10 April, 2008

Jury Selection Continues in “Carjacking” Case

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A 21-year-old University of Tennessee student was gang-raped, choked and bound in January 2007 before being stuffed inside a trash can while still alive, a federal prosecutor told jurors in opening court statements today.

“The evidence will be when she went into that trash can, she was alive,” Assistant U.S. Attorney David Jennings said this afternoon in U.S. District Court. “Probably, mercifully, Channon Christian died (later that evening).”

Boyd is charged with helping hide out Lemaricus “Slim” Davidson, the alleged ringleader in the carjacking and killing of Christian and Newsom. Jennings also told jurors that Newsom, who had been raped by his assailants, was shot three times.

“These people tie him up, gag him, wrap him in cloth material … shot him in the back, shot him in the neck, and they shot a kill shot to his head. Then, his body was doused with gasoline and set on fire.”

Although Boyd did not go to police once he learned about the Christian-Newsom homicides and Davidson’s alleged roles in them, Lomonaco said Boyd wound up being stopped by the police a few hours later anyway. He then immediately led them to a vacant house on Reynolds Street where Davidson, wearing Newsom’s tennis shoes, was hiding.

On Tuesday Boyd looked back at the Christian family, smiled and appeared to mouth the words, “Bring it on.”

Christian’s father, Gary Christian, left the courtroom visibly upset but returned a short time later.

The case has roiled racial waters, spurring waves of dissension between those who believe the black-on-white crime should be labeled a case of racial hatred and Boyd supporters who contend that authorities gave Davidson’s white girlfriend a prosecutorial pass.

Jamie Satterfield, you stupid, lying cunt–The political agitation has not been about making this a “hate-crime.” We know it’s a “hate-crime.” Everyone knows that these subhumans hated these two kids except you walking dead in the press. The political agitation was about this system–of which you are a part–that forces these subhuman niggers among us.

Graphic details emerge in Christian-Newsom killings

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    1. blightblingdoucheinrancho Says:

      “All are white except for one black woman. Only two black prospective jurors were in the pool of 36 called this morning. One of those was a black man who was excused.”

      Remember the Jena 6’s all white jury?

      By the way, does this mean Hal Turner and Chain were full of shit when one implied and the other claimed that Channon had been dismembered or had had her breasts cut off?

    2. Robert Cardillo Says:

      The thing that also pisses me off is Davidson has a race-mixing whore girlfriend. Sort of like the Carr brothers in the Wichita, Kansas killings. One of them had a white slut girlfriend who he had a mixed -race kid with. THOSE are the ones I’m coming for first!!! DEATH TO ZOG!!!ROHOWA!!!

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      So another case where the blessed African Congoid pathologically driven and set up by the Regime Media for five decades, where the murdering sub animal has a pos IDIOT brainwashed White women.

      Remember the case with a White Women prison lawyer helping a Congoid POS escape and killing on his way out ?

      Women should never have been allowed to vote!

    4. Jahan Says:

      I understand the pure hatred any genuine patriot feels, when confronted with this.

      But no one is going to help anything with idiotic slogans.

      If Whites aren’t capable of acting intelligently – in the manner that they used to conquer the world, and outer space – nothing will change.

      If anyone is going to save Whites, it won’t be the same people who have been acting ridiculous, and without thought.

    5. Tim Pennington Says:

      The intelligent response would be to hang every last one of the sadists before they can act again.

    6. sgruber Says:

      “Whites […] capable of acting intelligently – in the manner that they used to conquer the world”

      We didn’t conquer the world ENTIRELY through singing kum-ba-yah while holding the hands of other tribes, Jahan.

      Bloodshed is necessary to power. The Whites who conquered the world, for example, would have hanged these criminals about a year ago, possibly after stretching them on the rack. You don’t conquer the world – or hold on to it – by coddling black monsters who prey on a couple of innocent kids. Lot of good their intelligence did Channon and Chris.

      It was the “liberals,” the “humanitarians,” the “dreamers,” the pansies who allowed the jew to take over and unleash NIGGERS on us. Oh, goodness gracious me: I said the forbidden gutter word! I suppose that I’m “unintelligent,” ja Jahan? Okay, “black persons.” Feel better about everything now?

    7. sgruber Says:

      Here’s a slogan for you, Jahan:

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    8. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Jahan wrote: “If Whites aren’t capable of acting intelligently – in the manner that they used to conquer the world, and outer space – nothing will change.”

      They are capable of acting… physically, but not mentally because they’ve been thoroughly brainwashed and demoralized by the kikes for at least the past 40 years.

      An example of this is this half-breed Obama’s campaign. That mixed-breed coon on Fox/Faux News, whose name I believe is Juan Williams, said that he attended a speech by the Obamanation and thought he was at a rock concert… the audience was filled with young white women screaming in ecstasy after him. Juan Williams literally said those words (I wish I’d recorded it).

      Any of you want to tell me how we got into this situation?

    9. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Another good article from Herr James on Rense.com:

      In my 16 years as a journalist (now semi-retired) working in Germany, I have finally come to the conclusion that the German government and their Jewish puppet masters are waging a venomous psychological war of attrition against one of the finest and most virtuous races that has ever walked the face of this earth. The reason is simple. The Jews and their Zionist financiers are planning nothing less than the complete destruction of the German nation. With starvation welfare benefits amounting to just 2.40 euros a day for unemployed young Germans who are unable to find work offered by exploitative Zionist corporations, and with self- employed patriots blacklisted as anti-Semites and denied contracts by means of scurrilous telephone whispering campaigns, every five minutes sees one German leave his homeland in search of a better life abroad.

      In real terms, such a deliberate pogrom directed by Jews and treasonous Judeo-Masonic politicians in Berlin against native Germans represents a war crime. It is a war crime arguably justifiable from the point of view of the Jewish mindset in the light of the fact that Germany was denied a peace treaty at the end of the last war: a war instigated by World Jewry in its bid to smash one of the most vibrant and creative cultures the world has ever known.


    10. Stronza Says:

      F.W.M. – that is a hell of an article on rense.com by James. I am somewhat surprised that the police would be the good guys (relatively speaking) here, though, in the matter of the arson that killed 9 Turks.

    11. -jc Says:

      “Any of you want to tell me how we got into this situation?”

      One of my mother’s earliest memories was of a Black man hanged in her front yard. Seems they were adjacent to the railroad tracks, on the good side, and had an appropriate tree. White Men went across the tracks and didn’t have to drag someone needing a little stretching, in sight of the community needing a little tune-up. One the farm, we left coyotes hanging from the fence as a sign and, I guarantee, it works. That was 50 years post-reconstruction in a Southern town that had been occupied by Yankees.

      What kinds of signals are we sending, today. My wife is reading Marcia Clark’s autobiography, Without a Doubt, about the O.J. Simpson trial– an airtight case based on physical evidence that she calls the trial of the century.

      Taking and holding territory is not for the faint hearted and certainly shouldn’t be left up to the women. They want and need Men who will take charge: It is in their genes. Some want it more than they want their own race. Men are faced with the same dilemma: So many take “war brides” and Hispanic wives because at least they act like what men instinctively know women must act like for their offspring to have a chance, much less for the men to have a half-way enjoyable life.

    12. 131488WOLF131488 Says:

      I had just seen http://www.wate.com/global/story.asp?s=8134921
      and am not surprised to find even more on it over here on VNN!

      I am seriously chomping at the bit.

      In The Awakening of White America, (THE WHITE WORLD!!!),


      “The entire Western history, particularly since World War II, has abundantly proven that distorted self-perceptions, as well as the romanticized perception of the “Other,” if based on negative wishful thinking, lead to war and chaos. Eventually, both Jews and Euro-American Gentiles will be pitted into an ugly clash from which there will be no escape this time.” More…

      “Anti-Racist” = anti-White…Period!!!
      -Bob Whitaker

    13. Voir Dire Says:

      blightblingdoucheinrancho Says:

      10 April, 2008 at 5:18 pm

      “All are white except for one black woman.”

      The criminal justice system has now been effectively rigged by the hate-Whitey phony egalitarians because if blacks are not represented as jurors in capital cases – not an actual requirement because both attorneys get to nix equal numbers of jurors – then it will be grounds for overturning the verdicts on appeal on that very technicality by the activist judges. Win/win for blacks; Lose/lose for Whites. Recall the case of Orange Taylor recently escaping the death penalty for murdering/raping a White college student owing to two black jurors being on the jury. And THAT with irrefutable DNA evidence. I can’t think of a single case in recent years involving black perps getting the death penalty after murdering/raping Whites. All by design of course…

      Here in North Carolina, they’ve effectively overthrown the death penalty for blacks by inserting mental retardation IQ levels into the equation. Well, we already knew that, but it’s a rare glimpse into how the Nation Wreckers will allow truths about IQ only when the interests are arrayed against Whites.

    14. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      There is intelligence in warfare and bloodshed; it is called strategy.

    15. Jahan Says:

      Why is the Ku Klux Klan no longer around, as a force of any consequence?

      It was probably due partly to their own excesses.

      Their enemies – the Jews – outmaneuvered them.

      I’m not saying we should not be brutal, when it is necessary – or should have no feelings.

      (In fact, people who have no feelings in response to this article, are enemies of White people).

      … but self-indulgence and a lack of discipline are a good way to be defeated.

    16. Sgt. Skull Says:

      It may sound over the top, but I see no other option than the elimination of black men in America. The alternative is for innocent whites to suffer more torture and murders at the hands of niggers. Most niggers honestly jump for joy when they hear of white people being beaten, murdered or maimed by blacks. In their dim brains it’s just payback for all the imagined crimes whites committed against their forbears. As in the Zebra killings, blacks living near the murder scenes would not cooperate with police in apprehending the black murderers. That alone speaks volumes about how blacks think and the hatred they have for whites.

      When will this end? Never, unless whites collectively act against blacks. In other words, whites must retaliate swiftly and ruthlessly when incidents like this become known. What I’m advocating is no different than the way whites used to react to black on white violence pre-1965. The government won’t acknowledge the scope of black on white violence and the MSM deliberately encourages more of it with their biased reporting of interracial relations to always paint blacks as the innocent victims of white racism.

      Whites are being hunted like prey by blacks and browns. We have the right to defend our kind at our discretion and by any means necessary.

    17. Marwinsing Says:

      Dietrich said…

      “you stupid, lying cunt”

      * * *

      It warms the cockles of my heart to see American White Nationalists enjoying and exercising Their Rightfully Earned AND Deserved First Amendment… upon VNN’s Frontpage so there! I don’t feel so lonely now.

      – Mark from the Dark

    18. Bill White Says:

      The real, ultimate, solution to this is to start the same kind of random, brutal violence agaibst Negroes, until we terrorize them back into control.

    19. Bill White Says:

      My other post is apparently awaiting moderation, but I don’t see why we should stop with the elimination of black men. Ultimately, we need to eliminate all Negroes, men, woman, and other …

    20. no mercy Says:

      wouldn’t it be nice if the diversity that these reporters and journalists cover for ended up doing the same to them?

    21. everest234 Says:

      by Jahan:

      “Why is the Ku Klux Klan no longer around, as a force of any consequence?

      It was probably due partly to their own excesses.

      Their enemies – the Jews – outmaneuvered them.

      I’m not saying we should not be brutal, when it is necessary – or should have no feelings.

      (In fact, people who have no feelings in response to this article, are enemies of White people).

      … but self-indulgence and a lack of discipline are a good way to be defeated.”

      Jahan, I see what you’re saying, but if you’re basing “self-discipline” on word choice, for examples: “nigger” or “kike” etc…, please remember that our current adversaries- the Jews- use slurs like “goyim”, “shiksa”, and “white trash” on a daily basis in their own little groups and even on cable TV shows like Showtime’s “WEEDS”- THEY’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR A VERY LONG TIME, and they’ve been killing alot of White people along the way too. AND THEY (the Jews) “SELF-INDULGE” QUITE A BIT to the tune of sending billions of White Gentile dollars to Israel annually, for starters.

      Well-reasoned out arguments and factual documentation are VERY important, but they do not-by themselves-guarantee victory. Look at JAMES “DNA” WATSON: He’s very polite, well-spoken, doesn’t use slurs and spoke truthfully, yet he was DEMONIZED by the MSM. Millions of lemmings are being trained to believe that even if one speaks eloquently on race, they’re STILL going to be crucified!

      So Jahan, if you want to speak without slurs fine, that’s your choice. But Whites have been censored long enough; I personally don’t see the rationale for being polite to people who want to destroy us. And as for using polite language to try and lure the fence-sitters or brain-washed Whites: Ask James “DNA” Watson if he was successful in his endeavor to convince a majority of Whites on racial realities. Nope.

      A majority of posters here just use the terms to vent some anger (perfectly natural), but many CAN ALSO think rationally and form solid arguments on various topics: This is what is most important. Who cares if one of them wants to label the murderers of Newsom/Christian as savages or any other term? These murderers are in fact savages (and many other things)!

      Heck, IF and I say IF, Christian’s dad really made that “It ain’t about you” comment to White Nationalists awhile back, maybe he’ll finally wake up by using some comments that aren’t PC!


    22. Knoxvillegirl Says:

      Hello to all! Ive been searching the net trying to see how far the knowledge of this case has spread. I do come across different states discussing this trial, and they too are not happy with no media coverage. I do live in Knoxville, Tn. The last week has made me angry over and over during the testimony. You seem to be up on much of the latest. There is news today, a suspects girlfriend is now saying “Channon was forced to kill Chris with a gun” . As everyone knows, this is a lie. Even if it was true, its not going to help. The father is hurt that the media reported this, and has made a public statement about his daughter, and her gun training. She was taught to handle firearms since age 10. He did say, if there was a gun in her hand, she would have been here with us now, or she would have taken one of the murderers with her.
      I cannot listen to one report about this case without being heartbroken and angry. In my mind, there is no punishment for these people. We are at the point in this now, deciding if “Boyd” had a part in this. He is stating he did not know what was going on while at the home for a few minutes, smoking pot. He did, however, find out later, and still tried to hide his friend. (Boyd) I dont know what he is thinking, and dont care to know. But he will not get out of this, and his sentence will not allow him to be out of prison. Ever! He will probably have a longer time of being safe in prison than out here anyway. Which, i imagine, will not be long in prison either. They have already tried numerous times to move the trial to another location, for a more “fair” chance at trial. And still, with the media vultures we have, no one has covered this story. To me, this is the worst crime ive ever heard of. The only thing in comparison happened in Australia, and that was a serial killer/child molester case. I know there are many versions floating around about what really happened. Yes, she did have to watch her boyfriend being raped, and so far, i have read reports of them cutting his penis off. Also, they raped her over a period of time. Some have listed 4 days, that is not correct, but what does that matter if it was 4 days or 1 day. They did pour a chemical in her mouth trying to clear DNA evidence. She was stuffed into a garbage can, near the kitchen table, and was alive for several hours . I will give you a link to read the actual legal documents after i post this comment. And this is the parts that we know. Some things that have happened, we will not know about. Im sure details will keep coming out as the trial tries to go forward .

    23. Knoxvillegirl Says:

      Hello to all. here is the link to the court documents listing all charges and some details fo the murder of Channon and Chris. I have since learned some details of the medical examiner. Court was of course interupted when they got to Channons report. The hearing will resume tomarrow. Daphne Sutton, a suspects girlfriend, has her myspace account up as well. You will need to go into myspace.com and do a people search for Daphne Sutton. Also, our local news wbir.com knoxville, tn is where you can read the latest medical examiner report. Im sure i do not need to warn you. Other sites that are local are wvlt.com, and of course do a search of local knoxville tn news and you should have the above choices.

      here is the link for the pdf files.

    24. Knoxvillegirl Says:

      The trial is still going today for Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. The judge has decided NOT to withhold any details of how the two died. According to medical examiner reports, Chris had bruising on the ankles, showing that he had been forced to walk or was dragged to the railroad tracks, where he was shot. He had extensive bruising around the anal area, due to sexual assault. Channon, had bruises on her back, arms, legs, and around her genital area. It has been reported by the medical examiner, the cause of death was due to a plastic bag being put on her head, stuffed into a garbage can, and died a slow death.
      Davidsons girlfriend, Daphne Sutton, who is white, testified yesterday. She was told, by Davidson, that Channon was forced to shoot Chris. He had been shot a total of three times. The medical examiner stated, there was evidence of a gun barrel touching the head, his findings determined Chris was either nealing on his knees, or someone much taller was standing above him when shot. Channons father made a statement yesterday of how untrue the statement was of Channon being forced to shoot Chris. Chris was also covered in gasoline, and burned after being shot 3 times.
      Boyd, who is trying to get his charges reduced down, saying he did not know the two had been killed when he was trying to hide Davidson from the police. There is much arguement of this. To me, i dont care when he found out. I dont care if he wasnt there. These people were his friends, and he is exactly like them. If Boyd was not there when this went on, that doesnt by no means say to us that he would not have been involved. He stated the reason he was hiding Davidson, was due to a bad drug deal. There is no punishment for these people. i dont understand how anyone with this level of mentality was walking aournd with the rest of the population to begin with.,

    25. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “i dont understand how anyone with this level of mentality was walking aournd with the rest of the population to begin with.,”

      The purpose of this site is to answer such questions.

      Stay tuned.

    26. Knoxvillegirl Says:

      In the carjacking case involving Channon Christian, and Chris Newsom, it has finally been decided today. Boyd, who was on trial to see how, what, and when he knew of the murders, was charged on both counts. Accessory to the carjacking, and misimprisonment of a known felon. (he hid Davidson from the police) im not familiar with this term, but this is the exact words used in the charge. He can recieve up to, but not limited to, 20 years. He has prior charges, of burglary, and other criminal acts that will have an impact on the length of time he will recieve. Boyds family made statements today , saying Boyd was “a nice guy and was helping out a friend in need, and did not know what his friend had done”
      Boyd is also the one who mouthed the words “bring it on” twice, to Channon Christian’s father earlier this week. Doesnt sound like a nice guy to me. An anonymous aquaintance, that grew up knowing Boyds family made a statement on a local radio talk show earlier today. “Boyd’s father was the type to blame the white man for anything, when it rained and he couldnt go to work, he blamed the white man. Boyd grew up in this type of environment.” I do believe this man, although he was anonymous, he at least sounded to be a black man. He just wanted someone to know a little more of the situation. The man sounded elderly as well. Not a young drug dealer seeking retaliation against Boyd. Davidson supposedly told Boyd, he was hiding out from a drug dealer, instead he was hiding from the two torure/rape and murders he just committed.

    27. Helmut Says:

      Is it possible that all this blather can cease and some noble sons of Dixie can simply get at these creatures and lynch them?
      Thank you.

    28. knoxvillegirl Says:

      The first trial starts in August, maybe the 11th? Its not going to be pretty. What about the white, want to be black girlfriend of one of the subjects involved in this? She was in the house while Channon was in there. She also slept with her boyfriend that night, who had just broke up with her. She had to know something. I think anyone affiliated with them, is guilty, there is no way she should be left out. She left her kids with her mother while she was out with God knows what. It just makes me ill. Thats not the word, there are no words.

    29. Helmut Says:

      To Knoxville Girl:
      Fair southron, go amongst grace and goodness.
      Yours is a beacon made all the brighter by your gender, a rarity amongst the enlightened.
      Thank you for your perspicacity and courage.
      New York, NY