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15 May, 2008

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The “W-Word” Greg Johnson May 10, 2008 So there is a dirtier word than “nigger,” and that word is “white.” ARTICLEBritian’s Germanic Roots ARTICLE How Empires Fall: Unnecessary Wars Paul Craig Roberts ARTICLE Evans-Pritchard on Depression ARTICLE Hillary Plays the Race Card by Edgar J. Steele ARTICLE Misnaming Ourselves By Patrick Grimm ARTICLE Hand of […]

15 April, 2008

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JEWS DISTANCING THEMSELVES FROM THE FINANCIAL MESS THEY CREATED? Alex, Is it just my imagination or do I perceive all the top Jews desperately distancing themselves from the parasitical destruction that is about to bring down the house of cards? Here is the latest warning from one of the many genius jews of money machinations. […]

9 April, 2008

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FINANCIAL BREAKDOWN Alex, I couldn’t have said it any better. Here is the most precise description I have found to date of what has happened to America. This was brought about by the priesthood that I have mentioned in the past. Our time has come. Thanks to the mesmerizing effect of the media, none of […]

8 April, 2008

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LOXISM REARS ITS NAPPY HEAD IN SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS Good afternoon! Sharon Noguchi and Jessie Mangaliman certainly exposed their left-wing racialist credentials today on the front page of the Mercury News by writing about the horrors of being labeled “acting white” when it is applied to Latinos — it’s “cruel language” to Latinos. And […]

6 April, 2008

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CENSORED AT TAKIMAG AND CHRONICLES Takimag resorts to censorship for the same reason the MSM does: it can’t handle the truth. Criticize jews and you’re a nazi! Yeah, that’s the ticket.Posted by Kevin Cleary on Apr 02, 2008. Takimag … ‘just another liberal rag.’ That’s a cool subtitle. You should go with it.Posted by Mike […]

4 April, 2008

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THE CONSPIRACY TO TOPPLE THE WEST   Magna Carta and Free Speech in GB Re: Economy   The EU and the coming North America Union are products of the 1940s GATT formulations, and very few analysts are aware of it.   My missive to Ron Paul’s staff, regarding my view that this financial crisis […]

2 April, 2008

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UK IS #1 IN JEW-KNOWLEDGE See below URL: “UK ‘most anti-semitic’”- Yes, but that was last week. This week it’s Iceland and next week it’s probably Djibouti. I wrote a piece some time back detailing some actual ‘most anti semitic nations’ lists, when it was Sweden’s turn- previously it was Finland, after Sweden it was […]

1 April, 2008

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SUNIC ON LIBERAL DOUBLETALK Just to let you know that the New Right blog was updated with an exclusive article by Tomislav (Tom) Sunic titled ‘The Liberal Double-Talk and its Lexical and Legal Consequences’HEREThis article is based on Dr. Sunic’s speech at the Sydney Forum, Sydney, Australia, August 25, 2007. Dr.Tom Sunic is a former […]

19 December, 2007

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AIPAC, THE NIGHT FLOWER Trial for Two Israeli Spies May Be Thwarted Up until only a few weeks ago, it was a trial that was almost assured to take place against one of the most powerful and dangerous organizations ever to work against American interests–AIPAC. After years of investigations and hundreds of hours of surveillance […]

19 December, 2007

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ON WINTERFEST Here RACISM BAD; COLLECTIVE APPEALS TO HISPANICS GOOD! Which is it, Lewpus? CROCKWELL ALLOWS RACIST APPEAL TO MEXES Lewpie thinks it’s OK for latrinos to have collective interests but not whites, oh no that would be Racism, the big bad collectivist fascist ideology. The unmanliness of libertarians is disgusting. White Man OR libertardian, […]