20 March, 2008

Subprime Loan King Arnall Dies

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Jewish tycoon Roland Arnall was the father of the subprime loan industry. The subprime crisis is, of course, playing a major part in America’s current financial mess:


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    1. zoomcopter Says:

      Two of the biggest problems we face, as a nation and a people, are directly linked to jews. The war in Iraq, which is projected to cost 3 trillion dollars, is simply a war to neutralize one of Israels many enemies. 4000 American soldiers died because “it’s good for Israel” The second problem, we face, is the sub-prime meltdown which threatens to destroy the American economy and possibly the world economy, as well. Just as we finally learn that there were no weapons of mass destruction, in Iraq, we learn a jew, Roland E. Arnell was the main shyster behind the sub-prime loan fiasco. While Alan Greenspan printed hundred dollar bills like there was no tomorrow, Roland E. Arnell sold bundles of unsound, inflated mortgages to banks worldwide. The Iraq war is a classic bait and switch swindle, with the goyim, once again, left holding the bodybags. The sub-prime mortgage swindle is a variation of the old pyramid scheme. The house of cards which is doomed to fall when they finally run out of suckers and rubes. They have played these games for thousands of years, now. From Pharaohs in Egypt to President Bush, when we ever learn?

    2. Stronza Says:

      HOW is he a holocaust survivor?

      Before the war even started, he & his family ran away from Eastern Europe to another white, christian, gentile country, France. Would that strike anyone as a smart move if white gentile christians are such a bad, murderous bunch? Then on to Kanada and the USA. More murderous, white, gentile christian neighbours to cope with! More fleeing to your persecutors. How is this supposed to work?

    3. lawrence dennis Says:

      For a case study which documents the rise of jew Sandy Weill and the importance of ‘subprime’ lending in this, yet another trillion-dollar hoisting by the jews:

      PDF at:

      Originally posted this in a VNNF thread at:

      Banking on Misery: Citigroup, Wall Street, and the Fleecing of the South

      Over the past year, Citigroup and its CEO, Sanford I. Weill, have been buffeted by investigations into the company’s misadventures with Enron, WorldCom, and other ill-fated Wall Street players.

      But is there an overlooked scandal brewing for Citi in places far from Wall Street? In Southern hometowns such as Selma, Ala., Ashland, Ky., and Knoxville, Tenn., people complain Citigroup has taken advantage of them in an unglamorous part of its financial empire—personal loans and mortgages aimed at borrowers with bad credit, bills piling up or, in many instances, simply a trusting nature. Unhappy customers claim the company manipulated them into paying excessive rates and hidden fees, refinancing at unfavorable terms, signing deals that trapped them into bankruptcy and foreclosure.

      These borrowers are part of the growing “subprime” market for financial services. They are mostly low-income, blue-collar and minority consumers snubbed by banks and credit card companies. Still others are middle-class consumers who have hit hard times because of layoffs or credit card-fueled overspending. Whatever their circumstances, they pay dearly. Citi’s subprime customers frequently pay double or triple the prices paid by borrowers with Citi credit cards and market-rate mortgages—annual percentage rates (APRs) generally between 19.0 and 40.0 on personal loans and 8.5 and 21.9 on mortgages. And beyond exorbitant APRs, critics and lawsuits claim, Citi has fleeced customers with slippery salesmanship and falsified paperwork.

      A seven-month investigation by Southern Exposure has uncovered a pattern of predatory practices … evidence that Citi’s subprime operations are reaping billions in ill-gotten gains by targeting the consumers who can least afford it.

      Q: When does a jew stop scheming and thieving?

      A: When he dies.

    4. roxanne satinspar Says:

      From what I have heard , these loans were given disproportionately to blacks, mexicans, etc. , the loan officers telling them, of, this will never happen, you will never have to make a balloon payment, then they cry about not speaking English(didn’t understand terms, were suckered) and how it is all-so-complicated, and how they just wanted the whole “better life, American dream” blah blah.
      My question is, why would anyone massively F*(k up the loan system by giving these umm “high risk” people these loans to begin with? Financial Jewicide? Crazy , Itz.
      Source : http://podcastdownload.npr.org/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/151/510005/18307205/KQED_18307205.mp3

    5. -JC Says:

      Yes, but guess whose going to bail-out all those Mexicans and Blacks: Its just another welfare program.

      Crypto Jew: “Arnall spent his early childhood in a French village where his family pretended to be Roman Catholic.”