4 February, 2008

News About Kosovo

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Kosovo is set to secede from Serbia on February 6th and become a Muslim state [1]:


[1] more about Kosovo and Serbia: [Here] and [Here]

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    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      “The planned NATO/U.S. plot to make Kosovo independent is a continuation of NATO military expansionism to ensure U.S. economic control in Eastern Europe. NATO is the military arm of international capital on five continents. Popular opposition is rising in Serbia, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Ukraine, Afghanistan and Africa.”

      “But anywhere NATO tries to go, resistance grows. The secession of Kosovo may still blowback to haunt the imperialists.”

      Instead of U.S. economic control, what it’s really saying is: The increased jewish control in Eastern Europe that will surpass Russia’s control in Kosovo and throughout Europe.

      “The U.S. and its NATO partners are ignoring legalities.”

      “Then the U.S. supported UCK moves to detach Kosovo, where the U.S. had built the massive military base “Bondsteel.” Washington and its NATO allies allowed this criminal element to drive over 200,000 Serbs, Roma people and other minorities out of Kosovo, and terrorize the impoverished Albanian population.”

      This is the real reason why Miloshevic was removed and then murdered, not by his own people as his people loved him, but by ZOG.


    3. N.B. Forrest Says:

      With the Chimp’s paws tied in Iraq, now would be a good time for the Serbs to smash the Muslim bastards and take back their cultural heartland.



    5. Anon Says:

      As long as the Muslims can keep their newly formed state out of the influence of Jews and the UN, I’m happy.

    6. John Says:

      Ha.. ha.. are you kidding?

      The jews and the UN formed their ‘state’.

      Z.O.G imports muslims and other non whites into Europe and threatens anyone who speaks against their criminal plan with imprisonment.

      Europe’s ‘muslim problem’ is in reality nothing but a jewish problem.

    7. Anon Says:

      Yes, and what’s more when those Muslims enter Europe they themselves become poisoned by our amoral Jewed-out culture. There is no Muslim problem. Indeed if there is it is that they are constantly under threat in their home land and that we are not taking this opportunity to learn from them. The Jew (George Bush, mainstream news media) told us after 9/11 that we must hate Muslims, Islam and seek their destruction. We should have known better than to listen to them and repeat their mantra.

    8. Ein Says:

      Anon says: “The Jew (George Bush….) told us after 9/11 that we must hate Muslims, Islam and seek their destruction.”

      I didn’t hear G. Bush or the media saying that. To the contrary. It was more like we should love them when they’re HERE, but we should hate them over THERE.

      Funny thing, but I’d rather have it the other way around. I have no problem loving them when they’re over there, but I don’t want them here. I guess Israel views it differently, though.