7 March, 2008

Radio Free Whitelandia, 9PM

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Radio Free Whitelandia with host Dietrich. Live at 9PM EST.

Subjects include: R3volution over? Economic news: “Worse is better” to be put to the test, and the Kosher killing of Palestinians. Music at 7. Show begins at 9.

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  • 7 Responses to “Radio Free Whitelandia, 9PM”

    1. Charles Martel Says:

      I gots yo “pick” nigga: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS_IYe5JTZ4


    2. Charles Martel Says:

      Btw, you are absolutely correct on your assertions on the fed. Those in the know already understand this, but it’s great to hear you restate it D.

    3. .338 Says:


    4. StuGavin Says:

      No guest callers for this show?

    5. .338 Says:


    6. New America Says:

      Historically, we have made the grave mistake of allowing our RACIAL Enemies to define us in their terms, to their satisfaction, and to our detriment.

      Thus, we have spent all too much time trying to do the impossible, and prove a negative – that we are NOT those silly, gap-toothed, uneducated hillbillies who consider bedsheets and pillow cases as formal attire, and we are NOT the alcoholic failures who have nothing to show for their lives.

      We will always lose those arguments, and, frankly, we deserve to.

      You will never win, if you fight the Enemy’s Game, on the Enemy’s terms.

      At last, the organized intelligence of White Nationalism is defining the Agenda on OUR Terms, for our Families, as the microcosm of our RACE, our RACE, as the macrocosm of our Families, and RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      The idea that a truly professional radio personality is coming forward is just a Sign that we are finally getting it right.

      Peter Shank’s intellectual odyssey, from the Patriot Movement to his current philosophy, is available in his recordings while he was on the essentially trivial RBN.

      There is nobody better to explain OUR side of the story, from the highest and best beliefs of our People, and our RACE.

      His astute Insights, and his painfully gained Wisdom, is so desperately needed, and could not have come at a better time.

      Thanks are due to all who have made this possible, and are laying the groundwork for much more to come.

      And, we really have no excuse for not sending at least a twenty, each and every month, to Alex Linder, and something more to the Whitelandia/SPU/Whatever team.

      The most compelling reason is this:

      They will pay you to accept their lies.

      You have to pay to get the Truth, in any field of endeavor.

      Incidentally, Peter Shank sparked up some fascinating conversations with a young lady, “Lita from New York.” If she is still around, she might be a good source of some thought pieces and commentaries…

      The Best seems to attract one another, in all fields of human endeavor.

      Thanks to one and all, from Alex and Stan to Mishko and Dietrich, for paving the way to the future that will insure the Earth does not become a cold, dark, demon-infested ball of rock, floating lifelessly around the Sun – at least, not if we and OUR Posterity have anything to do with it!

      Now, to celebrate by listening to Dan Houser performing selections from “The Lightning and The Sun.”

      DAMN, this is wonderful!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. New America Says:




      “First Rule of Fight Club IS…?”

      THIS is taking the war to the Enemy, with the Intellectual Ammunition Department VNN has long needed!

      Thanks to ALL!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

      (“NEVER talk about Fight Club!”)