5 February, 2008

The Catholic Church Surrenders to the Jews – Again

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The Church gives, the Jews take. Since 1965, the Church has steadily lost ground by altering Catholicism to suit God’s Pets. What’s next: a Star of David for the Pope’s hat? A rabbi as Vice Pope?:


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    1. donnachaidh Says:

      A white man has no business being a xian.

    2. Stronza Says:

      Vice-pope? Well, if I remember right, one Cardinal Lustiger was aone of the favourites in the last papal election. And we know about his ethnicity, don’t we? Maybe it’s just a matter of time before he is indeed declared Vice-Pope.


      February 5, 2008
      Patriot Defenders in Kikistan Kills One Kikistani
      By ANDREI YUSTSCHINSKY, AP (Associated Pricks)
      DIMONA, Kikistan — A Palestinian Patriot Defender who may have “sneaked” into Kikistan from the Egyptian Sinai blew himself up at a shopping center in this southern desert town on Monday, killing a sheeny woman and wounding 11 other kikes, emergency services officials said.

      Unfortunently a second Patriot Defender with him failed to detonate his explosives belt and was shot dead by a ZOG police officer at the scene.

      The bombing “broke” a year of relative “calm” in Kikistan, and was the first in Dimona. The occupied country’s last patriot attack came in late January 2007, when three yids were killed in the southern city of Eilat.

      In Gaza, Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, a militia loosely affiliated with the mainstream Fatah movement of President Mahmoud Abbas, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it had been carried out in conjunction with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and a previously unknown group calling itself the National Resistance Companies.

      The “militant” groups identified the two patriots as Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip, which is currently controlled by the “militant” Islamic group Hamas.

      The Patriot Defender who blew himself up, Louai al-Aghwani, 21, of Gaza City, was said by his family to have been a Fatah supporter. The second Patriot Defender was said to be Musa Arafat, 23, a Popular Front activist from a village near Khan Yunis in the south of the strip. He is not known to be any relation of the late Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat.

      The declared involvement of the Brigades attests to the fractured nature of Fatah, whose West Bank-based leaders are in “peace talks” with Kikistan. Patriots in the group, particularly in Gaza, do not necessarily take instructions from Mr. Abbas, who says he “opposes” patriot attacks and firing rockets into that shithole Kikistan.

      In a statement on Monday, the Abbas-led Palestinian Authority “condemned” the Dimona attack.

      Hamas did not initially claim any part in the bombing, but a spokesman for the movement, Sami Abu Zuhri, called it heroic. Late Monday, Reuters reported that the military wing of Hamas had also claimed responsibility. Adding to the confusion, an unidentified source from Hamas told Reuters that the Patriot Defenders had entered Kikistan not from Gaza or Egypt, but from Hebron in the West Bank.

      Spokesmen for the militia sent out contradictory messages about how the Patriot Defenders had reached Dimona, a relatively remote “working”-class town in the Negev desert that is best known for its proximity to Israel’s nuclear reactor. The heavily guarded reactor lies about six miles outside the town.

      At first, a Brigades spokesman said the two had taken advantage of the recent breach of the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, crossing from Gaza into the Egyptian Sinai and from there into Occupied Palestine south of Gaza, in the open desert. But in a later statement the Brigades denied that, possibly to “avoid further friction” between Gaza and Egypt, saying the men had entered directly from Gaza.

      The Kikistani authorities had warned in recent days that Palestinian “militants” had taken advantage of the breach of the border, which occurred after Hamas blasted sections of a wall between Gaza and Egypt on Jan. 23. Egyptian forces resealed the border on Sunday.

      The patriot attack took place at about 10:30 a.m. at the entrance of a covered alleyway between a lottery ticket kiosk, a candy store and a shop selling jewelry, cosmetics, adult toys and knickknacks.

      The sheeny Charlie Ifergan, 50, the jewelry store owner (what else), was standing at the cash register when the explosion occurred but was unfortunently unhurt. He was protected by a shop wall that absorbed the blast, he said. He added, “At first I thought it was an electrical short circuit, but then I saw half a corpse next to me, and I understood it was an attack.”

      Many residents of this usually quiet town were shocked that “terror” had struck here. “It won’t go back to being what it was,” said Shimon Zaguri, 42, a taxi driver. “People used to shit here and drink coffee without a care in the world. Now they’ll be looking all around, oy vey.”

      Joan Rivers look a like Esther Peretz, 41, was on the way to the shopping center after celebrating her son’s bar mitzvah and her cosmetic surgery when the bomb went off, missing it by minutes. “I feel like I’ve been saved,” she said.

      The Kikistani victim of the bombing was identified late Monday as Liuvov Razdolaskya, a Holocaust survivor (what else), 24, according to the Kikistani Web site Ynet.

      The bodies of the patriot defenders lay on the ground for hours behind a ZOG police cordon, as sappers, or explosives experts, worked to ensure that both their belts had been neutralized, and volunteers gathered pieces of flesh from the road and from car hoods.

      The men’s bodies, one with the head blown off, lay amid plastic body parts of mannequins from a nearby clothing store. Local demented kike youths snapped photos of the macabre scene on cellphones as the police tried to keep them back.

      Kobi Mor, 34, the ZOG police officer who shot the second Patrioc Defender, said he approached the man as he lay on the ground, apparently wounded from the first blast, then shot him when he moved his hand toward an explosives belt strapped to his abdomen.

      “I saw it was alive, and it’s hand was twitching,” Mr. Mor told reporters. “It raised it again to try to activate the bomb, so I shot four bullets into it’s head and “neutralized” it. Them dirty blue eyed-blonde haired nazis used to pull off this same motherfucking shit”

      After the bombing, the ZOG police services went on high alert in various areas of the country, and officers were stationed at main junctions on roads in the south.

      In the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City, the family of Mr. Aghwani described him as a former tailor who had been out of work for a year. One of 10 children, he had left school after the sixth grade, they said.

      According to his mother, Mr. Aghwani left the Gaza Strip for the first time in his life on the first day that the border with Egypt was breached, shopping for her in the Egyptian border town of Rafah. He went in and out of Egypt several times over the next few days, leaving the house for the last time on Wednesday, the family said.

      Few Patriot Defenders have succeeded in getting into Kikistan from Gaza in the past. Gaza’s borders with Occupied Palestine are well patrolled by the Christ Killing Army and are surrounded by a security fence.

      Tensions flared again late Monday on the border between Gaza and Egypt. Witnesses said dozens of Palestinians stranded on the Egypt side had gathered at the border demanding to be let back into Gaza, and started throwing stones at the bought and paid for Egyptian forces stationed there. Armed clashes erupted and one Palestinian was killed, said medical officials and Hamas. About 16 Palestinians and Egyptians were wounded.

      Over the past few days, the Egyptian authorities reported the arrests of more than a dozen patriotic Palestinians carrying weapons and explosives in the Sinai Peninsula, close to the border with Gaza. At least two were found with Coach brand patent leather patriot bomb belts, according to news reports.

      Andrei Yustschinsky contributed reporting from Gaza City. (AP)

    4. zoroastro Says:

      What’s next? Howz about a nigga pope? Maybe brother Hussein O’Bango has got an older brother too -an Ossama O’Bamboola the Second? Serious, there’s more and more of valuable afro cardinals in the Vatican too; in itself a mafia structure that has damaged our race more than our ‘chosen’ khazari friends occupying Palestine.

    5. Stan Says:

      The catlick church is dead. wrap it up, sell off the bling. Itz over.

    6. Pony Says:

      They used to be such bloody killers. What went wrong?

    7. Stronza Says:

      Ha, ha. Funny comment, Pony! What went wrong, you ask. That ol’ fool John XXIII had shit for brains is what. After that, it was downhill all the way!

    8. Lutjens Says:

      Ratzinger can change whatever he wants. The question is will the priests in the local parishes change it? Many can’t stand the fucking Jews. Hopefully they disobey the Church like so many have with the forbidden ritual of “communion in the hand”.

    9. John Says:

      Whites need to completely reject and shun any institution which appeases the jews and that includes the catholic church.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Let’s not knock Christianity, for centuries it provided Aryan people with a physical and psychological sword & shield. That’s changed now of course.

      We need a religion that expresses and nourishes key Aryan values, hopes, experiences and culture

    11. Celtic Warrior Says:

      PS Lustiger is now off the planet! But that won’t stop pope Soly Goldbergwitz the 1st and his vp Winston M’Bongo being ‘elected’.

    12. Stronza Says:

      Oops about Lustiger. Didn’t know. He was one of the front runners, apparently.

    13. Eumeaus Says:

      point man for jew subversion inside the church is card schoenborn of austria

      its a big deal, this thing, and to snicker at it and walk away and leave the whole game set and match to jews is about the stupidest thing imaginable.

      did thor hit st boniface with lightening when he chopped down the irminsul? no. are the Eleunysian mysteries still being practiced today? No. When did the last Druid die? A long time ago. There is nothing that paganism will do to help unite whites against the jew. Whereas, in the old days, Catholicism united all Catholics against them.

      ah well, whites dont care about whats going on in the Catholic Church but I wonder why the jews do. hmmmmmmmm

    14. tennyson Says:

      “A star of david” on his head? He already has a yarmulkah for chrissakes… The Church of Ziontology is much worse that the catholic church. I went to a catholic school till the 4th grade. They taught us very well. I give them that. Parish schools do well in educating students. They have a vast network of missions and charities too which have succeeded with their plans,however misguided they were.
      If the Catholics of the north(Whites) were brought into the fold of WN we would have a powerfull,capable ally. How do we do that though?
      In my Irish-Catholic neighborhood no non-white dared venture. The parishoners(the Irishmen) were very racially conscious I can assure you, but how do we get the church itself onboard? That’s the 20 shekel question….
      Identity Catholicism?

    15. tennyson Says:

      From the 4th grade on I went to a ghetto school 20 miles away. It was the worst. They were 3 years behind and I became very bored and restless. My 6th grade teacher was a vile mulatto creature with smelly feet. She put down the white race on a regular basis. It didn’t demoralise me like she intended, it pissed me off. I wished I was back in the diocese school. Give credit where credit is due. Catholicism sucks but Catholics aren’t all bad.

    16. tennyson Says:

      this is interesting…somehow relates and has a strange ending.

    17. tennyson Says:


    18. NSN Says:

      You lot of space cadets wouldn’t have a fucking clue what is going on anywhere. If the Catholic church has surrendered to the Jew then why is the ADL up in arms about it?


    19. Socrates Says:

      NSN: Have you been following the church’s actions since 1965? As to your question: why are you asking us? Why don’t you ask the ADL?

    20. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      The Church does not speak to Aryans.

      Aryans have always sought Nirvana– not heaven, not resurrection.

      Nirvana is the reward of living well, of striving, advancing. It requires integrity, right living, and self-awareness.

      Heaven is that which is offered by the Church for doing as it says.

      Examine heaven–a sugar-coated eternity which suddenly and surely turns into hell for any person who is intelligent and self-respecting.

      The Church offers nothing.

    21. Ein Says:

      Stronza Says: “Oops about Lustiger. Didn’t know. “

      Something else you didn’t know: He’s been dead since last August.

      Another Jewish “conservative” leading the gullible right wingers right over the cliff.

      As far as his conversion” drawing outcries from Jewish leaders, shouldn’t the outcries have been from Christian leaders? If they had any life left in them they would have been outraged.

      And as far as him “leading the Catholic church in France” — he was a pied piper leading it to its doom, that is. He did a great job! That’s why Catholicism is on its deathbead today in France. He led it straight to its grave. Has anybody in today’s France learned anything yet?

    22. Ein Says:

      “Like John Paul, Cardinal Lustiger was a conservative. He opposed abortion and the ordination of women and married men to the priesthood, and he sought to preserve the priestly vow of celibacy. He was accused of replacing older, liberal clergymen with younger, conservative successors.

      “Besides his Jewish heritage, he was an unlikely and surprising choice to lead the Roman Catholic Church in France as archbishop. A former parish priest, he had few patrons in the French church establishment … But it was precisely his outsider status that may have appealed to John Paul, a fellow Pole. [yeah, sure!]

      Jewish-Christian relations were a concern of his throughout his career. He spoke on that theme repeatedly. But his assertions that he had remained a Jew despite his conversion drew outcries from some Jewish leaders.”

    23. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The best form of immortality we should seek is to pass on our genes and produce healthy, intelligent, racially aware Aryan children.

    24. Stronza Says:

      Ein: the thing “I didn’t know” was that he (Cardinal Lustiger) had died in August 2007.

    25. America First Says:

      Stan Says:

      5 February, 2008 at 4:01 pm

      The catlick church is dead. wrap it up, sell off the bling. Itz over.

      Yeapa! You boiled it down to the peanut of what it left.

      The Church like ALL the Western Nations puppets need a house fumagation yesterday!


    26. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Here is what Willis Carto said in his booklet ‘Introduction to Imperium’.

      ….”The Roman Catholic Church is a case in point. Tradition minded Westerners rightly speak of the Church as being a bulwark of the West, but sometimes go so far to identify the Church as the West. Unfortunately, the compliment is not returned. The Holy Roman Church is a universal Church -one Church for all men- which sees all people, whatever they are and whatever they be , as equal human souls whose bodies are to be brought to the holy embrace of the Vatican City. It is the first to reject the impious suggestion that it owes a primary loyalty to the West. Scientific and philosophical demonstrations that men and cultures are, nevertheless, different in many fundamental respects and that it is unhealthy and unethical to mix them are sure to meet with the same inhospitable reception that the Church earlier gave to Copernicus and Galileo.”

      Prescient words written in 1960.

      PS The Christian religious leaders in the jEWK seem to have bought a first class ticket on the suicide express. Not only have they given their approval to abolishing the blasphemy laws, (as if there wasn’t enough profanity and blasphemy on the jew tube), BUT their senior man, the Archbishop of Canterbury, stated he favors the introduction of Sharia Law in Britain!

      White people of Britain; say hello to genital mutilation, polygamy, stonings, beheadings and other wonderful benefits of multiculturalism, all paid for curtesy of the White tax payer.

    27. Eumeaus Says:

      Atheists still havent devised a better solution for getting women and children to obey men than religion. Religion today under Islam is putting up a pretty good fight too. Better than the erstwhile pagan revivalists of the ENR or the macho race talkers of the USA. Also, count up for me how many kids those brave atheists like RPO contributed to our race. Let’s see the record of how well atheist men are at attracting and controlling and breeding wives successfully. Let’s be frank. The atheist position makes a lot of sense on paper but it’s a total bust when it comes to society. Jews figured this out when? When Abram got his tuchus kicked out of Chalders

      Give up the Catholic Church to Jews? Oh yeah sure. The Roman Catholic Church owns more real estate than any non-profit and non-governmental organization in the world including the priceless soil of Rome. The Jews would love it if Europeans gave up the ghost and hope of ever reclaiming it.

      As for its universality, so what. Ever since Zoroaster whites have lived just fine with universal religions. Religions isnt what’s killing whites its tolerance of Jews and their minions and their shenanigans.

    28. Poindexter McCool Says:

      Roman Cornholism is a type of centralized gov for rabble control. It has nothing to do with the preservation of race, culture, etc. It’s control of stupids, period.

    29. Ein Says:

      Thank you, Celtic Warrior. Those were indeed “prescient words” from Willis Carto, and well worth re-reading. He put it beautifully, and in a capsule. It still holds true today.

    30. Bobby Says:

      Pope’s Good Friday Prayer Sparks International Furor


    31. Ein Says:

      Questions: Does the Pope censure Jewish prayers and advise their rabbis on how they should revise them? Does the pope arogate to himself the right to censor and condemn Jewish liturgy that he doesn’t like? Since when are Catholic prayers any business of Jews at all? Why should Christian leaders think they owe Jews any apologies or explanations regarding their forms of worship? Do they do the same reciprocally? Why should Christians care what Jews think?

    32. JoeG Says:

      The Jews and their slaves took over the Catholic Church in the papal conclave of 1958. The traditional Catholic institution is dead and buried. Some argue that the true believers went underground. Others argue that there will be a miraculous restoration. I argue that you better get your white head out of your hairy arse and prepare to become a bunch of kike corporate slaves in the new Jew Order. Why? The entire white race is pathetic and selfish. White Americans have become the most selfish idiots in the world. You sold your own race down the river. Now…you shall die…

      written by a white pissed-off man

    33. Bobby Says:


    34. Chris Says:

      Jews are monotheistic. Catholics have the Trinity.