perfect candidate. If we want to change the country before it disintegrates we will have to settle for incremental change.

      4) Ron Paul is the white man’s candidate whether he is willing to admit it or not. The Republicans MUST NOT succeed in electing McCain. They must learn that they cannot win without us, so next time they’d better select someone we can support.

    4. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Nader has spoken out against the various “legal” immigration scams that the big three candidates have supported i.e. H-1(b), L-1 etc. Also, Nader was the first to call illegal immigration “illegal”—when none of the big three would say it.

      No one will accuse Nader of being a shabbos goy or tool of the jews. LOL

    5. Muckraker Says:

      Mark Richards:

      Here was an encouraging, heartening analysis that was posted on Rense. If you’re not familiar with Rense.com, by all means seeing resident artist David Dees graphic, compelling, beautiful tributes to Ron Paul and his striking commentary on Zionism/contemporary tyranny, it is MUST SEE. Under his current work on Rense’s homepage, click underneath the tab “David Dees archive”. My favorite one of Ron Paul is not yet in his archive, but he told me in an email that eventually they are all logged in.

      Delegates!!! McCain is not a lock for the nominee…..here is the math…. Please keep this post current


      I think Nadar’s throwing his hat into the ring just made the whole charade a hell of lot more interesting. I admire the hell out of him for standing up to the smarmy jews.

    6. Anglo-Celt Says:

      Good for Nader !! At the very least he might keep that loathsome mulatto from moving into the White House. His wife is already starting to lecture whites; we can do without four years of that.

    7. Mike Quigley Says:

      It doesnt matter who gets into office. Even if the nigger gets it. Nothings going to change until someone figures out a way to stop the genocide of the white man.

    8. StuGavin Says:

      Vote for Ron Paul? That’s laughable, he’s done, don’t throw your vote away. A vote for Nader is throwing your vote away too.

    9. Rabbis Kang and Kodos Says:

      That’s right, voting third party is THROWING AWAY YOUR VOTE!

    10. .338 Says:



    11. Bobby Says: