22 March, 2008

Book by Dr. William Pierce to be Published This Year

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This is excellent news. The details of this book are unknown, but it will no doubt become a bible for White nationalists. Let’s hope that hardcover editions are published, since they last much longer than paperbacks and can therefore be passed along from one generation to the next. True, Dr. Pierce’s philosophy can currently be studied on the internet, but it will still be nice to have his thoughts contained in one book:


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  7. 8 Responses to “Book by Dr. William Pierce to be Published This Year”

    1. Friedrich Braun Says:

      His philosophy is already contained in a book:


    2. wuh oh Says:

      $1000 for a chance to glom onto a dead man’s deeds? I smell fisherei.

    3. New America Says:

      This WOULD be “Good News,” if it was true.

      Several people did a tremendous amount of work in getting “Which Way Western Man” ready for publication.

      None of those people, if memory serves, are currently with the National Alliance; indeed, I suspect many of them hold Gliebe, et. al., in the lowest of contempt.

      So, who turned this work from the drafts of Piercian philosophy into the finished product?

      Again, somehow, having seen not one actual worthwhile development from the post-Pierce NA, I have grave reservations about this project. Is it simply “Bill’s Greatest Hits,” rewritten?

      We shall see.

      I would have hoped they would have simply have scanned in the raw materials, and placed them on the Web.

      Again, I state my sincere hope that the abilities of Kevin Alfred Strom can be put to the service of our RACE.

      Perhaps clarifying the errors, omissions, and muddled thinking that might find their way into this work might be a useful pursuit for Kevin Alfred Strom.

      Hopefully, Real Soon Now…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. Jahan Says:

      Dr. Pierce was the one leader we had, who was worth anything.

      As someone who has lived through a revolution, and seen the power struggles to control it, and as someone who met him, this is my opinion of him.

      His legacy is still powerful – and dangerous to our enemies.

      Thanks for posting this – I’ll be the first to read the work, if it really become available.


    5. jrt Says:

      “So, who turned this work from the drafts of Piercian philosophy into the finished product?”

      I think “Who We Are” ran as a series in the old NV tabloid and its predecessor, ATTACK!. They may be simply reprinting those old articles in book form.

    6. Bill White Says:

      I will say this:

      I have been aware of efforts to rescure this manuscript from Erich Gliebe for quite a while.

      I am suspicious as to how Gliebe intends to apply any funds raised for its printing.

    7. Arnold Says:

      I found a pdf-file on the Internet with the book “Who we are” by William Pierce. Does anyone know if the material is authentic and if it is published anywhere else? Or is this fake?

      http://www.jrbooksonline.com/ (in the section “pdf-books”)

    8. torrence Says:

      Let’s fast forward two and a half-years with this comment: The National Alliance finds it’s greatest worth today as the embodiment of the life’s work of Dr. Pierce. It is the legacy factor that supports the Alliance and nothing else. The current clowns in charge of the Alliance today couldn’t maintain a viable lemonade stand for the weekend.