30 March, 2008

Telepathic Holocaust Denial

Posted by Socrates in Holocaust humor, holocaust racket, Socrates at 2:45 pm | Permanent Link

Funny: [Here].

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  7. 4 Responses to “Telepathic Holocaust Denial”

    1. Mike Quigley Says:

      Maybe this will turn out to be like the Salem witch trials. Can you imagine some Kike lady laying on the ground screaming while pointing out a family enjoying their ice cream?

    2. Arch Stanton Says:

      Shades of the “whispered campaign” of the Nazi’s fabled genocidal Holocaust. The sad part is you have to read almost the entire article to realize it is nothing but gentile sarcasm highlighting the ultra-sensitive jew’s paranoia towards the hated and feared gentile.

    3. Mike in NYC Says:

      Arch, I only had to read the first three paragraphs before the satire became apparent.

      Knobloch’s a wack job, but come on — hiding up a chimney?

      Even Alex fell for it, oddly enough.

      That being said, it was pretty funny.

    4. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Only the kikes are this paranoid. Again why does everyone hate these pricks? Gee, I wonder why. ROHOWA!!!