1 April, 2008

Good News for UK Nationalists

Posted by Socrates in Britain, immigration, Socrates at 4:23 pm | Permanent Link

A new parliamentary study shows that immigration into Britain has little or no positive effect on the economy, and that immigration should be curbed:


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  7. 3 Responses to “Good News for UK Nationalists”

    1. Racial Nationalist Says:

      Yes we made mention on our blog (racialnationalist.blogspot.com) of this story. The judeo-establishment of the UK are slowly seeing the nightmere they have flushed into Britain.

      Stop immigration – Start Repatriation!

    2. Hengest Says:

      So, the lie that immigration is good for the ecconomy has fallen flat. Big deal; they’ll just concoct another lie to justify continuing it.
      But anyway,….. the ecconomy is supposed to benefit the nation, not the other way round.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      A few years ago if you were fed up looking at niggers on the streets of major British cities you could go, if only for a few days, to a country area and relax with White men and women. Well, that state of affairs was intolerable to Blair and jEW Labour. Now the black and mud tide is practically everywhere, even in a remote region of Inverness in northern Scotland.