24 February, 2008

“Shoah and the Wail”

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by Luke O’Farrell: [Here].

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  7. 4 Responses to ““Shoah and the Wail””

    1. sgruber Says:

      LO’F is hilarious and right.

    2. Muckraker Says:

      What a gifted, AWESOME writer whose fury/rightful indignation suffuses his writing and is doubtless what drives him. Thank you Alex for hosting this outstanding talent as well as juggernaut Patrick Grimm. Our movement/fight is BLESSED to have this calibre of warriors/writers and proves that with a restored forum for freedom of speech, our White men are simply the best – intellectually unmatched by any. Both these writers need to be on Jeff Rense as well for deserved wider exposure.

      What I wouldn’t give to see what jew (or more likely jews; And yes, I KNOW it’s a jew/jews) is/are responsible for smuggling Hispanic crimes into White male crime stat’s to artificially inflate their crime rates in FBI compilations, but giving Hispanics a home of their own regarding crimes perpetrated AGAINST them. Is their a MORE eggregious example of propaganda and HATE (and fear of our White men) than this?

      I encourage ALL patriots again to take your worthless jew monopoly money refund (hastening our economic collapse) from our federal Leviathan and DONATE that money to our patriots hosting the writers and the blogs – Vanguard, newsfromthewest, Rense, jew watch, NewNation.org who keeps a horrifying graphical running compilation of REAL crimes/genocide against Whites committed by the jew-engineered DIEversity. and any other worthy sites you habituate. Donate to our PATRIOTS who could be doing hundreds of other things with their time, but are committed to this Almighty fight on our behalf.

      Thank you, Luke O’ Farrell, for what you do in our battle against formidable odds and for doing it oh SO extraordinarily WELL.

    3. Abe Foxman Says:

      If ever it was evident that the Jew owns the English, then it is now! There is no excuse for modern day Englishmen to accept this state of affairs. They have access to the widest possible sources of information yet they behave as if it were 1938 all over again. An eternity of racial awareness succumbs to a mere whiff of appeal to their self-indulgent obsession with their own superiority. An example would be a sporting event that offers a hope of restoring the nation to its former glory especially if that involves their perceived nemesis Germany.
      An Englishman can be driven easier than a VW Beetle. If fact if they made a automobile based on their national characteristics, they’d never have lost whatever excellence they enjoyed in that particular industry. That’s why the Jew loves the English!
      They are an amazing race. more for the reason that they are always willing to humiliate themselves publicly. Take Tony Blair and his ilk.
      The man is a spineless wimp! He goes about his miserable existence oblivious to the fact that the rest of the world sees him for what he is. He knows what he is yet he carries on with the charade in the hope it will fade away. England is full of Tony Blairs. They can’t see it or the Jew has blinded them to reality. They go home at nights to wipe the stale vomit of shame from their carcass while placating themselves with self assurances that tomorrow will be better. Yes England’s dusty corridors are filled with such splendor especially of late.
      And what of England’s former heroes? Nelson? Wellington? Yes they were heroes but are no more.
      Today’s real heroes such as Luke O’Farrell are trampled underfoot…..sacrificed to an addicted sense of shameless sloth and degrading self abuse….
      Yes the Jew loves and Englishman

    4. Fr. John Says:

      Has no one ever wondered why Dickens (and then the Musical treatment by two brits in “Oliver!”) never mention the clearly pederast nature of Fagin as well?

      I mean, he runs a school for young urchins trained to be thieves; he then ‘recruits’ an aristocratic ‘blond-blue-eyed Aryan’ Brit boy for his latest ‘boy’ and no one sees the Jewish penchant for aberrant sexualities?

      ewww…. And Christian colleges do this play, becuase they think it is ‘nice’ and ‘sweet’. How can an apostate Jew pederast be considered ‘sweet’ – only by minimizing his evil and/or his “Jewishness.’ The Picture of Guiness as a hook-nosed “Shylock” speaks volumes.

      I am amazed no one has ever brought this thought up on a forum before now….