11 March, 2008

Dr. John R. Baker on the Jews

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“There are two groups of European Jews, the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim, who differ in physical characters. When it is said that a person has a Jewish appearance, the speaker usually has persons of Ashkenazic stock in mind. The members of this group are the typical Jews of Russia, Poland, and England, and they constitute the great majority, perhaps 90%, of all the people in the world to whom the name of Jews is applied (cf. Jacobs [545] and Ripley[905]).


Typically the Ashkenazim are brachycranial, though some of them fall within the range of the mesocranial. The relative breadth of the skull is produced in a special way. In several ethnic taxa the brachycranial condition arises simply from the fact that the head is particularly broad, but this is not so here. It is caused by the head being very short, the cranial capacity being maintained by the unusual height of the vertex. The shortness of the head is due to the suppression of the occipital region. A skull of this type is said to be hypsibrachycranial. An example is shown in Fig. 32B, which should be compared with the skull in Fig. 28C. In some cases the impression is given in side view that the back of the head has been sliced off by a vertical cut (cf. Fig. 33B, p. 240). The forehead is special in two respects. It tends to recede rather noticeably (Fig. 33B), and also to be rounded in the horizontal plane (Fig. 32A), instead of being squared off on each side, as it is in certain types of head, in which the forehead is almost rectangular in horizontal section. Thus in the Ashkenazim the front and sides of the head tend to curve smoothly upwards to a high vertex. In front view the face is seen to be rather wide above and narrow at the rounded chin, which somewhat recedes.

The upper and lower eyelids, especially the latter, tend to be somewhat puffed out. The iris is large. The ear is large, wide in its upper part, and provided with a large lobe.

The mouth is large. The lower lip is everted so as to appear thick, but it is not swollen out like that of a Negro; on the contrary, it tends to be rather flattened (Fig. 33A).”

— from Chapter 14 of the book “Race” (Athens, Georgia; Foundation for Human Understanding, 1981) by Dr. John R. Baker

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  7. 9 Responses to “Dr. John R. Baker on the Jews”

    1. DQ Says:

      Those pictures would be nice. When I look to see if the person is a jew or not I look at the nose(of course), asiatic eyes, the lower lip, the ear lobes, and the overall posture and mannerisms. I noticed that many jews have attached earlobes. Almost all of them have the big lower lip accompained by a small upper lip. Many of them have a hunched over posture. There is a large amount of diversity among the Ashkenazi Khazars, they often have some of the blood from the area they were living in and some also have a small imprint of the Sephardic. There are also darker and lighter skinned jews among the Ashkenazi. Most Sephardics are dark skinned. It is very important to know what they look like because like Alex has said jews lie like other people breathe. They often say they are the race of the country they are from. I have been in a couple places before and noticed a very obvious jew, then I took a closer look are at the other people who are affiliated with the place and noticed that they were all jews! These places are always evil sinfests. Sometimes it takes a couple glances to notice who they are but like most things it takes practice. Looks are important because they can change their names very well but a lot of plastic surgery still isn’t that effective on them.

    2. jim Says:

      The primary question regarding jews is what is it that makes them so different from every other people in the world. Is the sinister nature of jews primarily biological? If so, how did this genetic trait come into being? In order to eradicate the jewish poison from our midst, we must first understand the root cause of the problem. How can such a tiny portion of the earth’s population have so much power and wield such a destructive force?

    3. DQ Says:

      The problem is that most people think that being jewish is just being religious. They also think it is a harmless religion like the amish. The jews are a savage race by nature. The race is accompanied by a doctrine of hate for others especially for the christian(white European). The jews are not that great by nature it is hard work, education and deceit that got them where they are. We didn’t know that they were fighting us but like always once we do know what they are about we beat them easily. The education got them to where they are that is probably why they know that with education that some negros become doctors. I think that one of the reasons they hate Hitler so much is because he talked about how they are nothing compared to the aryan and they know it. Jews don’t create anything. They are culture destroyers like the negro, this is why they say they are the destroyers. Look at their “art” or anything else they produce, they can’t make anything, every thing they make falls apart.

    4. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Good to see the fact that jews consist of not one but two distinctive racial groups getting exposure. The questions posed by Jim above merit some remarks. Jews have come to dominate Europe because Europeans have literally put their jews into position to rule them, some Europeans moreso than others, with the English being the worst offenders and the Dutch in close second place as grovelling collaborators. These people put their whole nations at the disposal of their ruling jews, initially sephardic marranos equipped with gold stolen from Hapsburg Spain. This was effected by theocratric revolution, funded by these jews, the so-called “Puritans” who were pure judeophile grovellors, whores and catamites. From these two bases of operation, jewry then wqent on to conquer other. European nations from within and without. In time, the ashkenazim came to outnumber their sephardic co-religionists in the West, while in Eastern europe, they always were nigh exclusively representative of jewry.

      The problem of whether or not jews are one, two, three races or merely a religious sect breeding an artificial race to Talmudic and Torahic specifications becomes moot compared to understanding the mechanism by which they continue to rule their largely willing anglo-phone subjects. THAT IS A RELIGIOUS MECHANISM! Rid the jews of their religious authority, and they will have no ideological hold worthy of mention left in their “British Empire.”

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    5. Jim Says:

      The jewish race of today seems to be largely a product of a unique form of genetic engineering. They have, thru the centuries bred with the most intelligent members of every race. There are some indications that the ashkanazis are 5% negroid. The jew nearly always uses his high intelligence for destructive ends. Jews were the primary force behind the atomic bomb. Jew Oppenheimer upon witnessing the first atomic test said, “I am become Death, destoyer of worlds”.

    6. Lane Caldrane Says:

      Jew Oppenheimer upon witnessing the first atomic test said, “I am become Death, destoyer of worlds”.

      Not true. That was a made-up story to romanticize the traitor. His first words were “It worked.” Go ahead, look it up. The jews create so many myths and maintain them with media control that it’s utterly sickening.

    7. Mike Quigley Says:

      Pardon my ignorance gentlemen but I’m still learning.From what I see,the jews really are controlling what goes on in this country(or world for that matter).Thats why the niggers are never potrayed in a bad light,and the white guy is always portrayed as an idiot in commercials,movies,tv,etc.Also it’s obvious no one is ever going to do anything about illegal immigration.This from what I understand,is part of a grand scheme in which the white people are bred out or just outright killed.What I don’t understand is how the jews think they’re going to escape the same fate.These morons don’t know the difference between whites and jews.It’s hard enough for us to tell.

    8. MHK Says:

      “What I don’t understand is how the jews think they’re going to escape the same fate.”

      If things get too hot they’ll flee to Israel, of course.

      That’s what most of them did when the jew-backed ANC took over South Africa.

    9. DQ Says:

      I forgot to mention many jews have a muzzle on their face like blacks, hispanics, and many lower asians. Often times it does come forward and then back at the chin as mentioned in the exert above.
      I have been reading “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis and it is amazing how much the demons sound like jews. It is a very useful book so far, read it as a metaphor for how the jews think and act. They talk about how to corrupt you what to do, what not to do, as well as their strenghts and weaknesses.