1 April, 2008

Reader Mail: April 1, 2008

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Just to let you know that the New Right blog was updated with an exclusive article by Tomislav (Tom) Sunic titled ‘The Liberal Double-Talk and its Lexical and Legal Consequences’


This article is based on Dr. Sunic’s speech at the Sydney Forum, Sydney, Australia, August 25, 2007. Dr.Tom Sunic is a former US professor in political science and author. His latest book is: Homo americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age (2007).



Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had
barely left Israel on Monday after her latest peacekeeping
mission when Israeli officials announced plans to build 1,400
new homes on land Palestinians claim for a future state.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed to keep building in east
Jerusalem and the West Bank, dismissing Palestinian claims
that construction on contested land is the greatest obstacle
to peace.



I stumbled onto your site for exactly this reason: Lew Rockwell and his ilk are little people, content in their littleness. They’re not going to change. We are free to complain that they are ignoring us, but all that will do is confirm them in their self-importance.

After writing Thomas DiLorenzo an innocent question about some info I found on the internet regarding the Rothschilds and the “Civil” War, he came back with a smart ass insult that I know he would not dare do to my face.

That’s what I got after praising some of his work, and simply asking a question!

Anyway, I’m now glad he did it because I smelled a rat and started checking out both him and LRC. My suspicions have been confirmed and I discovered your site.

I am looking forward to perusing your site because it appears that you pull few punches, if any, unlike some of the quasi-intellectual elitists there. I say some because I regularly correspond and have learned a lot from a couple of extremely fine and non- arrogant columnists there. Most of the others are too high-falutin to return correspondence.

Jeff zervas

Ed.: Yes, that’s the way it goes. A good question to ask DiLorenzo is why Lincoln was wrong to be a racist. That he was a racist is clear, DiLorenzo proved it, but why that was wrong – that question he runs screaming from. Catholic intellectuals in particular are very sleazy and skeezy when it comes to race and Nazis. It’s like they turn into jews and start shrieking and lying, whereas on most subjects they are intelligent and reliable. This suggests there is something hidden they don’t want to acknowledge, which can only be that the Nazis found a way the Catholics dare not acknowledge or follow.


Russian military intelligence services are reporting a flurry of activity by U.S. Armed Forces near Iran’s borders, a high-ranking security source said Tuesday. “The latest military intelligence data point to heightened U.S. military preparations for both an air and ground operation against Iran,” the official said, adding that the Pentagon has probably not yet made a final decision as to when an attack will be launched. He said the Pentagon is looking for a way to deliver a strike against Iran “that would enable the Americans to bring the country to its knees at minimal cost.”



Most wars move not at a steady pace but in a series of fits and starts. For about half a year, we have been enjoying something of a lull in the war in Iraq.

Anything that reduces casualties is to be welcomed. But the bulletins’ claims that the downward trend in violence will continue should be seen more as political vaporing than military analysis. Events begin to suggest that the lull is ending and Mars is in the ascendant … The main story of the current lull is one of lost opportunity. Whether soon or in the more distant future, the war in Iraq will get hotter again.



I scanned the Sunday talk shows and was amazed, even by the normally lowbrow standards of these programs, at the infantile level of discussion about Iraq …

All of this underscores the dilemma facing U.S. policymakers. Not only are their long-term goals unclear, the tactical choices available to achieve them are increasingly questionable. And the long-term outcome looks bleak … Analysts increasingly see waning influence for the United States in the region. That will be Bush’s legacy.



The Light of the Memory project to recollect the Holocaust has been launched at Czech schools these days, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem chairman Mojmir Kallus told reporters today. The Jewish Museum in Prague has trained some 30 lecturers, mainly from the Christians, for the project. Czech children will learn not only historical facts, but every discussion will be attended by a Holocaust survivor who will tell them authentic life stories.



Brief scuffles broke out in Budapest late Saturday after a far-right Hungarian paramilitary “guard” inducted hundreds of recruits who were seen wearing black uniforms and symbols reminiscent of the country’s pro-Nazi regime during World War II. Members of the Magyar Garda, or Hungarian Guard, took their oath of loyalty to “defend Hungary” and Hungarians at Budapest’s Heroes’ Square, surrounded by police and a crowd of enthusiastic supporters. Organizers of

Saturday’s gathering suggested that with the latest recruits the Magyar Garda has some 1,500 members …



Norman Lowell, leader of the Imperium Europa Party [of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta], was yesterday handed down a two-year jail term suspended for four years after he was found guilty of inciting racial hatred and insulting the President of Malta. He was also fined 500 euros … Lowell was found guilty of inciting racial hatred in Rabat on April 3, 2006, in St Paul’s Bay in May of the same year, and in an internet article entitled Coming Cataclysmic Crises between December 2003 and March 2006.



ORLANDO, Fla. — Four men in Orlando were charged with a hate crime after they pummeled a 62-year-old woman and her two mentally-challenged companions at a public park after they didn’t pay a “fee” for being white, police said.

Investigators said the victims were walking into a Kaley Park when they were confronted by Christopher Colbert, Erick Golden, Willie Pritts and Antoniette Boone.

Police said the victims were told that since they are white, they had to pay a fee to be in the park.

Asked whether they’d be investigating civil rights violations, FBI spokesman Tom Winters said, “We only defend Jews and blacks.”





Aldous Huxley’s inspired 1954 essay detailed the vivid, mind-expanding, multisensory insights of his mescaline adventures. By altering his brain chemistry with natural psychotropics, Huxley tapped into a rich and fluid world of shimmering, indescribable beauty and power. With his neurosensory input thus triggered, Huxley was able to enter that parallel universe described by every mystic and space captain in recorded history. Whether by hallucination or epiphany, Huxley sought to remove all bonds, all controls, all filters, all cultural conditioning from his perceptions and to confront Nature or the World or Reality first-hand – in its unpasteurized, unedited, unretouched infinite rawness.



Someone placed dozens of posters accusing Jews of ritually murdering Christian children in the town of Sumy, Ukraine, according to UCSJ’s Lviv bureau. The posters warn city dwellers that Jews murder the children in order to use their blood for Passover matzo, a fact known of what Jews like to call Blood Libel that sparked centuries of pogroms. “As before,” the posters read, “these dangerous people perform their rituals, kidnapping small male children and using their blood for the preparation of their kosher holy bread.” Jews are then accused of being behind recent disappearances and murders of children in the region.

Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from Sumy, Ukraine


Pretoria – A former police officer, who is the father of two small children, was found dead in his bedroom on a smallholding in Kameeldrift in northern Pretoria, after he had been shot seven times by black robbers.

“Seven times. Why seven times?” asked a devastated Ilze van Greunen, 34, about the death of her husband, Marius, 38.

According to her, the children had stayed calm when they heard the news. Kay would point to the heavens if asked where her dad was. Zian said the biggest star in the heavens was his father.

Marius had been an inspector in the criminal investigation department of the Kameeldrift police office before resigning about a year ago. After that, he worked in a brickyard.


Biological weapons delivered by cyborg insects. It sounds like a nightmare scenario straight out of the wilder realms of science fiction, but it could be a reality, if a current Pentagon project comes to fruition.

Right now, researchers are already growing insects with electronics inside them. They’re creating cyborg moths and flying beetles that can be remotely controlled. One day, the U.S. military may field squadrons of winged insect/machine hybrids with on-board audio, video or chemical sensors. These cyborg insects could conduct surveillance and reconnaissance missions on distant battlefields, in far-off caves, or maybe even in cities closer to home, and transmit detailed data back to their handlers at U.S. military bases.



The Fed nationalize the banks?? That’s an oxymoron.

How can a quasi-private banking system, serving
private interests, “nationalize” the banks?

If the banks are to be nationalized — as they properly
should be in any honest, non-parasitic system — then
they must be taken out of the hands of private interests.
Money is not a commodity, but a medium of exchange
and store of value, which should be regulated by the
State in the public interest and not placed in the hands
of private counterfeiters.

Of course, that presumes a decent, honest government
to begin with, one which is not beholden to special
financial and corporate interests. And that’s where

Adolf Hitler showed how it’s done, with a successful
model in Germany. So successful, in fact, that the
international bankers soon realized that he was not
about to become their pawn — as they assumed he
would — who would go along with their dirty, little game.
Instead, he turned out to be a deadly threat to their
very existence.

And so, they were not hesitant to join with their
Bolshevik brethren, to take the whole world into a bloody
war claiming millions of lives — all in an insane attempt
to destroy this man and his Cause. Today, the lovely
world without Hitler presents itself as the end result!


David Shepardson of The Detroit News reports: “Membership in the United Auto Workers dropped sharply last year to a new post-World War II low, reflecting a dramatic retrenchment of the US auto industry and widespread buyouts at Detroit’s Big Three automakers and suppliers.”


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    1. NSN Says:

      your link is a 404

    2. 2050 Says:

      That “mestizo” scum in the azcentral article, Bernard Allen, appears to be an Indian. Hence the non-hispanic name. Probably a Pima.

    3. -jc Says:

      A lot of Catholics are Sephardim, descended from Spanish crypto Jews.

    4. Tom Says:

      Lew Rockwell isn’t worth dealing with. His dirty secret is that he gets at least some of the ideas for his own essays from the essays that others submit to his website for review. I should know; it happened to me.

      I once emailed Lew an essay I wrote on Ron Paul. I never heard back from him, so I assumed he didn’t like it. But a week after my email, he published an essay of his own that used all of the ideas in mine. I never received a word of thanks from him, either.

      I wonder how often this happens. I heard from some of the people that work with Lew that he receives a hundred essays a day.

    5. lawrence dennis Says:

      Here is the correct link to the article by Tom Sunic:


      The Liberal Double-Talk and Its Lexical and Legal Consequences

      … What are the political implications of the liberal double-talk? It must be pointed out that liberal language is the reflection of the overall socio-demographic situation in the West. Over the last twenty years all Western states, including Australia, have undergone profound social and demographic changes; they have become “multicultural” systems. (multicultural being just a euphemism for a”multiracial” state). As a result of growing racial diversity the liberal elites are aware that in order to uphold social consensus and prevent the system from possible balkanization and civil war, new words and new syntax have to be invented. It was to be expected that these new words would soon find their way into modern legislations. More and more countries in the West are adopting laws that criminalize free speech and that make political communication difficult. In fact, liberalism, similar to its communist antecedents, it is an extremely fragile system. It excludes strong political beliefs by calling its critics “radicals,” which, as a result, inevitably leads to political conformity and intellectual duplicity. Modern public discourse in the West is teeming with abstract and unclear Soviet-style expressions such as “ethnic sensitivity training”, “affirmative action”, “antifascism”, “diversity”, and “holocaust studies”. In order to disqualify its critics the liberal system is resorting more and more to negative expression such as “anti-Semites”, or ” “neo-Nazi”, etc. This is best observed in Western higher education and the media which, over the last thirty years, have transformed themselves into places of high commissariats of political correctness, having on their board diverse “committees on preventing racial perjuries”, “ethnic diversity training programs”, and in which foreign racial awareness courses have become mandatory for the faculty staff and employees. No longer are professors required to demonstrate extra skills in their subject matters; instead, they must parade with sentimental and self-deprecatory statements which, as a rule, must denigrate the European cultural heritage….

    6. sgruber Says:

      Sunic’s article is terrific, but his conclusion is a bit fanciful:

      “[M]odern liberal elites […] will not hesitate to turn into rabid racists and anti-Semites, as soon as new ‘self evident’ truths appear on the horizon.”

      Not until the jews among them are purged.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.