13 April, 2008

Expert: Fed Most Responsible for Crisis

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Interesting comments about the Federal Reserve:


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  7. One Response to “Expert: Fed Most Responsible for Crisis”

    1. Terrorsaurus Says:

      Yeah, it doesn’t surprise much. Seeing as how the Federal Reserve (read Rothschild Personal Wealth Reserve) is the bank which issues “our” government its debt-based fiat money. The Fed is, after all, the source of all our woes as a nation obsessed with money and financial shenanigans.

      They print it up and loan it out, by the trillions. And then they expect it all to be paid back, plus interest.

      And we’re supposed to be surprised that the over-printed and overused dollar is going through the floor. Which is mostly reflected in the fact that everyday costs are going through the roof, especially gas and groceries.