23 March, 2008

U.S. Commitment to Israel “Unshakable”

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Such a solid commitment is puzzling when you consider the following: 1) Israel is a racist state; 2) America worked hard to close down all of the other racist states, such as Nazi Germany, Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa; 3) America also closed down its own racist “Jim Crow” governments in the South. In other words, Israel can have racist governmental policies, but nobody else can. It’s all a joke, a sitcom without a laugh track. (By the way, America’s “special relationship” with Israel began in earnest in 1975 with Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger’s Sinai II Agreement):


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    1. -jc Says:

      McCain running mate. Continuity. Consistency. Exporting global corporate contractor monopoly debt capitalism. Importing absolutely everything else from all of our shoes to polio, leprosy, antibiotic-resistant TB, except of course good will and affordable energy.


      The Audacity of Chutzpah

      By Dana Milbank
      Tuesday, March 18, 2008; A02

      A group of Jewish leaders announced that it was having a public meeting yesterday to discuss the 2008 presidential election. Representing John McCain: former secretary of state Lawrence Eagleburger. Representing Hillary Clinton: former White House official Ann Lewis. Representing Barack Obama: “a high-level representative of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign (TBA).”

      TBA? Obama’s Jewish problem must be getting worse.

      Finally, TBA was ID’d: Princeton professor Dan Kurtzer, a former ambassador to Israel. And when the victim, er, high-level representative, took the stage at the Washington Hilton yesterday for the United Jewish Communities debate, he went quickly on defense.

      “There’s a question in the community that’s unfortunately been stimulated and stirred about and played with in e-mails and innuendos and newspaper articles,” he said, “that suggests that there’s something wrong with Senator Obama’s views about Jews, about Israel.” He then suggested that Jews could relate to Obama’s persecution. “There are nagging doubts, there are e-mails, there are innuendos: These are the kinds of things which we as a community have suffered over the years at the hands of anti-Semites.”

      It took a bit of chutzpah to play the anti-Semite for Obama — but these are tense times for the senator from Audacity.

      Obama is in trouble because his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was caught on tape preaching such gospel as “God damn America” and accusing Israel of “state terrorism against the Palestinians.”

      Jews, a small but influential group in Democratic politics, had been worried about Obama even before last week’s preacher problem. It seems recent divisions between African Americans and Jews were aggravated by matters such as Obama’s sympathy for the Palestinians, and his willingness to take advice from Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former Carter administration official who calls U.S. Middle East policy “morally hypocritical.”

      According to exit polls, Jews went for Hillary Clinton by margins ranging from 20 to 42 percentage points in Florida, Nevada, New York, New Jersey and Maryland. Obama had a significant edge only in Connecticut.

      The videos of Wright’s sermons — in which the pastor also condemned “rich, white people” — escalated Obama’s racial and ethnic problems, and he has scheduled a “major” speech on race for this morning in Philadelphia. If Ambassador TBA’s reception at the United Jewish Communities event is any indication, Obama has difficult work ahead.

      Security guards with Israeli accents turned away people at the door as the room overflowed. McCain’s representative and Clinton’s representative struck up a conversation on stage, leaving Obama’s man to his own thoughts. As moderator William Daroff introduced Kurtzer “on the far left” of the stage, Eagleburger interrupted.

      “Where he belongs!” the former secretary of state announced.

      Kurtzer, granted his turn to speak, attempted to argue that “on issues relating to Israel, frankly, there aren’t any differences among the three candidates.” Eagleburger looked at him incredulously; the audience laughed.

      Kurtzer attempted to defuse the Wright controversy. “For many of you who belong to synagogues and Jewish community centers, as I have all my life, we would not want to be judged by the words of rabbis who sometimes say ridiculous things,” he reasoned.

      The others used their time to raise doubts about Obama’s fealty to Israel. “Senator Obama has said that he commits in his first year as president to meeting with President Ahmadinejad of Iran,” Lewis said. McCain, Eagleburger added, “will not talk with the Syrians, will not talk with the Iranians, will not talk with Hamas and Hezbollah. . . . He isn’t going to push the Israelis.”

      The skepticism continued through the question time. Daroff said he had “heard in the hallways here” that Obama “doesn’t see the U.S.-Israel relationship as much of the mainstream of the Senate or the Jewish community sees it.”

      Kurtzer blamed such sentiment on “attack dogs” and writers of scurrilous e-mails. “He’s right within the mainstream of American society and Jewish community concerns,” TBA said.

      Next question to Kurtzer: Obama’s assertion that he needn’t have a “Likud view” — that of Israel’s right-wing party — to be pro-Israel. Kurtzer explained that Obama wanted to see a “plurality of views.” Silence in the room.

      To that, Lewis retorted: “The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel. It is not up to us to pick and choose from among the political parties.” The audience members applauded.

      Eagleburger piled on. “There’s a distinction between those you do talk to,” he said, “and those who declare themselves as intent on the destruction of the state of Israel. And if that’s their policy, I think we ought not talk to them.” More applause.

      A conference attendee from Richmond pressed Kurtzer on Obama’s “judgment about not disavowing Reverend Wright’s views earlier.” Another question prompted a back-and-forth about whether Obama had been advised by Brzezinski, who won the enmity of pro-Israel groups for, among other things, accusing Israel of the “killing of hostages” in Lebanon.

      “I’m not Brzezinski’s spokesperson,” Kurtzer demurred. And after yesterday, he may think twice before being Obama’s TBA again

    3. Whitepride Says:

      The Jooz must pay!

    4. Mike Quigley Says:

      If it turns out that Obama is actually the best candidate to get us away from the jews, I’m going to seek out the highest building in my neighborhood and learn how to fly.

    5. Andrew from jew-infested Delray Beach, FL Says:

      The 3 Elements of Big jew:

      The Federal Reserve

      The Media


    6. Mike Quigley Says:

      Thank you Andrew for the tip. I just Googled AIPAC. Holy crap! No wonder the whole world hates us. Sorry to hear about your beach.



      Unconvinced by Obama’s Wright Speech
      Monday, March 24, 2008 2:28 PM

      By: Edward I. Koch

      Barack Obama’s speech last week addressing his 20-year relationship with his radical pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was very well done, yet unconvincing.

      Obama sought to explain that relationship and why he could not end this close association, despite the minister’s hate-filled rhetoric. He said, “There will no doubt be those for whom my statements of condemnation are not enough. Why associate myself with Rev. Wright in the first place, they may ask? Why not join another church?”

      Yes, those are the questions that people are asking.

      Many of Rev. Wright’s incendiary statements are on videos sold by his church. Minister Louis Farrakhan, a friend of Rev. Wright with whom he traveled to visit Muammar Qadaffi in Libya, also makes his sermons and those of others associated with the Nation of Islam available for sale. Their attacks on the U.S. and Israel often coincide with those of Rev. Wright.

      Rev. Wright’s sermons charge that the U.S. government gives African-Americans drugs, created AIDS, and is deliberately infecting blacks with that disease. His sermons claim that the U.S. unjustifiably nuclear bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, and that 9/11 and the deaths of 3,000 Americans were caused by U.S. foreign policy.

      He alleges Israeli state terrorism against the Palestinians; calling Israel a “dirty word” and “racist country.” He blames Israel for 9/11 and supports the divestment campaign against it, denouncing “Zionism.” His venomous thoughts are summed up in his most discussed sermon in which he says the U.S. government “wants us to sing God Bless America. No, no, not God Bless America. God damn America. God damn America for killing innocent people.”

      Sen. Obama in his speech acknowledged that the rantings of his minister are “inexcusable,” but stated, “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother — a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”

      Before we discuss his grandmother, let’s examine the impact of Rev. Wright’s statements on the senator’s two daughters. Nothing says it better than a song from the musical “South Pacific,” to wit, “You have to be taught to hate and fear…You’ve got to be carefully taught.” Few dispute that Rev. Wright’s sermons are filled with hate. Why didn’t Obama stand up in the church and denounce his hateful statements or, at the very least, argue privately with his minister? It was horrifying to see on a video now viewed across America the congregation rise from the pews to applaud their minister’s rants.

      Now to Obama’s grandmother. There was a time spanning the 70’s to the mid-90s when many blacks and whites in large American cities expressed the same feelings on street crime held by Obama’s grandmother. Indeed, the Rev. Jesse Jackson made similar comments in 1993 at a meeting of his organization, Operation Push, devoted to street crime. According to a Nov. 29, 1993, article in the Chicago Sun Times, he said, “’We must face the No. 1 critical issue of our day. It is youth crime in general and black-on-black crime in particular.’ Then Jackson told the audience, ‘There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved . . . After all we have been through,’ he said. ‘Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.’”

      Isn’t that exactly what Obama’s grandmother was referring to? To equate her fears, similar to Jesse Jackson’s, with Wright’s anti-American, anti-white, anti-Jew, and anti-Israel rantings is despicable coming from a grandson. In today’s vernacular, he threw her under the wheels of the bus to keep his presidential campaign rolling. For shame.

      What is it that I and others expected Obama to do? A great leader with conscience and courage would have stood up and faced down anyone who engages in such conduct. I expect a president of the United States to have the strength of character to denounce and disown enemies of America — foreign and domestic — and yes, even his friends and confidants when they get seriously out of line.

      What if a minister in a church attended primarily by white congregants or a rabbi in a synagogue attended primarily by Jews made comparable statements that were hostile to African-Americans? I have no doubt that the congregants would have immediately stood up and openly denounced the offending cleric.

      Others would have criticized that cleric in private. Some would surely have ended their relationships with their congregation. Obama didn’t do any of these things. His recent condemnations of Wright’s hate-filled speech are, in my opinion, a case of too little, too late.

      It is also disturbing to me that Obama’s wife, Michelle, during a speech in Wisconsin last month, said, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

      Strange. This is a woman who has had a good life, with opportunities few whites or blacks have been given. When she entered Princeton and Harvard and later became a partner in a prestigious law firm, didn’t she feel proud to be an American?

      When she and the senator bought their new home, was there no feeling of accomplishment and pride in being a U.S. citizen? When her husband was elected to the state legislature and subsequently to the United States Senate, didn’t she feel proud of her country?

      Obama was asked if he thought his speech changed any minds. He replied he didn’t think so, and certainly not of those who weren’t already for him. A more important question is, whether his 20-year relationship with Wright has done lasting damage to his candidacy.

      We will soon know.

    8. Mike Quigley Says:

      Borat Hussein Osama

    9. N.B. Forrest Says:

      To that, Lewis retorted: “The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel. It is not up to us to pick and choose from among the political parties.” The audience members applauded.

      I bet they did. Fucking cunt……..

    10. Lee Luttrell Says:

      Anti-Semitism is nothing more than a normal response to Jew behavior!

    11. Marwinsing Says:

      Reflecting on The Reich (and still under construction)

      Judas: “Sorry…”

      Jesus: “Uh…”

      Hymie: “Let his blood be on us and our children…”

      Me: “Ho-hum… here we go again… dem damn pogroms they’re a-coming again but — and THIS TIME I mean BUT! — NOT ONE Hitler but a BILLION and one Hitlers…”

      * * *

      Ja manne, julle vou mos moet weet wat onse land Suid Afrika sou NOU mos wees sonder die jude, die kaffir en sy fokken gat-gryp goy (byvoorbeeld) F.W de-fokken-Klerk… – Paradys!!!


      Yeah guys, if only you knew what our country South Africa would’ve been like NOW without the jew, the kaffir and his fucking arse-licking goy (for example) F.W de-fucking-Klerk… – Paradise!!!



      By Rev. Ted Pike

      Zionist-dominated mainstream media vividly portrays Israel as a tiny embattled nation seeking peace in a sea of Arab hostility. 1 Arabs, we are told, commit acts of terror while Israel only resorts to violence out of self-protection. The facts of history paint a very different picture.

      Far from deploring terror, Israel has sanctioned terror to seize and expand its territory since its beginnings. In 1944, Zionist leaders in Israel faced two alternatives. They could continue to allow the British and Arabs to occupy Palestine, who would continue to pressure Israel to concede a Palestinian state. Or they could drive both British and Arabs out. Israelis chose the latter.

      Members of the Zionist ruling elite and their clandestine terrorist enforcers–the Jewish Agency, Hagana, Irgun and the Stern Gang–began to exert every possible terrorist means to dominate Palestine. Their strategy was simple: the more respectable Zionist establishment would take the “high road” and officially disavow terrorism. Meanwhile, Zionist terrorists would commit any crime needed to disrupt British occupation and to panic Arabs into flight. The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, available in most university libraries, documents from British records more than five hundred violent or terrorist incidents against Palestinians and the British occupation between 1939 and 1948. These included bombings, booby traps and landmines, kidnappings and torture of prisoners, bank robberies, murders of Arabs, and assassinations of police and British officials. 2

      Chief terrorists were David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and later, Ariel Sharon. Begin headed Irgun, and Shamir led the Stern Gang. They cooperated intimately with the highest political body of the Zionist establishment, the Jewish Agency, and the popular Zionist resistance army, Hagana. Ben-Gurion headed Hagana and later the Jewish Agency. 3

      After 1944–when Ben-Gurion formally rejected the British plan for partition of Palestine into Jewish/Arab states–most Israelis, particularly the young, favored expulsion of British and Arabs.

      Here is the short list of Zionist atrocities from 1944 to the present:

      • Assassination of Lord Moyne on November 6, 1944. Under orders from Yitzhak Shamir, terrorists of the Stern Gang shot Lord Moyne, British resident minister. Purpose: To drive the British from Palestine.

      • The King David massacre, July 22, 1946. Begin’s Irgun terrorists, with encouragement from Ben-Gurion’s Hagana, blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, murdering 92. Purpose: Destroy British records that proved the highest members of the Zionist government backed anti-British terrorism. 4

      • British sergeants hanged, July 12, 1947. Begin, Shamir, and Haganah authorized kidnapping and hanging of two British sergeants, booby trapping their bodies and mining the area. During this time, Shamir sent many letters and package bombs to British officials. 1947 also included multiple cases of kidnappings (including brutal floggings of British soldiers) by Jewish terrorists.

      • The Semiramis Hotel massacre, January 5, 1948. Jewish Agency leader David Ben-Gurion and Haganah leaders blew up the Seramis Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 20 and wounding 17. Purpose: Terrorize Arabs into fleeing Israel. 5

      • Deir Yassin massacre, April 9, 1948. Begin’s Irgun soldiers killed 250 sleeping Arab villagers at Deir Yassin, a suburb of Jerusalem. “25 pregnant women were bayoneted in their abdomens while still alive. 52 children were maimed under the eyes of their mothers and then were slain and their heads cut off.” 6 “…Menachem Begin, the leader of the Irgun gang, himself admitted on December 28, 1950 in a press interview in New York, that the Deir Yassin incident had been carried out in accordance with an agreement between the Irgun and the Jewish Agency and Haganah.” 7 Begin was always proud of what he had done, considering Deir Yassin a legitimate military target. Irgun trucks drove throughout Judea, announcing by loudspeaker to hundreds of thousands of Arabs that unless they fled Israel they would meet the same fate. Deir Yassin and subsequent terrorist acts precipitated flight of more than 800,000 Arabs from Palestine. In town after town Zionist soldiers drove Palestinians out, usually killing any person who delayed or attempted to take any possessions with them. Arab towns were bulldozed, replaced with Jewish communities. 8 Begin comments on the level of Palestinian terror generated by Irgun’s massacre at Deir Yassin. “Out of evil, however, good came. This Arab propaganda spread a legend of terror amongst Arabs and Arab troops, who were seized with panic at the mention of Irgun soldiers. The legend was worth a dozen battalions to the forces of Israel.” 9 Israel exiled these unfortunates to concentration camps in Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza, refusing to allow them repossession of their land and property or adequate compensation. 10 This is the seminal cause of international Arab terrorism and the Mid-East conflict that rages today.

      • Assassination of UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte, September 17, 1948. This killing by the Stern Gang was on orders of Shamir. Purpose: To sabotage UN efforts to create a Palestinian state.

      • Massacre at Dawayma, October 29, 1948. Israeli soldiers killed between 80 and 100 men, women, and children in Dawayma, a suburb of Haifa. Purpose: Intensify terror generated by Deir Yassin and compel the remaining Palestinians to leave Israel. 11

      • Massacre at Kibya, October 14, 1953. In an atrocity condoned by the highest levels of the Israeli government and military, Ariel Sharon led 700 crack paratroopers to attack the Jordanian town of Kibya. They slaughtered 75 innocent men, women, and children primarily by locking families in their homes and blowing them up. 12 Purpose: Collective punishment to avenge the alleged killing of a single Jewish family.

      • Massacre of Kafr Kassim, October 29, 1956. 51 men, women, and children were murdered by Israeli troops as they returned to their villages in the evening after work. 13 more were severely wounded by the gunfire. Purpose: Terrorize Palestinians into not siding with Egypt in case of war. 13

      • Massacre of USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. Israel’s jet fighters and torpedo boats repeatedly attempted to sink US intelligence monitoring vessel USS Liberty during the 1967 Israel/Egypt war. They killed 34 and wounded 171 American sailors. Purpose: Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan ordered the attack ostensibly to protect Israel’s intelligence communications, even though the war was virtually over. 14

      • Libyan airliner massacre, February 21, 1973. Straying over Israeli-controlled Sinai air space, a Libyan 727 commercial airliner was intercepted by Israeli fighters and, despite the clearest identification, shot down, killing 106. Purpose: Flexing Zionist power against Libya. 15

      • Massacre in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, Beirut, Lebanon, September 23, 1982. Gen. Ariel Sharon and Yitshak Shamir, in cooperation with “Christian” Phalangist forces sealed all exits and provided aerial flares, illuminating the slaughter of up to 2750 men, women, and children, according to a body count by the committee of the Red Cross. Purpose: collective punishment of Palestinians. 16

      What About Arab Terrorism?

      It was inevitable that Zionism’s threatened and actual expulsion of Arabs from land the Arabs occupied from the seventh century should incur hostility – even terrorism. Jews of Hebron were massacred by Arabs in 1929. The Arab revolt in Palestine beginning in 1936 resulted in acts of violence against many Jews, followed by anti-Jewish mistreatment during the 1948 war. Suicide bombings and rocket attacks continue against Israel in recent years.

      Who is most at fault? Consider this: If someone, claiming divine right to occupy your house and land, drives you from them, condemning you and your children to a distant, arid concentration camp for generations, would you resort to violence?

      There is only one word that describes the one who displaced you. Aggressor. The Palestinians, fanatical and terrorist as many have become, are nevertheless defenders of ancient rights and territories that have been horrifically violated. They are victims hitting back.

      Becoming “Civilized” Terrorists?

      During the past 40 years, Israel’s continuing atrocities are justified as “collective punishment” of the Palestinian people. Israel’s attack on Lebanon in 1982, described by Israel as such punishment, killed over 19,000 innocent men, women and children. Under Sharon’s invasion of the West Bank under Sharon in 2002, whole villages were attacked with Hellfire missiles from Apache helicopters, with occupied homes shelled by tanks or bulldozed over. 4,185 Palestinian men were seized, beaten, jailed. The number of dead is still uncertain since Sharon would not allow western observers to document the aftermath. 17 Israel’s present policies in the West Bank and Gaza, routinely killing large numbers of innocent men, women and children, remain full of atrocities.

      I have also written about one of the greatest atrocities Israel still indulges in: the systematic and fiendish torture of many thousands of Palestinian prisoners, incarcerated, most without trial, in Israeli prisons. 18

      After leaders of the Third Reich committed atrocities against the Jews during World War II, they were tried, hanged and buried, both physically and under the contempt of humanity. The opposite happened to the bloody and arrogant terrorists of Israel. Ben-Gurion, Begin, Shamir, and Sharon were all elected to leadership of the nation. This reflected the anti-Palestinian, terrorism-friendly mentality of many Israeli voters. 19 The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem documents, from United Nations records, more than 650 attacks by Jewish settlers and the Israeli military against Arabs between 1948 and 1998. 20

      Shamefully, evangelical Christians have given uninterrupted support to Israel’s terrorist leaders. Evangelicals believe God brought to birth the state of Israel by divine assistance at every stage. Actually, statehood (i.e. expulsion of the British and Arabs) was made possible by massacre – starting at Deir Yassin. Yet there has never been an atrocity in Israel searing enough to alienate Christian idealism, or even prompt criticism from major evangelical leaders. Dr. Jerry Falwell said Begin was a “man of God.” George Bush described Sharon as a “man of peace.”

      What kind of a god would establish a nation on terror? A god who is as evil as the devil.


      1. See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish.

      2. The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, by Dr. Issa Nakhleh, Intercontinental Books, New York, 1991, pp. 65-250.

      3. Ibid, pp. 65-68, 269 and elsewhere provide abundant documentation of the close cooperation between Ben-Gurion’s Hagana, the Jewish Agency, Irgun, and the Stern Gang. So does Menachim Begin in his book, “Revolt!” and in public statements.

      4. Ibid, p. 269.

      5. United Nations Security Counsel Official Records, Semiramis, 1948, Document S/740 says, “Hagana terrorists made a most barbarous attack at . . . the Semiramis Hotel, killing innocent people and wounding many. The Jewish Agency terrorist forces blasted the entrance and then placed bombs in the basement . . .the whole building collapsed with its residents.”

      6. Ibid, pg. 271

      7. Ibid, pg. 272

      8. Ibid, pp. 295-393. “They expelled 90 percent of the inhabitants of the occupied area by massacre and force. They destroyed 425 Arab towns and villages as well as 67 villages and localities of the Bedouin tribes (pg. 332).”

      9. Menachem Begin. “The Revolt.” (London, W. H. Allen, 1983.) Pg. 164.

      10. Israeli propaganda says Palestinians did not flee because of pressure from Israel. Rather, Arab leaders, fearing Palestinians would be caught in crossfire between Jew and invading Arab armies, encouraged them to find temporary shelter in Lebanon and Jordan. It says that, considering their lack of loyalty to their ancestral lands and property, as well as the newly created state of Israel, they are worthy of neither repatriation, repossession nor reimbursement. Instead they should have been assimilated by wealthy Arab nations. The fact that millions remain in virtual concentration camps is the fault of the uncaring Arab world, not Israel. Israel also contends that after 1948 its hundreds of Jewish settlements were built, not on previous Arab villages, but on barren lands the Arabs had been too lazy to develop. Evangelicals accept these lies unquestioningly.

      11. Zionist soldiers admitted, “They killed some eighty to one hundred Arabs, women and children. The children were killed by smashing their skulls with clubs…In the village there remained Arab men and women who were put in the houses without food. Then the sappers came to blow up the houses.” Quoted in David Gilmour, “Dispossessed: The Ordeal of the Palestinians”. (London: Sphere Books, 1980), pp. 68-69.

      12. General Van Bennike, testifying before the United Nations Security Council said: “Bullet-ridden bodies near the doorways and multiple bullet holes on the doors of the demolished houses indicated that the inhabitants had been forced to remain inside until their homes were blown up over them.” United Nations Security Council Official Records, Resolution, 1953, S/3139/Rev. 2. Quoted in The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, pg. 274.

      13. The Israeli daily Kol Haam published on its front page the full story of the Kafr Kassim massacre. It said: “…the men of the Israeli Frontier Guard killed 47 Arab citizens in Kafr Kassim. The killing was carried out in cold blood and for no reason.” Kol Haam’s story is published in its entirety in The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, pg. 278.

      14. The Encyclopedia of the Palestinian Problem, pg. 282.

      15. Ibid, pg 283.

      16. Ibid, pg. 284.

      17. Here are typical Israeli atrocities during the Gaza invasion, as documented by Human Rights Watch: “14-year-old Muhammad Hawashin was shot twice in the face and killed on April 3rd, as he walked with a group of women and children toward the local hospital. Wheelchair bound Kamal Zghair, 57-years-old, was shot and run over by IDF tanks on April 10th as he wheeled himself down the road to his home, equipped with a white flag. Afaf Disuqi, an unarmed civilian responded to a knock on her door on April 5th and was killed by a bomb thrown by IDF soldiers. Eye witnesses reported that the soldiers were laughing as Disuqi was horribly mutilated by the blast.” “Human Rights Watch Report Into Jenin Accuses Israel of War Crimes.” Julie Hyland. World Socialist Web Site. http://www.wsws.org. 10 May 2002.

      18. See, Torture in Israeli Prisons.

      19. According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, hatred and racism toward Palestinians is still intense. “Study: Israeli Jews Becoming Increasingly Racist Toward Arabs.” 19 March 2008.

      20. The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, pp. 413-433

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    14. DMS Says:

      Did you know that by law the US guarantees israel’s oil supply – no matter what?

      Yes, the War is for Oil – and the Oil is for israel

      IRAQ Oil to be Shipped to ISRAEL