3 February, 2008

One Boycott That Isn’t Allowed

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Seen: a T-shirt with a message on it that urges Americans to boycott countries that engage in whaling, e.g., Japan.

Did you know that there is one type of boycott that isn’t allowed in America? There are two laws which penalize and/or criminalize boycotts of Israel:

1. The Ribicoff Amendment to the Tax Reform Act of 1976, which is the weaker of the two laws, penalizes all U.S. taxpayers who boycott Israel – either directly or indirectly – with a loss of certain tax benefits. It came from Jewish senator Abraham Ribicoff.

2. The Export Administration Amendments of 1977 don’t just penalize but actually outlaw boycotts of Israel by companies and individuals. Violators face up to five years in prison. The Jewish involvement in the creation of the legislation was significant, as mentioned [Here] (a .pdf file). Then-president Jimmy Carter acknowledged Jewish groups’ involvement with the legislation when he signed it into law: [Here].

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  7. 15 Responses to “One Boycott That Isn’t Allowed”

    1. Muckraker Says:

      These smarmy self-aggrandizers overlook NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING – even the internal spellcheck on computers makes you want to capitalize the “j” in jew. Amazing how they cover all the bases to make certain everyone is handicapped but themselves.

    2. sgruber Says:

      How would anyone know whether we (you and I) are boycotting Israel? Boycotting means simply buying from/selling to someone else, on purpose.

      What they really mean is whooping for a boycott. In other words, free speech. “Buy from someone else, not them!” – that statement is criminal because, at least when Israel’s involved, (drum roll) ITZ BAD FOR JEWS.

      Even if forbidden from recommending to others how to conduct business in regard to Israel, individuals can simply buy from the other guy. Well, they can at least until the kikes come up with quotas and analyze everyone’s credit card purchases for evidence of disparity that reveals “anti-semitism.” “Fifty percent of everyone’s business must be conducted with Israel. If you are not in compliance, then you will ejected from the human race. Have a nice day.”

      When are we going to kill these fuckers?

      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    3. -jc Says:

      For years, I’ve bought Standt-brand automotive thermostats. Since I drove diesels and live in cold country, I could get the premium model in a 205-degree version which has become harder to find. There’s a large auto parts outfit on the web and, recently, when I ordered a thermostat along with a radiator, I had to take whatever they had to get the 180-degree model that was recommended for the particular car I was fixing (The local parts houses only had the 195-degree model). Anyway, when it arrived, it said “Made in Israel.” And for some reason I was not satisfied with it and had to return it but the company didn’t want to send a UPS call tag and suggested just throwing it away and accepting a credit from them. I asked if they had any other Israeli parts returned and we got into an interesting discussion after they said, yes, they did, and it was not about product quality. I suggested they add a column to their online catalogue that indicated where each product was made and they said it had been suggested and rejected because they didn’t believe Chinese and Israeli products would sell as well. So there you have it.

    4. Stan Says:

      Since reading this yesterday I have been thinking about making a t-shirt that says simply, “Boycott Israel”. Offer the text online, FOR FREE, in a form set up for printing to the transfer media (that would be described and recommended). Attach a link to the page for UNSPECIFIED donations to VNN but other than that, make it easy for folks to make shirts with a simple message – BOYCOTT ISRAEL

      It is 1st Amendment territory to wear the shirt, cost free. If the juedo-niggers want to make something of it, then itz stepping on your ol’ Bill ‘o’ Rights.

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      Great idea, Stan. How about a T-shirt that reads, Non-Kosher? We are taxed by the jews to have our food blessed by some rabbi. What ever happened to separation of church and State?

    6. Lee Luttrell Says:

      We will see if there is a difference between a boycott and divestment. The Methodist Church is trying to divest itself from Israel. The humanitarian abuses of Israel are so extreme that any person or organization who supports Israel now has blood on their hands. Universities are trying to divest as well, much like what happened in the anti-apartied days.

    7. jimbo Says:

      any-one know wotz happened to Chain’s “pod-blanc”?…..it seems to have “dis-appeared with-out a trace!”…..even the embedded video frames used on ‘blogs on web-pgs have gone!

      what gives?


      Illegal alien rapes puppy – http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50744
      Anchor Baby Jacking off in the salad Dressing – http://wjz.com/watercooler/watercooler_story_349180807.html

    9. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Boycotting VNN should be illegal.

    10. Brian Stone Says:

      If you don’t structure your society by principle, and instead base it only on the special pleading of the powerful as is now done here, you will have no defense when a you lose power.

      Jews who make these sorts of laws are merely digging their own grave, and this time no amount of whining will bail them out.


    11. ED Says:

      Now you know what it was that caused the downturn in the oil tooling industry in Houston, Texas! People lost their jobs, and their homes that they paid on for years with the then high interest rates! Many famlies were split-up with divorces! Over a million White people fled Houston with the clothes on their back! Homeless youth roamed the streets of Houston and many fell pray to sexual predators! The pawn shops were filled with precision measuring instruments used in machine work, along with other personal items that they had worked hard for! The carpet baggers who are the Jews and Zionist Christians had a field day! The heart-break, misery, and suffering caused by this horable legislation matters not to the AIPAC, ADL or any of the other God Damed Jewish action groups. The stupid and treasons Zionist Christians in congress would rather side with the Jews (money involved) than the people of their own race and faiths! The reasoning behind the theory that Christianity must support Israel is a flawed and twisted inturpation of the Bible! That FAT PIG they call Rev. John Hagee is the biggest loud mouthed Christian Zionist of them all, calling for a nuke attack on Iran! Bush loves this sorry bastard! John and his Jew wife claim that “America is blessed for supporting Israel”! Tell that to the millions of White People in America loosing their jobs, enduring being looted, murdered, assaulted, and raped by the Mestizo invasion and the criminalty of the God Damn Blacks. Sam Walton was not even cold in his grave when his Jew wife and kids turned Walmart over to Glassman, causing the reverse of Sams favor of American goods. Now Walmart is Jewmart / Chinamart! Jew money is behind the building of the Walmart Monstrosity! Sam’s Jew wife is from a Civil War Carpet bagging family! From the funding of both sides of the Revolutionary war, to the bribary of Woodrow Wilson by Samuel Untermyere, to the Murder of JFK ordered by Meyer Lanskey and other Zionist and Jew (F.R.)) banking interests, and all the wars they have fomented you would think the American people have had enough? But Hell No, the American People are happy as a Pig in Shit! Watching orginazed sports on the Jew-tube (invented by a White Man) and drinking over taxed beer! Think the American People are not stupid? Just say the equation E=MC^2 and they will say Albert Einstine when any informed WN knows that Olinto De Pretto came out with that formula 2 years ahead of Albert the Master Userper! Albert did not pass the math enterance exam to an engineering college! Albert was a liar, a plagiarist, and a thief! But what do you expect from a Jew? If we could condense everything on the web-site http://www.jewishtribalreview.org into a pill and get the average Joe Sixpack to ingest it, then may-be there would be some hope! Once again I will say with a great deal of personal conviction that all Jews are not bad! The late Jew, Benjamin H. Freedman, an American first and formost, tried to warn us about the main thrust of World Wide Jewery! I know some Jews who are as sick and tired of this SHIT as the rest of us, and will be with us when the time comes to CLEAN HOUSE! The Jesus Christ I read about in the Bible was a man of Love, and peace! Jesus would have never gone along with the horrable treatment of the Palestinian people!

      I hope you get to read this rant of mine Rev. John Hagee, you scripture twisting FAT FUCKING PIG, WAR MONGER BITCH, and leader of a SUICIDE, RAPTURE BUNNY CULT!

      God Damn the Zionist, and the stinking horse they rode up on!


    12. Bret Ludwig Says:

      I saw a T-shirt that said “God DAMNED Rapture Bunnies” once. I wish I’d found out who printed them because I’d wear one.

    13. Bill White Says:

      Alex: I believe it is only if they cooperate with the Arab boycott of the Zionist Occupation.

    14. Lutjens Says:

      I boycott Israel every fucking day. Quit buying all the Kosher certified shit with circled U and starred-K labels. I believe the bar code starting with 729 is a “Made in Israel” product. Avoid that also. Let the shit rot on the shelves.

    15. Muckraker Says:

      Thanks Lutjens! Here’s another handy list for boycotting anything they market (not hailing from Israel) too:


      or, whom Pan-Jewish Observers might phone, email, or boycott
      over each ADL & JWC hate crime as they occur
      The Jewish Controlled Food Market Internet as of 09-29-98 was Listed as Follows: